Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 423

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 423 Romulo and Diana consume their marriage night, Baldo and his paramilitary k!ll Marsing and Nita while wreaking havoc on the people of Sto Niño

Tyson rushed in calling out Señor Gustavo’s name. Gustavo wondered why she was running like he was being chased by the dëvil. He showed him some of the diamonds they have so far. He was still hoping they would get the treasures of Yamashita. Madonna saw no need for the treasure since they have already gotten some diamonds.

Commander while drinking with the guys asked his leave and the guys teased him. Diana said they were not going to the room to do anything, they were only going to sleep. Cardo knew the commander was tired and he told him to go and rest. Romulo carried his bride and sent her to the room and they consumed their honeymoon night.

Ramil made fun that the match between Romulo and Diana has started and Jerome asked the Manager how he got to know and he asked them if they did not feel that the ground was shaking. The guys laughed. General Borja indicated that the unlikely reunion of Diana and Romulo goes a long way to show the reunification of a rébel and a law enforcer.

Oscar said once he joined the group, he understood what they were fighting for and when he get on his presidential seat again, he would make it a mandate to maintain peace and order. Starting on tomorrow they start ground breaking for peace. They toasted for peace. Brandon’s goons were still putting the De Leons house under surveillance.

They called Brandon that they were not there early so Teddy had left. They saw Margie with some guards at the place. As Lucas was complaining to Renato about the loose change, Gustavo was glad that they had recovered from the money which they gave to the Cabrera administration. Gascon reminded him that the administration wanted to share with them 50-50 but Gustavo interjected that it would be over his deàd body.

Brandon, later, told his father that he believed that Margie was helping the Arevalos and Lucas had no doubt that Adonis himself was helping in that cause. Flora and her family realised from the cafeteria that Counselor Gina was spreading lots of rumours about her, claiming she was keeping the Vendetta so the police raided her house.

In the morning, Cardo and Alyana joined the rest of their comrades and asked them why they were up so early, they said they did not even sleep because they did not want to disturb the newly Weds. Romulo and Diana joined and Bubbles was quick to ask about how Diana’s night went. Alyana told her to cut it out, there were kids there but Bubbles was only curious.

Aubrey prayed that the couple would give Aye and Ana new playmates. Romulo promised to work hard. Madonna went on to seduce Gascon in order to make him work harder for them to get the treasure and run with it. Brandon was upset that his goons could not do their job right but his father calmed him down. Renato said it was a matter of time for them to find Teddy. Lucas told him to let his guy to continue putting the De Leons under surveillance.

While the Sto Niño people were happy that Javier and his paramilitary were out of the place, the paramilitary together with their leaders were in a convoy coming to the place. After persuading Snooky, Madonna told Gascon that Snooky would help them with their plans so she would convince her old boy for them to go to the mines, while they were out, then Gascon could take the treasure.

Diego and Gapon who have now aligned themselves with Homer were drinking when Tyson stormed in to inform them that the miners were dy!ng. Homer urged him to get rid of them if they were dying from exhaustion. Tyson feared that doing that would slow down their operation.

Javier and his paramilitary stormed the town of Santo Niño to k!ll people just to abduct the men for the mining job. Some men also were able to flee to inform Grandpa Marsing about the outsiders who were attacking them. But they were k!lled instantly, the firing prompted Cardo and his group to stand up from their breakfast table to check what was happening.

Realising the looming danger, Cardo and Romulo ushered the girls, the president and his daughter as well as Delfin out to a much safer place and told them to use the bridge to escape. They stayed behind to look for means to fight back in saving the people. However, Marsing got shōt by a stray bullet when Caloy and Ambo were ushering them out of danger. This slowed their movement as Nita stayed behind to help her husband who was down by a bullet.

Caloy and Ambo could do least to help their grandparents, as they watched helplessly. Seeing Javier approaching, they fled leaving Nita behind. Nita begged for mercy but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Since they were old Tanggol saw no use for them and gave Marsing the k!ller shōt along with Nita and the old couple d!ed instantly.

Baldo captured some men and they told them that they were going to work for them at the mining site and if they resist, they would pay with their lives. Javier, on the other hand, kept wreaking havoc on the people.

Meanwhile, Gascon informed Señor Gustavo that he was having a meeting with some of the buyers in Manila and Madonna also told the old man that she was bored inside so they should go to the mining site. Senorita signaled Gascon to carry out their plans.

The paramilitary positioned themselves and shõt the Vendetta members who were escaping through the bridge, Aye was hit by a stray bullet so Oscar had to carry him to cushion him. Delfin was also hit on the shoulder by one of the millions stray bullets and Diana helped him out for them to run.

Cardo and the strong Vendetta members attacked the goons shoōting their comrades. They took them on with a fist fight and managed to get hold on their weapons. Patrick for the first time fought at the side of the Vendetta and beat those goons.

In Manila, Teddy called Flora to tell her that he and his family were okay and she should also thank Margie for helping them out. Margie and Adonis had press conference and there were many people supporting the Mayor.

Elizabeth and her fraction hit the river but were cornered. After k!lling some of the paramilitary, they realised that they were overpowered so Cardo urged Romulo on for them to flee for their lives. The paramilitary shōt at them as Cardo and his comrades ran.

Mayor Adonis Dimagubi gave his new year message, urging the country to support his cause to fight corruption. He told the people that they knew him well and knew that he was not corrupt as the Cabreras were trying to prove him to be. He said the Cabreras only did that to cover their own shenanigans and told them to be fearless even when they have to sacrifice for the betterment of the country, they would do.

Flora and her family saw the words of the Mayor as strong. Though, there were some who did not believe in the Mayor’s innocence, Flora said her family would always be there to defend Adonis. After his address, Margie told the Mayor at his office that there were lots of people who wanted to interview him, they were willing to support his fight against the Cabreras.

He told Margie to postpone the meeting since he had to go and deliver food and medicines to the Arevalos. Unbeknownst, Lucas has ordered for him to be followed. Elsewhere, JP wanted to go out to buy glossaries since they have run out of food but Teddy stopped him. Margie thanked Adonis for helping the Arevalos and told him that she would go with him to see the Arevalos.

The shōõting was still ongoing at the province as Baldo’s men were not ready to stop pursuing the Vendetta. The paramilitary shōt Greco, Rigor, Tadpole and Earthworm. The former Vendetta members even in their weak point reciprocated and k!lled the men but got overwhelmed when they got surrounded.

As Fate would have it, Cardo and Romulo reached there to gün them down and asked about Diana’s fraction but Jerome said they did not see them. Baldo was coming with more men so Cardo urged his group to help the injured ones out. They fled as the paramilitary were after them.


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