Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 427

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 427 Jonathan k!lled, Margie finally decides to press charges against Brandon, Vendetta embarks on a mission to save the people of Santo Niño

War swept the camp of the Cabreras concerning the recent press interview at the awards event which the Environmental Agency organised. Damien, in the palace, told Lucas that he already have the names and the media houses of the reporters who asked him the questions relating to Mayor Dimaguiba’s deàth.

Lucas ordered him to silence all those reporters. Hipolito proving his worth to Lucas, vented his anger on Damien, pointing out that Damien should have screened all the reporters before joining the programme. Damien admitted it was his fault but he already warned them because k!lling someone has consequences. Lucas got upset that Damien was blaming him for what happened.

He reminded him of his job, adding that he should fix it so that he would not be ridiculed by the public. Hipolito hoped the issue would be resolved, otherwise, the president’s reputation would be at stake.

“Lucas Cabrera, I was waiting for your downfall for so long and once that happens, all of these will be mine,” Hipolito gloated.

Gascon saw Señor Gustavo still sitting waiting for Madonna to arrive from Manila. Gascon wanted to go to Manila to find her, his chubby servant came to alert him about the arrival of Madonna. Diana joined Romulo and he told her that they were planning to go to Santo Niño but he was not sure if they could still undo the harm Javier had caused.

Delfin wondered if Oscar was okay. Oscar was standing at a field when Aubrey got to him to assure him that her mother, Yohan and Grace were with him so he should not lose hope. They would help him till he gets on his presidential seat to help the people of the country. She told Oscar that Cardo and the Vendetta were also there to help him so he should be happy.

As Oscar turned towards the hills and turned back, he could not find Aubrey. He confessed his lōve for his late wife. Domeng was scared that the outsiders would attack them due to Vendetta but the family did not side with him since they have experienced such before. They told Domeng that the Vendetta and them have same enemies so they could not kick them out.

Jerome told Bubbles that they were complecence while enjoying the peaceful life they had in Santo Niño, that was why they suffered that attack. Now, he said it would never happen again. Romulo queried Javier more on Cardo, making Javier wondered why he wished to know more about him. Homer claim he wanted them to know their enemies so that they could defeat them.

Javier then said Cardo was nothing but an outsider who wanted to protect the people of Santo Niño but now he has escaped. He even said he beats him before. They then prepared to meet the return of the Vendetta. Cardo comforted Oscar and reminded him that the people of the Philippines was there to help him.

Oscar admitted he could not afford to lose the fight to the Cabreras. He knew Vendetta would cover him up. Per the mission, they would save the people of Santo Niño first, then they would take up the Cabreras. Cardo assured the Vendetta’s commitment to help install him on his presidential till the country retains its peace and order.

At Adonis’ funeral, Elmo wondered why the workers of the town’s hall were the only people there not his family members, Charlene explained to him that Adonis was an orphan and those who adopted him were also deàd so he did not have any existing family member.

While driving Teddy, Jonathan commended him for his articles which have gone a long way to open up the minds of the people on the administration. He said now it was time for them to concentrate on their families since the public eyes have opened to an extent that they were staging lots of demonstrations against the president.

He told Teddy that, that day would be their last meeting. Unknown to them, Pantig and Gapuz were also tailing their car. They were planning to send the corpse of Teddy to the president to make him happy. Teddy got down, Virgie was also calling him but he was not picking. JP wanted to go out to find what had happened to his father but he was not allowed.

Jonathan found Teddy’s phone in the car and rushed to give it to him. As Teddy spotted Pantig and Gapuz aiming their gün, he told Jonathan to run but before the editor could, Pantig and Gapuz had already pulled the trigger. Jonathan got shõt and he fell while Teddy was running for his life. Pantig and Gapuz never gave up, they ran after Teddy but lost him.

The Samaritans who took the Vendetta in wondered why the group could not seek the help of the military and government but one said the group was wanted and Domeng said that was the reason he feared that they would be dragged into the Vendetta’s mess. Brandon told his father that k!lling Dimaguiba has rather strengthened the public against them.

He said it could have been better if he had not done that and Lucas knew Damien told him that. Lucas said he was part of that decision and all his decisions were right. He then called Damien. Cardo told his group that they would go to Santo Niño that evening to see how they could help those who survived the attack.

Romulo suggested they think about their move carefully so that they did not risk the lives of those in Santo Niño. Before sunset, Cardo said they were off to Santo Niño at sunset to know the situation of the place. In the palace, Lucas told Brandon that their men were after Teddy but he got away. However, Jonathan was shõt.

In covering his shenanigan, Lucas sent flowers to the funeral of Dimaguiba. This made the family wondered why Lucas would make someone deliver it. They believed he was up to no good. As they were preparing the food for the bandits, Elizabeth felt like poisoning the food but Doray was sure Cardo would return for them.

The Vendetta planned to exhume the weapons they buried in Santo Niño since the ones they have    did not have enough bullets. The act of the Cabreras made Margie so upset that she finally decided to file a case against Brandon to seek justice for Mayor Adonis. Hipolito told Lucas that he believed those staging protest have a backer and was sure the Vendetta was communicating with them. This got Lucas so worried.

Lauren saw that Cardo and his comrades were brave to think of returning to Santo Niño while most of their comrades were injured. Reuben wanted to join the group but his family didn’t allow. Alyana believed their enemies could be guarding Santo Niño. Cardo was scared that by the time they got there the goons might have k!lled the people. He promised to make Javier’s group suffer if they have k!lled a the people of Santo Niño.

Diana approached Romulo voicing out her fears that their enemies were many and was scared that something bad might happen to him so she wanted to follow but Romulo stopped her. Madonna was so worried if she made the right decision to return. She feared that Gustavo knew her plan. Gustavo got there to press her neck while asking about the things she bought since she said she went shopping.

Madonna lied that she did not shop because she could not get the bags she wanted. Gustavo hoped that she was saying was not fairy tale. As  Gustavo was  pressing her neck tight, she said she wanted to get him water but Gustavo said seeing her was good enough to quench their thirst. The President had a cabinet meeting with his allies and Hipolito believed that the people have been emboldened, the reason they could not find Arevalo.

He was very sure that Vendetta and Ricardo Dalisay were dictating the actions of Arevalo, Grandma Flora and everyone helping them out, like the way of Mayor Dimaguiba. Lucas made up his mind to concentrate on keeping eyes on the De Family. The Vendetta set off to Santo Niño and Diana got emotional while her husband was embarking on such mission. Diana made Romulo promise to come back to her.

Romulo promised to return to her. They assured each of their lōve. After a long embrace, he followed his comrades to cross the mountains.


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