Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 422

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 422 Diana an Romulo finally tie the knot, Adonis provides shelter for the Arevalos

At the De Leons residence, Virgie narrated the awful experience she and her son had in the hands of the goons. She lamented that what made it worse was that they maltreated JP right under her watch. She said it was a miracle that they were saved. Teddy even said he thought he would lose his family especially when he made an attempt on Lucas’ life.

Gascon presented a coffee to Señor Gustavo and the old man was saying he was now feeling much better. He believed he had too much drink the evening. As Madonna was telling Snooky how she would make her plans come to pass, Gustavo also scared Gascon with his story about what he did to all those who betrayed him.

He believed his trustworthy man, Gascon would be faithful and not be like them. The former vigilantes arranged chairs at where the wedding of Commander and the female General would be held. Alyana and Nita prepared meals and Bubbles who was setting the tables wished Grandma Nita would also help her and her gummy bear when they were also tying the knot.

Elizabeth made fun of her for terming Sir Jerome as gummy bear. Cardo stumbled on the Commander lost in his thoughts and he knew what he was thinking. Romulo told him that he was wondering whether he could be a good husband. Cardo believed he would surely be a great husband because he had seen how he lõved Diana and knew they were meant for each other.

Romulo thanked Cardo since through him he got to know Diana. However, Cardo told him not to thank him, it happened because they were meant together. Though, Romulo’s life was full of conflict but he believed the new life would give him happiness. Soon, the wedding was held and Cardo took a lead as the Best man of Romulo, the Commander followed.

Elizabeth and Tadpole followed, President Oscar and Aubrey walked in, Sir Jerome and Bubbles walked majestically, Alyana walked her way through and all the guys followed. Finally the bride took stepped in and the guests clapped as she came. Romulo was extremely happy and the officiator carried out with all the necessary rites and made them k!ss the bride.

After everything, they walked their way out of the venue. Elsewhere, Javier clashed with Homer before embarking on their journey to recruit. Margie went to Adonis’ office and the Mayor showed concern about Teddy’s stay in the residence of the De Leons. He believed that would create problems for Flora.

The men who were surveying the De Residence gave Brandon a feedback and he also told his father about a certain car which was packed outside the house of the De Leons. Brandon did his secret investigation to discover that the car was registered under Jonathan’s name and Lucas couldn’t believe that the editor was also helping the Arevalos.

He was shocked to know Jonathan was equally hiding. VP Hernandez saw that they have hit the jackpot because it was not only the Vendetta members who were being housed secretly in the abode of the De Leons but Teddy as well. Lucas wasted no time and sent the police over to search the house of Flora.

Fortunately, Margie came to visit the De Leons to declare her and Adonis’ decision to file a case against Pantig and Gapuz for kidnapping her. Yolly was seeing Margie off when she spotted the officers and rushed back into the house to give the Arevalos heads up, since she believed the police were after the family.

They heard someone knocking and obviously they knew the officers were the one. Based on Flora’s order, Elmo escorted his wife to talk to the officers who claimed to have a warrant to search the entire house. Brandon informed his father about the presence of the officers in the De Leons home. He said his men had a place for the Arevalos and they would be burnt into ashes and it would be thrown into the sea.

Yolly led the officers in and they met Flora. They asked about the mysterious car and she seemed not to know anything about it. The police asked about the Arevalos and Flora gave them the chance to search the entire place and couldn’t find him. Wally distracted them for Teddy and his family to escape outside the house.

Counselor Gina saw the police outside Flora’s house and she believed the police had a lead that Vendetta was hiding the Vendetta in the house and was happy as she told her lackeys. Her lackeys said that meant that there would be crossfire so they fled. Since their search for the fugitive was futile, Brandon was positive that the De Leons knew the hideout of Teddy.

Soon, Teddy called Flora that he did not want to put her family in trouble so he has decided to leave. Flora wondered where they would go and Margie said she knew someone who could help them. Gina and her lackeys rushed to the City Hall to inform Adonis that the place has discovered that Flora has been hiding the Vendetta in her house so they were there.

Gina called the De Leons family of criminals and Adonis asked her if she saw the Vendetta and she admitted it was an assumption but she was very sure the police had a hint. Margie called Adonis seek his help.

During reception of the wedding, Diana delivered a speech that there was a time in her life which he dedicated all her time to her work since she thought that was the only thing which brought her happiness till an incident brought her to Cardo’s group and she fell in lōve with Romulo.

Romulo also stated that before the wedding, he had a talk with Cardo and told him how Diana made his life meaningful, despite all the conflicts around his life. The guests cheered for the newly Weds. They danced, ate and drunk. Elsewhere, Adonis drove the Arevalos and over the phone, he talked to Margie to tell her to inform Flora not to worry, he would keep Teddy safe.

He sent Teddy to the house he inherited from his foster parent for them to stay there. Teddy was grateful to him and admired his courage of trying to fight the Cabreras. Adonis also planned to help Flora with some security so Margie told Flora about it. Paquito led the kids to ask for the Arevalos since they did not set eyes on him since morning.

Flora told them that Teddy and his family had moved to where it was more safer. After the merry making the newly Weds decided to go home. Marsing and Nita said they have grown old so they wanted to go and sleep and they took Aye and Ana along. The group along with the newlyweds sat outside and Greco served them with drinks and still made merry.

Unknown to them, Baldo and his brother have sent some of their goons to come around to spy and he returned to inform Baldo and Javier that there were no checkpoints erected in the place and there were also no soldiers. Javier said tomorrow they would storm Santo Niño to cause havoc and spread chaos all over the place.

Meanwhile, the former Vendetta members were still drinking and eating while making the best moment cheering the newlyweds.


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