Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 426

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 426 Oscar finally burries Aubrey, Adonis is layed in state amid protest, Homer joins Baldo to take down Cardo and the Vendetta

At the mining site, Homer proved his worth by giving a stiff warning to the miners. Gustavo got there to praise his courage of ruling with an iron fist. He claimed that was the reason the abducted miners obeyed and scared of him.

Gustavo asked of Baldo and Javier and Homer said they went to recruit more men. Elsewhere at the mining site, fears crippled the heart of Snooki and she began to have second thoughts on she and Señorita’s decision.

She advised Madonna to wait till they find the Yamashita’s treasure before leaving the place. Madonna said her plans would push through and believed Gascon had already stolen the treasure kept in the vault. Snooki was scared that Gascon could end up like the man Gustavo k!lled.

However, Madonna was fearless and encouraged Snooki. When Señor Gustavo arrived, she said she was feeling bored and wanted to go to Manila, much to Gustavo’s surprise since she made them come to the site. He got his hand on her neck which Madonna felt that the old man was up to no good but allowed her to leave with Snooki.

Madonna drove fast after getting away from Gustavo. Snooki did not like how fast she was driving and Madonna looked so excited asking Snooki if she was not happy that she was finally free. Elsewhere, Gascon was also driving.

“I hope and pray that you’re not fōöling around Madonna,” Gustavo thought.

“Because if you break my heart, I will break your neck.”

Doray served the paramilitary and one of the goons tried to take advantage of her but Doray fought back, leading the goon to beat her up. Elizabeth intervened but was shoved aside. Javier stepped in to advise him that before he beats up a woman, he should look around to see if there were other hot chicks.

Señor Gustavo was done waiting for Javier and Baldo. He doubted they would return with the abducted men since he believed they stole some diamonds. Homer assured they did no such thing because he kept eyes on them. Gustavo was impressed and set Homer in charge.

Cardo and his group after crossing three mountains came across a certain house. They had no choice so they broke in to search for the owners in order to pass the night there, it was late in the night and they have walked that far. They saw no one in the house and decided to rest there. Elsewhere, Madonna was waiting patiently for Gascon and failed to pick the calls of Gustavo.

Unknown to her, Gascon didn’t steal the treasure and he actually went to the meeting with the buyers. He went to the vault to find Gustavo in there going to keep the diamonds which Tyson gave him. Homer had a feeling that he had met Gustavo before and recalled Don Emilio’s clash with him. His lackeys joined him and he told them that he would play along with the old man and when the treasure was found, he would steal it.

They planned to take Baldo and Javier’s group. Javier and his paramilitary were also enjoying themselves but they have to go back to the mining site before Homer and his group steal the treasure. Baldo saw that as impossible since Diego and Gapon were there but Javier interjected that those two men were not supposed to be trusted. He was quite sure that they would even sell them out to side with Homer.

After Diana and Alyana finished preparing the food, they served it but Oscar remained in his room with Aubrey. He has not buried her yet. As the group was eating, the owners of the place and mistook them for buglers. However, the group narrated their story to the occupants of the place. Some of them doubted but once they set eyes on President Hidalgo, they began to brush off their doubts.

The De Leons tried to make Margie eat but she refused. Charlene asked if she was able to confess her feelings for Don’s and she said she did and Dons also admitted lōving her. The occupants went to check on Aubrey and was sad that the president lost his surviving daughter after a fake news of his deàth and that of his family.

In moving forward, Oscar revealed to them that he would bury his daughter the next morning when sun rises. Javier captured a certain man to beat him mercilessly for not revealing the location of Cardo. Javier trapped the man in the hut and set it on fire. The goon kept on making a moving on Doray.

The occupants asked Cardo and his group what the group would do for those Sto Niño people who were captured. Just like what happened to those in Santo Tomas, they believed that Santo Niño people would be tortured like Santo Tomas people. Cardo planned to return to save their comrades and the villagers of Santo Niño.

Margie explained to Charlene and Denise why she couldn’t press charges against Brandon, that she said she feared they would be dragged into the mess. She told Charlene that she promised their parents to take care of them and was scared to do anything which would endanger them. The kids got to Margie’s room to eulogised Mayor Adonis.

The Vendetta dug a grave for Aubrey and Oscar cried while carrying his daughter.

“Please forgive me Aubrey…”

“I became too complacent with the safe and peaceful life we had when we were in Santo Niño and because of that this happened to you.”

“I know that I can no longer turn back the hands of time but I promise you this my dearest daughter.”

“I swear that I will stop at nothing until all those who did this to you and those who made our entire family suffer are given what they deserve.”

“I will relentlessly seek justice for the deàth of my whole family and I will fight until I have taken back the presidency so that I can restore the peace and prosperity in our country.”

“I promise you Aubrey, my daughter.”

Tears flowed as the Vendetta laid Aubrey to rest. Homer decided to go to Santo Niño to check on Javier and Baldo. He planned to rat them out if they were lazying around. He called Hipolito to give him an update. As they reached Sto Niño, they saw it as a ghost town. Once Javier saw Homer he got upset, he almost picked up a fight.

Gapon stepped in to explain that they were worried about them since they have overstayed. Diego saw the place was looking like a war zone and could tell the villagers gave him a tough fight. Javier said it was some outsiders who helped the villagers. Homer wanted to know those outsiders and he said they were people from Manila.

As Homer learnt the person was Cardo, he was stunned but joke with it. Cardo also planned to find out why Javier and his group attacked the people of Santo Niño. But the group was worried since they were handful while Javier’s men were many but Cardo said they have to take that risk. Homer told his lackeys how small the world was because it has brought them close to Cardo and the Vendetta.

His lackeys asked him why he didn’t reveal to them that Dalisay was their enemies. Homer said if he had done that Javier could side with Dalisay’s group to fight them. There were protestors seeking justice for the deàth of Mayor Adonis. Teddy was in Jonathan’s car watching them as he told Jonathan how Adonis has helped him.

The Environment Agency held a programme and Lucas gave the awards to the beneficiaries who had been contributing immensely toward environmental safety. At the event, the journalists asked questions about his involvement in Adonis’ deàth. While watching it on television, Albert felt that Damien was right to object their action of getting rid of Dimaguiba but Brandon showed no remorse.

Hipolito stepped in to stop the journalists from asking Lucas such questions. Lucas told Secretary Hipolito to allow the reporters to ask their questions since press freedom was paramount to his administration. He then explained that Mayor Dimaguiba was k!lled by a colleague due to the corruption case filed against him.

Meanwhile, Margie received support from the protestors to seek justice for Adonis’deàth. Adonis was laid to rest and in the company of the De Leons, Charlene and Denise. Margie wept as she watched Adonis’ lifeless body in the coffin. In Santo Niño, Gapon and Diego pledged to support Baldo and Javier to take down Cardo and his group. Baldo saw that as a good idea since that would give them urge over Cardo and his men.

“Count us in, we are also going to help you fight Cardo and his men because your enemy is our enemy too,” Homer said as he joined with his lackeys.


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