Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 425

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 425 Adonis confesses his feelings for Margie before his deàth, Doray, Elizabeth make futile attempt to escape Javier and his paramilitary

Adonis rushed down the stairs and k!lled some of Brandon’s goons who came in his way. Margie appeared at the gate and saw corpses scattered around, she cried out as she rushed in calling Adonis’ name.

Dons arrived there and before, he could talk to Margie, Brandon appeared from his back to shōõt him.  Margie quickly hid behind the bushes as she watched helplessly. The guards she came with held her and sent her into the bus. Brandon gave another shōt to finish Adonis off.

He then left and called his dad over the phone to inform him about what he did. He also said there was no witnesses, least did he know that Margie witnessed everything. Margie turned back to the crime scene and told Adonis to hang on, she would send him to the hospital.

However, Adonis apologised to her but Margie said he did no wrong to her and they would fight that together as they promised each other. Adonis confessed his lōve for her and admitted that he has always lōved her. He then d!Ed while Margie cried. His corpse was then deposited. Elsewhere, the Vendetta arrived at the health facility seeking help for their injured members.

The police came at the accident scene. Pantig and Gapuz asked Margie for his statement in a sarcastic manner but Margie kept mute. Flora, on the other hand, made Charlene call Margie but she failed to pick it, making them anxious. Yolly was scared that something had happened to Margie.

As the De Leons were about to go to Adonis place, Flora had a call from Margie informing her about the sudden demise of Adonis. Flora informed the family much to their surprise. She called Teddy to inform him about it and cautioned him to be careful because earlier Mayor Dimaguiba was coming there with Margie when he realised he was being followed so he abandoned the idea to come there.

Teddy was stunned that Brandon has k!lled Adonis. Brandon arrived in the palace and told his father that Adonis did not know how to use a gün so he suffered a minor scratch. Lucas celebrated with his allies as they planned to make Adonis’ deàth appeared to be done by his contenders.

Elizabeth served Javier together with Doray and Javier slapped her. He wanted to k!ll them but his lackey told him not to since they still have use for them. They buried all the deàd bodies before the place began to stink. Doray cried when they were burying Grandma Nita. Margie came home and Flora sent her in.

Charlene asked more about the incident but since Margie was still in shock Flora told them to hold on. Margie cried and Flora gave her a shoulder to lean on. The goons which Baldo sent after the Vendetta did not find them so they returned to inform them. They said they would go the next day but Baldo said none would go anywhere, they would remain in the place to enjoy everything they left behind.

If they returned, then they would strike. Homer on the other hand kept k!lling the miners so his venom members stopped him since many have d!ed already and were lacking manpower. Hipolito told Lucas and his allies about how Gustavo’s men abduct people from neighbouring town to compel them to make them work at the mines.

Albert believed that would create problems for the administration but Hipolito assured nothing would happen. He said currently they were still recruiting men for them to mine to get more of the diamonds. Lucas did not want a handful of diamonds, he wanted what was due them and Hipolito assured everything was going on smoothly.

Cardo allowed the people and nurses who they were holding as hostages go the next day. He learnt from the doctor that his comrades were fine but they have to monitor their progress for them not to have infections. He sent Jerome to survey the place and he tagged the Patrick along. Patrick saw rébels approaching and he run off to inform Jerome and they ran in order to alert Cardo.

Alyana approached Cardo and wept, thinking about where they would go after there. She was so sad that they were chased out wherever they go and now she wondered how Oscar would cope for losing his only remaining daughter. She wondered what has become of Grandma Nita and Grandpa Marsing, as well as Elizabeth and Doray.

Cardo did not have an idea what they would do. He was very sad that they fought for the nation yet there was no one around to help them. Jerome and Patrick informed the Commander about their enemies approach. They rushed in to inform Cardo. Cardo led their comrades out through the backdoor while the rébels were also searching for food to feed themselves.

The media did a cover up story on Adonis’ deàth, associating it to his corrupt case filed against him and believed an opponent who used to work under him took his life. Lucas after watching the news asked Damien if they could be assured that there would not be any counter report. Damien was sure but he could not guarantee that his enemies would also think that way.

He was positive that his enemies would blame him and Brandon. Albert saw that as good thing since that meant that their enemies would be frightened, knowing the length the administration could go to cover it tracks. That, Lucas said they would be silenced, but Damien had contrary opinion.

Thinking about everything that was happening, Teddy could not think of remaining in hiding to allow the Cabreras to k!ll anyone they wanted. Since Margie was the last person the Mayor spoke to, she was questioned and was exhausted so she went to have a rest.

Later, Elmo and Charlene had a conversation and was sure that the Cabreras were doing everything to go unpunished.Denise saw that as injustice, the problem, Wally said was the fact that Margie was not ready to file a case and testify so that meant that the issue would not be resolved.

Elmo knew the Cabreras were up to something, reason they made Pantig and Gapuz took u the case. Elsewhere, Lucas told Brandon he would not be complacent for them to be fingered in the deàth of Dimaguiba so he was closely monitoring it.

The paramilitary stole all the contents in a store at Sto Niño. The next day, Baldo woke up not to find Javier and wondered where he was. Javier has ràped a certain lady in her hut and beat the lady while he warned her that he would keep coming back for more. He threatened the lady and told her to stop pretending because she equally enjoyed. He rushed back to the camp, for them to carry on with their activities for the day.

Señor Gustavo and Madonna went to the mines. Tyson has some good news for them so they went to take their seats. Tyson brought the diamonds they have gotten so far. However, for the Yamashita’s treasure, they have not gotten it yet. In the house, Gascon went into the vault of Gustavo in order to steal the treasures he was hoarding.

As Gustavo was looking at the diamonds, he saw one of his goons lasting after his Madonna and he shōt him to d!e. He made that to serve as a warning to any person who would dare to lust after Amor.

Doray and Elizabeth untied themselves in order to escape and search for Cardo. Elizabeth was still crying and believed Cardo might be deàd but Doray doubted. They jumped from the window and as they were escaping, Elizabeth who was crippled with fear stepped on a deàd person and fell. Doray helped her out but the sounds of Elizabeth, alerted Javier and he caught the two.

He hit Doray and told them he only spared their lives to serve them. Elizabeth asked of their husbands. Javier told them they should consider themselves widows from now onwards.

After walking several miles through the hills in seeking for a shelter, Cardo advised Oscar to bury Aubrey there, if he was okay with that. It was a difficult decision for Oscar.


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