Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 420

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 420 The Arevalos discover Brandon and private army raiding their home, Romulo proposes to marry Diana at the hills

At the Palace, Lucas asked Brandon whether their goons had found their Arevalos. Brandon said they were found in a safe house. Lucas told him to make sure this time around the Arevalos would not get away. Brandon told him to consider them deàd.

The Arevalos kept running for their lives and the goons believed they had not gone far so they went after them. Virgie was out of breath so they hid for her to catch some breath. She wanted her family to leave her behind but her family were not ready for that. They heard the goons approaching and they kept it down.

Teddy hit one with a wood on the head and he fled. Señor Gustavo sent Gascon to where he kept his treasure but Gascon had to face somewhere in order not for him to notice the passcode. Gustavo brought a briefcase containing the 50million whooping sum for it to be shoveled into the throat of Hipolito and Lucas to lay them off from them.

Gascon was surprised to see the treasures stored in the room and could not get his eyes from it. As the males separated and were talking in secret, the female fraction of the Vendetta began to notice that the males were keeping something from them.

Aubrey believed it could be the marriage of Tadpole to the glossary seller’s daughter, Glorious. Diana was glad that the guys were thinking about settling down as they were planning for their future. Commander told the fraction of the male Vendetta who did not know about his intentions to propose marriage to Diana.

Anton declared that the problem now was how the Commander would go about with it. As General Borja and Oscar were happy with the news, Ramil asked Cardo how he went about with his marriage proposal to Alyana and he said he proposed twice to Alyana. One was a surprise in Manila and the other one when he got her serenaded at the place.

Caloy proposed they go to the hill on a horse to propose to her. He promised to get the commander a horse for such operation. Aubrey equally wanted her father and her to stay in Santo Niño for good since returning to Manila meant that they were risking their lives. She feared her father would be k!lled by Lucas for good and she did not want that to happen.

VP Hernandez was surprised to know that the detainees who they captured to make them fear, the act had rather emboldened them and they were now contacting the families of those who the Lucas had them k!lled to form a various activist groups. He showed them rallies of the people were conducting.

Bubbles also imagined the future with Jerome. She and Alyana joined the guys and Alyana fished the truth from Cardo. Since Commander did not care, Cardo shared the plans of Romulo to the two ladies and they promised to keep it safe from Diana. Romulo joined Diana in the room and Aubrey had to excuse them for the lõvers to talk. Romulo invited Diana out for the next day.

The two were happy to have fallen in lõve with each other and shared some k!ssës. Due to the current continuous protests by those Lucas had offended, VP Hernandez advised Lucas not to swing his tail because the media which was on their side was switching so he should keep it cool on Teddy at the moment. On the contrary, Lucas indicated Teddy Arevalo must be k!lled to shut the mouth of the media.

He gave the instructions to Brandon, stressing that the bodies must be found.Teddy was seeking means to get his family protected. Virgie’s fever was running high so Teddy called Jonathan in order to seek for his help. In the morning when Romulo woke up, he was beaming with smiles and went to k!ss Diana who was asleep and confessed his undying lõve for her.

As Elmo was telling Wally how the anti-Cabreras movement had scared Panting off from the appearing at the canteen, Margie also went to see Dons in his office to talk about the pending corruption case against him. Dons was not shaken but Margie was a little worried about Cabrera mending the truth to his favour. Dons believed when Margie and the other freed detainees talk, everything would move smoothly to his favour.

The anti-Cabrera crusade was ongoing and the activists were moving from house to house, neighbourhood to neighbourhood to get people signed to join the team. Elmo signed his, elsewhere, Charlene and Denise approached Counselor Gina to get her signed to it but the Counselor refused. Bubbles woke up to find how dashing the Commander was looking so did Aubrey.

The Vendetta gathered for their breakfast and Cardo told the group that when Diana wakes up, they should act in a normal way for her not to notice the plans Commander has installed for her. Diana while sleeping had a dream about her and Romulo making lõve in the areas of the place and assured their lõve for each other. She woke up to find out that she was the only person in the room.

She came out to find the guys having breakfast and none knew where Romulo was so Diana began searching for him. To her surprise, the Commander arrived on a horse to ask her to join him to explore the place. All the neighbours including Grandpa Marsing, Grandma Nita, Elizabeth and Ambo were happy to see the two together.

Elizabeth wished they marry and have tons of children. During their outing, those who came across them were happy for them, saying they looked good together. Gascon began her journey to Manila to deliver the 50million. Before he could take his leave, Gustavo had a talk with Madonna and he told Gascon that since he trusted him, he wanted him to see Madonna in Manila after he delivered the money and bring his Amor home.

Gascon accepted but little did he know that Gustavo was trapping him. He sent someone to secretly follow Gascon. One of the miners was tasty and requesting for water, Homer poured the water and the man tried to catch it with his hands to drink. Homer said his generous nature last for only few seconds and kicked the man.

He made Spider thought him a lesson. Elsewhere, Brandon led his private army to ransack Teddy’s house. Teddy who had gotten a car from Jonathan had no place to go. Jonathan couldn’t accommodate him and his family since he has also gone into hiding. Teddy having a personal car was good enough for him and he drove into his old house, only to discover that Brandon and his goons were raiding the place.

Quickly, he turned and left without being noticed. On the other hand, Diana and Romulo went for fishing, both were able to catch some fish. Romulo grilled them for them to eat at the place. Javier also beat someone at the mines but a worker found some diamonds so he had to leave the man alone to go for the diamonds.

They sent to Homer’s camp and after seeing only one diamonds, Homer requested for the rest and that provoked Javier to take Homer on. The two exchanged blows but told their followers to stay away so that both could fight. Homer beat Javier and told Baldo to call for an ambulance as his baby boy could need it. As the followers went to Javier’s aid, Javier threw some tantrums.

Elizabeth and Doray were happy to know that Romulo was really courting Diana. Elizabeth indicated that the moment she set her eyes on the two, she realised they were meant for each other. Alyana told them that Romulo was going to propose to Diana. After eating their grilled fish at the rocks in a personal love settings. Romulo ride Diana at the back of the horse to the hills.

Diana found the place very beautiful and asked him how he got to know the place and he said Caloy showed him when he told him that he wanted to send her to a place she had never seen before. Romulo then took his ring and declared his intentions to Diana, much to the surprise Diana.

“Diana Olegario I want to spend my life with you!”

Diana had a mouth agape.

“I want that too Romulo,” she gasped for breath “I want to be with you as well.”

“I lõve you so much Diana!”

“I lõve you so much too,” Diana added.

The two hugged and shared endless k!ssës and hugs.


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