Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 421

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 421 The Vendetta bury their weapons, Baldo and his paramilitary ready to set Sto Niño ablaze

The Vendetta began to think about their future lives. Greco was happy that if Diana agrees to marry Romulo it meant that he would begin to build a family and have kids. Just like Tadpole, Earthworm also wanted to find lōve. The guys were now bringing out their future plans and Ramil began to thank Cardo for sending them to Santo Niño where they have found peace to think ahead.

Anton seconded and said while they have been fighting, he did not know that there was a bright future waiting for them. Cardo saw how needful it was to be hopeful in life. He was glad that they had restored peace in Santo Niño and were looking forward for the President to regain his seat for the peace of the nation to be restored.

In Manila, the protestors hit the street with their placards, demanding Lucas to step down. The De Leons feared that Lucas would release another ace from his sleeves to shut the protestors. Flora advised Elmo and Wally not to entertain those thoughts. Baldo scolded his brother for acting so fast and Javier couldn’t believe when his brother became a coward.

Baldo made it crystal clear that he wanted them to get enough treasure so that they steal and get rid of Homer and his group. Brandon returned home to inform his father that Teddy never returned to their old house. Lucas believed he would go and reside in someone’s house. Better still, VP Hernandez said they would be with Vendetta but looking at the checkpoints erected on various streets, Brandon doubted he could leave since he was a wanted man.

Teddy came to the nim tree which his wife and son were taken shelter. He went to buy drinks and food for them. General Olegario and Romulo arrived and Aubrey alerted the group of their presence and they were quick to ask whether she agreed. Diana flipped her hand and they saw the ring on her finger. The group celebrated in merriment that Diana has accepted Romulo’s marriage proposal.

The press caught Mayor Adonis off guard and asked him questions about his corrupt case and he said he did no such thing, they were all shenanigans implemented by the administration to cover their real works. One of the journalists also asked about Margie’s abduction and she admitted she was abducted and kept in a hidden detention facility.

In the place, she indicated that there were other innocent peoples kept and were maltreated. Lucas got furious and vented his anger on Albert for failing to silence the Mayor. VP Hernandez promised to deliver this time but Lucas said the present time was not appropriate since there were major protests against him.

In Santo Niño, plans for Romulo and Diana’s wedding were underway. As the Vendetta dedicated their savings to support the wedding of their cofounder, Marsing and Nita also decided to pass down their wedding rings to them for a lasting marriage just like theirs. Elizabeth and Doray also said they would take care of the dress for the grand event. Diana and Romulo were grateful to them.

Meanwhile, Yolly did not like it that Adonis and Margie had to grant the media such interview. Elmo feared that they would be the next target of the Cabreras since they were closer to Margie and Adonis. A bang came on the door and Wally was sent by Flora to check. To their dismay, the Arevalos were the visitors. Flora ordered for a food for them and have Virgie a place to lay her head due to her sickness.

Teddy was sorry to bother her but Flora reminded him that they were family and was glad that they were even safe. She provided shelter for her grandson’s wife’s family. Flora shut the children’s mouth from revealing to anyone that the Arevalos were seeking shelter in their house. Ligaya asked the reason behind her request and Flora said it was better to be safe than sorry.

Elmo made another negative comment that since Buena and Cruz were k!lled by Lucas’ men, they could also tail them there and Flora shut him. Paquito was willing to fight the scoundrels if they dared show up but Flora said no one would come and harm them on their house.

Gascon delivered the 5omillion cash in person to Hipolito. And Hipolito planned to take his rightful shares before delivering the rest to Lucas. Gascon went to the hotel of Madonna and they made lõve in the jacuzzi but not without talking to her old lōver to tease him on but the old man was smarter than how she thought.

Romulo revealed his plans to the group that he and his wife would lōve to live a life away from fighting and chaos and Cardo seconded.
He told the group that it was time to give up on their mission to live more peaceful and a happy life. Ramil said the opportunity was right in front of them and should not waste time to live quiet and simple life.

