Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 417

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 417 Flora, Adonis embark on a donation project to kick-start the Christmas, Teddy attempts to k!ll Lucas during an outreach project

In the palace, Lucas and his underlings believed Teddy would not be able to do anything and he might end up like Mayor Adonis. Flora told the kids about a donation project which she and Adonis would embark on.

The kids were willing to donate the money which they saved for Cardo and Alyana’s home coming party to help the needy children while helping to gather clothes from neighbours to help in the donation.

Tyson kept obeying the orders of Homer while Javier saw that Homer was taking advantage of the kiddi pant. The two opposing forces kept irritating each other. Flora in a phone conversation informed Mayor Adonis that she and the kids have planned to move around the neighbourhood to seek for used clothes and toys so that they could help him to deliver them to the orphanage.

Adonis was grateful to Grandma Flora. He said Margie had always been the one to organise his outreach project during the yuletide season so he had no idea how it worked. Flora told him to keep the faith alive. They would find Margie and she would be the one to help him in that charity project for the Christmas.

Señor Gustavo gave Gascon a bonus to motivate him to do his job. He was surprised as he thought Gustavo was måd at him. He promised to ensure the treasure was delivered to him. Lucas also had gifts for his allies and distributed an envelope fully loaded with cash for his allies. As Tyson was  dancing to entertain Homer and his lackeys, one man came from the mining site with a good news.

They saw a gem and wondered whether that was the treasure they were seeking for. Pakihero confirmed it. Homer took the diamond and was happy that their stay there would not be long as they thought. Cardo and the Vendetta were in their patrol attire leaving for work. Grandpa Marsing was busy at home helping his wife in preparing food.

Charlene and Denise were worried after seeing an activist murdered. They told Flora about it and Flora advised them to stop consuming such content, it would only agitate them. She told them to have faith that nothing bad has happened to Margie and she would be fine. In order for them not to think, she invited them to join the outreach project at the orphanage.

Madonna showed Snooky the precious necklace which she gained from her belõved Gustavo. She told Snooky that she has discovered where the treasures were kept and even knew the passcode. She was happy that their plans were going on smoothly. She said she would seduce Gascon for him to help her in stealing the wealth.

While the street of Sto Niño has the sounds of merriment and the carols were being played, Cardo and his team talked about good local dishes and products which when they talked with Oscar, he could help to invest in it once he becomes the president.

Mayor Adonis and Flora did a donation and Adonis had a solid bond with the children much to Flora’s surprise. Adonis then narrated that he was once like the children as he grew up in an orphanage. Fortunately, the family which adopted him were good people and treated him like their own son. However, in a sad turn of events, they suffered a bad fate and d!ed.

That was when Margie’s family raised him and he became so close to Margie. He felt sad that his best friend, Margie had to be abducted. Flora was sad and still had hopes that Margie would be found. Tyson went to inform Gustavo about the good news. Margie woke up to the cry of Clarissa. She was told that while they were asleep, one of them was taken away just like Virgie.

They did not know what had happened to her. While JP was still in pains and was telling Virgie that he would fight back to free them from the place, Teddy made a call to Jonathan to tell him about a news article which someone was k!lled. He reasoned that he had to do something to help his abducted family otherwise he might lose JP and Virgie.

Lucas and Vice President Hernandez were having a project to provide homes for person’s living on the streets. Teddy took a cab with fake media ID to go to the place. As Lucas was delivering his speech, Teddy was dragging his gün out from his bag but had a second thoughts. Someone, eventually saw the guñ and screamed out.

Quickly, the crowd bolted and Teddy also ran. Lucas, Brandon and Albert also fled to go into their cars. Teddy bumped into a journalist and his gün fell. The journalist revealed Teddy’s identity. Thinking Vendetta had ruined his event, Lucas was  informed about the person who destroyed his programme. He told Brandon and Albert that it was a fly who caused the commotion.

Brandon got upset and was about to get down to take care of Teddy but Lucas stopped him. He said his men have secured the place so Teddy would not get away. Teddy was chased by the police. They shōt at him and his should was graced by a bullet. Fortunately, he was able to escape and got home safely.

The news about Teddy brandishing a gün in an attempt to k!ll Lucas went viral and Flora was worried for what Teddy did. She believed he has put his life and that of his family in danger. Elmo arrived home with some of the things they were able to get from neighbours for the donation.

Elsewhere, JP kept calling for help as Virgie kept on coughing. He was teased by the goons. Virgie imagined that her family was whole again and told JP about it.

Lucas and his allies arrived at the palace and was upset that Teddy got away. Hipolito said Teddy might be saved by Vendetta and now he would become a member. Albert believed they still had an upper hand to smoke Teddy out from his hideout. He said they had his family. That gave Lucas hope.

Javier was very upset with how Homer carried himself. Baldo advised him to cool down. He did not understand why Baldo wanted them to obey the orders of Homer. Baldo said they needed Homer and his group now but once everything was settled, they would get rid of Homer.

Jonathan went to take care if Teddy and dressed his gün wound. He told Teddy that he was lucky to have escaped alive. Teddy said he was desperate, Jonathan understood him but he termed his act as reckless for putting the laws inside his own hands. He only prayed that Lucas would not vent his anger on his family who was in his grasp.

Teddy’s eyes were heavy with tears and prayed to God to protect his family and he should not allow his reckless act to lead his family into their grave.


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