Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 424

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 424 Baldo k!lls Aubrey during a crossfire with the Vendetta, Javier captures Caloy and his family while Mayor Dimaguiba shōōts Brandon

The Vendetta were still under ran to save their lives as the paramilitary shõt after them. Mayor Dimaguiba and Margie came out from the town’s hall to go to the safe house. Margie realised the absence of the bodyguards and asked Adonis about it.

Adonis said he intentionally did that so that no one would be aware of the Arevalos hideout but Margie was also concerned since that meant that they were risking their lives. Adonis told her it was the reason he wanted her to stay behind but Margie refused.

Unbeknownst to them, the goons of the Cabreras were keeping tabs on them. One of the goons called Brandon to inform him that Adonis and his secretary were acting strange because on a normal basis, they have lots of guards but now they were alone. Brandon urged them to keep following them.

Lucas had no doubt that Adonis was assisting Teddy. Elsewhere, Cardo’s fraction came to the rescue of Olegario’s fraction. After his fraction gün down the paramilitary men, Baldo and his fraction came from the other side, compelling the Vendetta group to en route to the riverside while being followed by Baldo’s troop.

While Dons was driving, he kept on saying Margie should not have followed him. Margie said even if they did not have bodyguards she felt safe in the company of Adonis. She was about to let her feelings out to Adonis when Adonis realised he was being followed.

At the town’s hall canteen, the De Leons were also worried about Margie and Adonis. They were positive that the Cabreras would closely monitor them. Gina was also spying on the De Leons to find something suspicious but didn’t. Flora made Charlene call her sister.

Margie told her that she should go to Flora’s house with Denise but failed to give reasons. The goons called Brandon that the Mayor had noticed that they were following him so he took a turn. At the river side, Baldo and his paramilitary cornered the Vendetta. As the shōōting was ongoing Aubrey who was escaping with her father was hit by a bōmb from Baldo’s gün.

He also charged some of his goons to use the other side of the river in order to surround the Vendetta. After Diana realised how Oscar mourned Aubrey, she alerted Cardo and that sad story gingered him to reciprocate with hundreds of bullets which k!lled many of Baldo’s men.

At the Palace, Lucas kept watching Adonis’ public speech against him and interjected that the mayor talked too much. Hipolito wondered why the Mayor was still alive. Lucas explained that it was because they wanted to use him to find the Arevalos but now Brandon would take care of Dimaguiba to solve the problem.

“You have acquired way too many enemies Mr President,” Hipolito thought.

“So I wouldn’t be surprised if you get k!cked out of this palace one of these days.”

“That’s why I will make sure as early as at now I won’t go down with you at all!”

Baldo and his paramilitary retreated.The Vendetta now ran to the outskirts of Santo Niño. Oscar was helped by Anton to carry Aubrey. He kept mourning the loss of his remaining daughter. The Vendetta stumbled on a town and they rushed to seek and beg for help but the people locked their doors on them.

They refused to help the Vendetta irrespective of how the group begged to help them save their injured members. The Vendetta sat around in devastation mourning and wailing in agony. Adonis escorted Margie to the De Leons residence. Margie thanked him and got so emotional. She made another futile attempt to voice out her feelings but her siblings together with the De Leons.

Flora told Dons to join for dinner but he refused. He went home and the goons called Brandon to inform him. Lucas did not want Brandon to go, he feared he would be seen and wanted his goons to do the dirty job. Brandon failed to accept, saying his goons had messed up so many times so he would rather make the Mayor spew out the location of the Arevalos..

Margie called Dons and wanted to talk about them  and once she was bout to let it out, Elmo arrived with dinner making it impossible for her to reveal her feelings. They agreed to talk the next day. After dinner, Margie asked for her leave but Charlene didn’t let her. Flora made them stay in her house to sleep over so that they would not be worried about each other’s safety.

Charlene asked Margie if she had already proposed to Adonis. Margie was stopping her but Charlene said Flora might even help her to gain Adonis so she should tell them. Margie told Flora about her hidden feelings for Adonis which she had felt shy to let it out to him since there were many problems they were encountering.

The De Leons were happy and wished the story would end well for them. Adonis sent one of his guards to Margie’s house but before leaving, the guard left his gün for him for his own personal protection. Adonis put the gün inside the drawer. Javier captured Caloy, Doray, Elizabeth and Ambo.

Baldo had already told him about Cardo’s group who escaped but believed they could not have gone far since some of his members were injured. Cardo and his group were wandering since no one was willing to help them. Ramil was sad that they have to suffer such a fate while they have been helping people but now  no one was willing to help them.

Elsewhere, Javier beat the hëck out of Caloy and dragged his wife by the hair. JP wanted to spoonfeed Virgie, he wanted to protect her. Teddy overheard him and he told himself that he should be the one to take care of him. Cardo and the Vendetta finally came across a certain house where there were people.

Diana pleaded with them to help them because they have injured people among them who were losing blood. The people decided to help them by showing them to a health facility where they would be properly treated. Margie called Adonis that she was in a car coming to his house.

Adonis wondered why she was coming over and saw that as risky. Margie said she was accompanied by her bodyguards. She told him that what she would say could not wait and she was bringing food along while she would talk about her actual feelings. Flora could not believe that Margie left to the Mayor’s house that night.

Elmo made fun that there might not be tomorrow so Margie was in haste to let her feelings out. As he was getting to the hall with his cup of tea, least did he know that Brandon has k!lled all his guards to make his way through his wall. He heard a knock and deemed it as Margie but was surprised to see that he was cornered by Brandon.

Brandon asked him where Teddy was and Adonis denied knowing where he was. Brandon held him and hit him for the Mayor to fall. He told Brandon that he would not gain anything from him. Brandon said then he would join his maker. He made his gün ready to shōõt him but Adonis was quick to kick his balls and fled for cover. Brandon ran after him as they climbed the stairs to the upper room.

Adonis reached out for the gün he kept in his safe and shōt Brandon at his rib for him to fall and his gün also fell from his hands, making Adonis the one in charge. As the sound of a gün was heard, the guards surrounded there rushed in while Adonis pointed his gün at Brandon. Lucas, on the other hand, was also thinking about the mission which his son has embarked on.


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