In their hut the next morning, Alyana was happy about the group’s decision and asked Cardo for the last time if he was okay with the decision he made to live a peaceful life. Cardo said he wanted to live a peaceful life with her and that was what he was doing. Alyana was happy and urged him to eat as much as he could from the meal she prepared.

Some of the miners stole some of the diamonds but were not lucky and got caught. With the help of Bruno, Tyson made them vomited them out from their mouth and Homer shõt and k!lled them for stealing. Amor and Gascon returned to Santo Niño and she asked Gustavo for how long they would stay in the place.

Gustavo said for as long as they find all the treasures. Later, they went to the mining site and Gascon was not impressed by the manner Homer had been k!lling the workers. However, Gustavo was in support of Homer’s act.

Cardo and the rest of the Vendetta went to look for the Commander and he looked so depressed. He said he was sad that they would leave the fight for their country behind. Oscar told them not to worry because he did not want to deny them the opportunity to leave a normal life.

Since they agreed to live a normal and quiet life the Vendetta now gathered to bury their weapons to make the group a history. However, after the pit was dug, they found it so hard to lay down their weapons. Contemplating on it, General Borja urged them to leave the violence life behind and Cardo was first to throw into the pit his weapon.

One by one they threw all their weapons and covered the pit. Unknown to them, Baldo and his paramilitary were ganging up upon Señor Gustavo’s orders to storm Santo Niño to recruit men. Cardo and colleagues returned home to inform everyone that they decided to bury their weapons.

Caloy asked why he did that and he said the group had decided to leave their old life behind. Marsing was glad that they were turning into a new page. He urged to prepare for the wedding. Elizabeth brought her old dress which she did some patches to it and Diana was happy and grateful to her.

Flora called Margie to inform her about the presence of the Arevalos in her house but she did not give further details and hang up. Hipolito sent half of the amount Gascon delivered to him to Lucas. Since that was not the amount they agreed on, Brandon believed Gascon and his boss wanted to swindle them.

Hipolito assured that they would do no such thing because Homer and his group were keeping eyes on them. Amor followed Gascon and the latter advised her not to get so close to him in public otherwise Gustavo might discover their plans.

Madonna could not believe that he was still thinking about Gustavo after he humiliated him in front of Homer, a man he barely knew. She reminded him of getting hold on the treasure for them to bolt with it.

Señor Gustavo got there to inform him to not allow Homer to get on his nerve but he could pick something one or two from him. While the Vendetta were chopping vegetables, ridding fishes from the scales and dressing the chicken, VP Hernandez went to inform Lucas that he received an hint that the Vendetta might be living with Flora. Yolly showed pictures of Alyana, Cardo and Ricky boy.

They recalled the bad memories and decided not to think about it to worsen their mood. Aubrey called her father aside to talk to him about them after Vendetta decided to live a quiet life. She wanted them to also settle to Sto Niño. Brandon went to inform Lucas about the inability of his goons to identify the location of Teddy.

Lucas got furious as he was scared of how Teddy could make him a laughing stock in his articles. That he said could ruin his reputation internationally. Margie visited the De Leons to talk to Virgie. She told Flora how Virgie inspired her and others to renew their strength in fighting back.

Grandpa Marsing gave his ring to Romulo and the latter thanked and the former Vendetta members for helping in his wedding. Marsing told him not to mention because it was the least he could do for all the help he has been offering.

Least did they know that danger was looming, Baldo had given his paramilitary strict orders not to hesitate to shōõt any person who would try to resist them when they storm Santo Niño for men for their mining site. Javier bemoaned that Homer might k!ll them again and Baldo assured not to allow that to happen to their new recruit.

Homer called Hipolito to inform him about the new diamonds which has been found. Since the reception of the place was bad, he travelled to a long distance to make the call but he assured some of his guys were there to keep an eye on them.

Hipolito told him not to go anywhere so that Gustavo’s men would not pull a fast one on them. Homer threatened to k!ll anyone who would try to keep the treasure from them.


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