Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 428

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 428 The Cabreras plans to abducts a member of Cardo’s family, Romulo offers his last prayers as the Vendetta embarks on a mission to save the people of Santo Niño

In the palace, Hipolito told Lucas and Brandon that  it was possible the De Leons and the Arevalos were fully aware that Oscar Hidalgo was alive and were planning to expose it to the public. Brandon believed they would have done it by now if that was their plan.

Hipolito explained that it was because their forces were strong and they were waiting for the right time to release the final bōmb, that was why they were inciting people to protest. He warned Lucas that if they did not stop them now, they would ruin everything that they have worked so hard for. Lucas interjected that he was not going to allow  that to happen.

“Perfect!” Hipolito said on his head when Lucas fell into his trap.

“Jus keep focusing on them Lucas Cabrera so that your attention will be diverted from the mines, that way I can do everything that I have planned to and  keep the riches to myself without you even noticing.”

Margie helped her sister and niece to pack their things in order for her to send them away so that she could concentrate on taking revenge on the Mayor. As Madonna planned to fish out why Gascon had to give up on their plans, Gustavo called Gascon when he was stepping out. Gascon told him that he was going to the mining site to check up how things were since he did not trust Homer and his group.

Gustavo advised him to give them chance. At the mining site, the miners cooked up a plan to escape. Some of the miners got hold on some of the weapons of Tyson’s men and fought back to escape  but Tyson together with Bruno and Akinhiro were able to k!ll some and the rest surrendered. Akinhiro was scared that they would be in trouble since the miners tried to escape.

While Charlene and Denise were in the car going, Margie called her sister to explain why she did not follow them. She feared if she had gone with them, they would have been followed. She also alerted her sister to check if she was not followed. Charlene was sure they were not followed. She advised them to stay in the house no matter what if they reach the safe house.

Margie then expressed her fears to Grandma Flora  and the old woman encouraged, saying she was doing the right thing and promised to be there for her. Brandon approached his father to tell him that he could eliminate Cardo and Alyana just like he did to Dimaguiba but Lucas was against it. He proposed a plan to get a member of the De Leons abducted to squeeze the truth out of the person.

Cardo and the fraction of the Vendetta who were not injured finally reached Santo Niño but found out that the bandits have got the whole place surrounded. Cardo told the group that they would not close up on them until midnight. Wally asked Margie how she was going to face the media. Flora said she has to plan it well to deliver. Yolly thought witnessing the crime was good enough.

Flora asked who was going to press the charges. The kids joined them to ask about Charlene and Denise. Charlene and Denise arrived at the safe house and Virgie introduced JP to them. Cardo and his comrades found it difficult to get the weapons they buried since the who place was surrounded. They decided to find the hostages were first.

Baldo had a problem with Gapon and Diego, thinking they were siding with Homer. He warned them that if he discovered they betrayed them it would not be a good thing for them. Gapon cooled them down that they were all working together and answer to Gustavo. Alyana and Bubbles told the Samaritan how they were able to escape various attacks directed at them and when they finally settled in baserko, the mother of Aye and Ana rat them out.

Yet, they escaped with her children to keep them safe. The lady said she admired Alyana when she was a reporter and Cardo as well. As Aye and Ana were thinking about what could happen to them, Aye asked if it was good to return home to their mother. Ana saw it as no good idea, she did not know what might have happened to their mother, also their mother would still maltreat them. Lisa joined them and promised to be their senior sister.

Greco and the rest who were left behind were thinking about Cardo and their comrades who have gone to Santo Niño. Reuben admired their courage. Meanwhile, Cardo changed the strategy after they found a place to reside in order for their enemies not to find them. Cardo said they would only attack when they help the people to bring them to safety.

They felt so sad seeing Ambo, Caloy and the rest confined in a room without even getting water to drink. Javier’s men kept terrorising them. Since now the strategy as changed from surveillance to war, they had an elaborate plan but Romulo advised Oscar that no matter what he should ensure he was safe because the country needed him.

