Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 42

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 42 Glen left brokenhearted realising Cardo is gay 

Cardo sacked Arnold for making noise. Madame Olga punished Lorena and the later asked her to release Carmen and Noemi.

She said Noemi tried committing suicide and advised Olga that they should stop that kind of work and start a new life since they had made enough money.

Lorena promised to take care of Olga, saying she considered her as a mother but Olga said she did not consider her as a daughter. She shot her loyal accomplice, Lorena for being a traitor.

Carmen and Noemi heard the sound of the gunshot, Noemi cried. Arnold went to the police station to file a report about the missing of Paloma.

Rigor indicated that the women he always followed were unfortunate since they all got missing eventually.

Glen asked whether he had kept her somewhere and came to the station to report for him not to be a suspect.

Elmo told Yolly that they should inform Benny about the status of Cardo. He explained that Benny was always close to Cardo and might know his secret.

Benny asked about the secret and they revealed it to him but did not believe.

Cardo after Glen showed the pictures of Paloma went to Arnold to say goodbye to him and said she was pregnant.

She explained that she has reunited with her husband and was going back to the province to be with her husband.

She said she was sorry for building his hopes up. Arnold made a last request that she should give him a k!$$.

On her way going, Paloma spotted Glen  and board a moving jeep. The car unfortunately had an accident after the driver got fascinated by the beauty of Paloma.

Due to the accident, Glen who came across the car ordered the passengers in the car to get down. Everyone got down except Paloma who did not know what to do since she did not want Glen to recognise her. She later managed to get down from the car.

As she was acting weired, Glen then recognised her as Paloma and ran after her.

In the midst of the ran, Paloma bumped into Rigor and he got fascinated by Paloma’s beauty thus she was able to break lose from him.

The police could not catch Paloma and Glen vent her frustrations on Rigor for allowing her to escape.

During breakfast, Madame Olga made fan about the lost of Lorena and warned Carmen that the rest of the girls would suffer if she failed to act wisely.

She said she did not care if she lose any of the girls as there were lots of beautiful girls out there.

Glen and Rigor went to the station to meet Cardo waiting for them. He asked where they went and Glen told him that she was close catching the famous Paloma but Rigor allowed her escape.

Rigor said he was captivated by the beauty of Paloma and was sad that she did not see his muscles. He said Paloma could have been his wife but Glen promised to catch her.

Cardo advised Glen to forget about Paloma and concentrate on her other works.

Lola Flora spoke to Junior on phone and Onyok expressed how much he had missed him.

Cardo came home and Flora asked where he was the other night and he said he went out for an operation.

Flora was going out so Cardo offered to ride her but she refused. Cardo was concerned about Flora’s behaviour so once she left, he asked Onyok what was wrong with Flora.

Flora visited Glen at the police station and asked about the personality of Cardo. Glen said Cardo was very secretive and asked whether it was about his womanising nature but Flora said what she was asking was far from it.

She asked Flora what was eating her up but she said it was embarrassing and failed to talk.

Billy expressed his grievances to Cardo about their inability to find Carmen. He said he had failed his family and Cardo also said he has failed his late brother since he promised to protect his family which he left behind.

After speaking with Glen and assured her that he was not dating, Cardo spoke with Flora and told her that what she was thinking about him was not true. He explained that he was on a mission and she should understand him.

However, Joaquin watched the video of the camera which Carmen used during their visit to the ocean’s park.

Glen became so excited knowing Cardo was still single. She told her parent about it and Nanding told her not to over excite herself since she might end up being brokenhearted.

Glen after receiving a call from Rigor about new missing lady went to inform Cardo about it.

At the house of Lola Kap, Glen discovered what Lola Flora was keeping from her. She found out that the family thought Cardo was gay.

Cardo came down to meet Glen and they later went to enquire from the people about how the last girl got missing. Apple, the transgender saw Cardo and called him sister.

Glen told him that someone was calling him, as Apple got closer, Cardo denied knowing him so he also said he resembled his friend.

Glen asked whether he was sure he did not know the person and he said yes.

Cardo later went to beg Apple to help him again. Apple revealed that he has gotten to know that he was a cop so Cardo explained his mission to him and he planned to enroll him as a participant in an upcoming beauty contest.

Tina, the new girl fought Olga and her goons.  In the midst of the scuffle, one of the goons phone fell and Carmen took it without their notice.

Carmen called Edgar. At that moment, Edgar had just left his phone behind to help Nora in the kitchen in preparing food for Junior who was having a fever.

Billy came in the scene to give medicine to Edgar to treat Junior’s fever. Later, Ryan came to meet Edgar’s phone ringing and he sent it to him.

Billy received the call since Edgar said he did not receive calls from strange numbers. He realised that it was Carmen. She cried for help and said there were many of them.

Billy asked where she was but she said she did not know where they were. The goon realised that his phone was missing. Accompanied by the rest of the goons they caught Carmen talking with somebody on the phone.

They threatened to inform Olga and she said she would also say she used his phone.

Lola Kap got to hear that Carmen called meanwhile Junior’s fever gone high.

However, Glen tried to mend all those broken pieces of Cardo being a gay together. She realised that Apple might be saying the truth of knowing Cardo.

She decided to follow Cardo to confirm her doubt. Cardo went in to Apple’s shop and was told that he made it to the competition.

Glen who was praying that Cardo should not be gay just saw him happy with Apple inside the salon.


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