Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 429

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 429 Cardo saves Doray from a rapist, Vendetta sets people of Santo Niño free from Baldo and Javier’s clutches

Hipolito couldn’t reach Homer on phone and  was worried since it has been days he heard from his goon. He also wanted to device a plan with him on how he could gain all the diamonds and eventually own the mining site operation.

The Venom group members began to incite Homer against Javier. Since they were supported by the government and Gustavo, they believed Homer should be in control for Javier and Baldo to follow his orders.

In the palace, Lucas complemented Hipolito for trending on the news as the environment secretary. He had no doubts that one day Hipolito would succeed him on the throne but reminded him not to forget about the mining operations because that was his top priority.

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“I have enough of your promises I need to sever  my ties with you,” Hipolito hissed.

“Because I know you’re about to go down here Lucas Cabrera.”

The Vendetta group members who were injured got worried about their comrades. They had agreed for them to survey Santo Niño and as at the time, Cardo and his fraction had not returned yet. Rigor was scared that something bad might have happened to them but Delfin advised him not to entertain that thoughts.

Homer refused to return to the mining site until he finds Cardo at the place to go away with the woman h has ever lōved, Bubbles. He told Gapon that Cardo had been a long time thorn in his flesh and even took his girlfriend along. Elizabeth and Doray went to bath and Javier told them to do it because they stink.

As Javier and his army were plotting against Gapon and Diego, Homer came to call a truce in order to take down Cardo. His plan was to wrap them around his fingers and once they get rid of Cardo and Vendetta then he takes his revenge on the two brothers. Elsewhere, Diego told Gapon to allow Homer and Javier to k!ll themselves so that they would get the treasure.

Gapon interjected that he was also scared of Diego since he could betray him at the end. Diego refuted that claim and reminded Gapon that they were the real partners. Diego left to talk to Homer to praise him for making the two brothers fall into his trap. As Homer was bragging, Diego devised his plans against Homer.

“He is so full of himself but brace yourself Homer.”

“I will wait for all of you to k!ll each other.’

“When all comes down I will make sure I will be the last one standing here!”

As the Vendetta came out from their room to reposition themselves in their enemy’s camp, Lucas called for an emergency meeting. Hipolito saw Hernandez to ask him why there was such meeting and he explained that to give an update on the criminals, Vendetta.

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Hipolito asked if there was a lead about Teddy Arevalo, since the vice had no information, he asked how could they possibly take down Vendetta if Teddy’s location was still unknown. Albert was positive that very soon Lucas would get rid of the notorious group.

“You’re wrong Mr Vice President because President Cabrera will be overthrown and you along with him,” Hipolito smirked.

As Gustavo was off with his squad to the mining site to over see the operations, he said to Madonna that he wished she was not messing up with him and whatever she was telling him shouldn’t be fairy-tale. Tyson reported the problem at the mining site to Gustavo which made Gustavo  rescinded on his decision to go to the site.

Based on Homer’s plans, Baldo and Javier decided to use some of the abducted villagers as bait by k!lling few to get Cardo. One of the army who has always kept his eyes on Doray rushed inside the hut when Doray finished bathing and threatened Elizabeth not to talk, otherwise he would get rid of them. He locked the door and took Doray by surprise to force himself on her.

Least did he know that the Vendetta was at the corner. As Doray was crying, screaming for help, Cardo jumped through the window into the hut to take the rapist on. The rest of the Vendetta members took the rest of the guards on to beat them mercilessly. Cardo punched the rapist till he lost his life. He then saved Doray and his group after beating the guards till they lost lives also took their güns and left with Doray and Elizabeth.

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Hipolito was dialing his phone when Brandon came to ask him about his men at the mining site and Hipolito lied to him. Doray and Elizabeth informed Cardo about the deàth of Grandpa Marsing and Grandma Nita and seek his help to rescue Caloy and the rest. Seeing how provoked Cardo was, Ramil advised him not to be led by anger because their enemies would know about their presence if they dared use a gün.

Gapon while eating sent some of his men to survey the place. His men found the bodies of some of the guards and alerted him that the enemies have infiltrated their camp. Before they could spread the news, Cardo, Romulo and the Vendetta pounced on them.

While they beat all the guards for them to fall, Cardo got rid of Gapon in a fist fight. Romulo also in a fist fight in one of the huts defeated Diego. Señor Gustavo arrived home in fury. He called Hipolito to inform him that Homer and his men had abandoned the mining site and wanted to have a meeting with him to talk about the problem. Hipolito told him not to worry Homer would return, adding that he had to get the protection money.

Gustavo reminded him that his men abandoned the mining site so they would discuss the problem instead. Homer came across Diego and Gapon lying helplessly on the ground, he helped Diego up to ask him what happened there. He also screamed out Gapon’s name. Diego did not know but he believed Cardo and his group attacked them.

Javier and Baldo went to the chapel and once Ambo and Caloy saw them, they demanded him to set them free since they have never wronged him in any way. Javier iñsülted so Caloy told him that he and his bandits were only taken advantage of them since they were weak but Cardo would put them in their rightful place. One of the captives urged his fellows to fight back because Baldo and Javier would k!ll them anyway.

They began to fight back so Javier and Baldo shōt some to scare the rest from fighting back. Diego and Gapon spread the news of the enemies invasion among themselves so Javier and Baldo together with quite number of the bandits left the town’s hall and the chapel in search of the enemy. They left few behind to guard the captives and if anyone resisted, the person should be k!lled. Doray and Elizabeth showed Cardo that the chapel was where they kept the hostages.

Cardo, Romulo and the rest took the bandits by surprise. Romulo pounced on them. Due to the hostages, Cardo and his group did not use güns. They beat the bandits and all the hostages joined in the fight to beat their abductors. Meanwhile, Hipolito went to Gustavo’s place for them to talk about his men who had left the mining site to support Baldo’s group in their recruitment.

Hipolito saw no wrong with that but Gustavo saw that everything was wrong. Hipolito demanded for money but Gustavo said until Homer returns to his post. This led to a misunderstanding between the two camps, and the securities from each camp brandished their güns to protect their respective bosses. Hipolito told Gustavo that if he dared to k!ll him, the government would take him on and take over the mining operation.

Gustavo was left with no other choice than to send Gascon to give Hipolito needed amount. After waiting for so long to hear news on Cardo and Romulo, the fraction of the Vendetta who were left behind thought that their comrades were in danger so they bid farewell to Domeng and his family to go and help their comrades who were at war. They left Ana and Aye in their car.

Doray disobeyed Cardo’s orders to stay where he has hidden her with Elizabeth no matter what, to run to the chapel to hug Caloy when she saw Cardo and the hostages have defeated their oppressors. Baldo and Javier were informed that the intruders were in the chapel.

As Baldo, Javier and Homer together with their armies matched forward to the place, Cardo and Romulo set the captives free and urged them to run for their lives. He, Romulo and the rest of the Vendetta shōt some of the bandits who came their way. As Javier and his army were closing on them, Romulo urged Cardo to run.


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