Elsewhere, Homer and Javier fought. This time around Javier beat him mercilessly so Gapon and Diego separated the fight.

Diego warned that Gustavo would not like their act so Baldo told them that what happened shouldn’t reach Señor Gustavo. He threatened that after they get their share of the treasure, there would be blood shed so Homer and his group should prepare.

Teddy wanted to join Margie in the fight against the Cabreras but Virgie was against it. Teddy then wanted to surrender so that his family could live a normal life without hiding. Jerome never dreamt of a day that he would fight side by side with Oscar and hoped he would make it.

Oscar bemoaned that now that his entire family was no more he felt that he had nothing to live for so he would go any length to save the people of Santo Niño even if he would sacrifice his life. Ramil reminded him that the entire country depended on him and now that he has seen the struggles the people, the Vendetta fight for and the true state of the nation, he was sure when  Hidalgo get back to the palace, he would be the kind of President every Filipino deserved.

Homer was furious that Javier beat him up and planned to tear him apart. He was not ready to let it slide even when Roldan and Spider talked him out. Homer planned to take Javier down. Roldan said they were outnumbered and also if he did that, he was sure Baldo would come after him. He then advised Homer that they should focus on gaining their treasure first. He added that they could use Javier to fight off the Vendetta.

Elsewhere, Javier and the rest of his bandits celebrated for Javier finally taken his revenge on Homer. Javier boasted that if it wasn’t for the fact that he was stopped, he would have beaten Homer to deàth. Gapon saw no need for that he revealed that Homer could be from a very big group and he was being backed by the president but Javier did not care. Baldo said once they gained fair share from the diamonds then they would strike.

“Once we get rid of Dalisay and Vendetta, we will go after that pathetic brothers next,” Homer told his lackeys.

Romulo told Cardo that they were really in a tight spot and they might not make it. Cardo was fully aware of that. They were laying their lives just to save the hostages. Romulo hoped they would make it, especially Cardo. He was still a young man and he could start all over and have a happy family again. Cardo refrained Romulo from talking like that. He assured that they were all going to make it alive.

Romulo hope he was right but if he did not make it, he should ensure his deàth would not be in vain. He pleaded with Cardo to take care of Diana. He should keep upholding his principles because the when country need him to fight for it. Alyana was so worried thinking about the fraction of the Vendetta who went to Santo Niño since the outsiders were heavily armed when they attacked Santo Niño.

Delfin was also scared since the outsiders were professional k!llers who did not care who come on their way, whether law enforcers or the military. Earthworm said Cardo only went there to retrieve the buried weapons so Greco indicated that it meant that Doray and the rest would not be rescued. Alyana said upon all the mission Cardo embarked on since she had known, this made her anxious.

As the group was sitting in sadness while Cardo watched Romulo with unhappy face due to his words to him, Romulo stood by the windows and made his final prayers.

“I have been through so many battles throughout my life but the way things are and so much at stake, I don’t think I can make it through this.

“We are greatly outnumbered and we don’t have enough weapons right now to win this fight.”

“But no matter what happens to me…”

“All I pray for is that goodness still triumphs in the end.”

“I pray for safety for all the people in Santo Niño and for protection over all my companions.”

“I know that I could have been a much better person.”

“I made too many mistakes in my life, I have hurt and k!lled so many people I lost count just to fight for the faith we believe in!”

“But in spite of that I started all over and I learnt the errors of my ways.”

“I was giving a second chance of my life to be reborn and learn to lōve again.”

“I just pray if my time has finally come, Diana will find the strength to carry on somehow.”

“I pray Cardo does too and the rest of the Vendetta.”

“I leave everything in your hands, I entrust my life to you!”

Meanwhile, Homer and Javier gave each other the hostile looks while the hostages slept desperately inside a room.


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