Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 430

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 430 Homer kidnaps Bubbles and Diana, Romulo k!lls Baldo while Cardo leaves Javier in the hands of Santo Niño people to discipline him

Javier and Baldo together with their army matched in search of Cardo. They found corpses scattered around and they grew furious to fight Cardo for k!lling his minions. Flora called Margie to talk to her when the latter was on her way to the City hall.

Margie told her that she was going to file the case against Brandon and would also heed to Flora’s advice to seek help from the legal friends of Adonis before pursuing the case.

Gustavo gave 40million to Hipolito and the latter said getting the money from him was like squeezing a water from a rock. In the palace, Lucas after receiving an amount from other drug syndicate businesses he was protecting, he told Brandon that his target was the revenue they would make from the mining company.

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Brandon was unhappy with the manner Gustavo has held on to the money he was supposed to release. Lucas calmed him, saying Hipolito was visiting Gustavo that day and hopefully they would get the money. Cardo and his group ushered the villagers to a safety path and the firing continued as they made their way to gün down their enemies.

Arriving Santo Niño after crossing three mountains, Diana urged her group to be cautious. A news about counselor George who has confessed to have been the master mind behind the deàth of Adonis for the fear of being implicated in the Dimaguiba corruption case which the late mayor was facing kept making headways.

Margie was still in a car when she heard the news. She made the driver increase the volume to hear the news clearly. After the news was read, the driver was glad that the accomplice has been caught. But he wondered how the government could retrieve the money which Dimaguiba sent to his grave.

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Margie got upset with the driver for calling Adonis corrupt while he had least idea on events leading to Dons’ deàth. As Cardo was bringing the villagers to safety, Diana and her group were following the enemies to get to Cardo. At the city hall, Captain Gina planned with her lackeys to be friend with the Vice Mayor who was now acting at the absence of Dimaguiba to lure him to protect her shenanigans.

In the safe house, JP encouraged his father to write a counter report on the Counselor’s false confession concerning Dimaguiba’s deàth and publish it online. Virgie was against it. On the other hand, Lucas was worried that the Counselor might turn on him but VP Hernandez stated that the counselor was corrupt and wouldn’t dare.

Brandon assured that he would take care of that. Delfin led Diana’s group to k!ll their enemies. Least did they know that Homer has seen Bubbles. He and his fraction together with Diego and Gapon followed to get Diana’s group surrounded. After they exchanged fire and saw that they would be defeated, General Borja commanded them to run but Diana got surrounded together with Bubbles. Homer pulled the hair of Bubbles.

He was not planning to leave her behind and met Roldan who was also holding Diana as hostage. Lucas made a futile calls to Hipolito and Brandon believed the secretary was taken them for a ride and might be working in cohort with Gustavo.

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Madonna went for a swim and warned Gascon about the possible thing Gustavo might do to him if he dared watch her. Gascon knew she was right and there was no time for him to give in to temptation since his life mattered to him more.

As they were running, Delfin realised two of their members were missing, Diana and Bubbles. Alyana suggested they turn back for them but the group decided against it since their enemies were many and could be massacred. Javier and Baldo kept pursuing the captives who were under lose. He shōt at them and bōmbed them but it affected none only the huts were set ablaze.

The New mayor was addressing the people on how he would change the status quo in order not to repeat the corrupt act of Adonis. Margie witnessing that could not hold unto her sorrows. She took over the podium to reveal that Adonis was no corrupt individual.

In fact the person who  spoke to the media was just covering up for the real culprit, story was just a fabricated lies because Counselor Monila never k!lled Adonis but it was the President’s son, Brandon Cabrera. She witnessed him k!lling Adonis with her own naked eyes.

Lucas got upset hearing Margie’s revelation and confronted Brandon for claiming no one saw his atrocious crime yet Margie saw him. To keep his deeds under wraps, Brandon decided to end the life of Margie. Wally rushed in to show the video of Margie’s revelation at the city hall to Flora and Yolly.

Yolly was surprised because Flora had advised Margie to plan the whole thing with the attorney before revealing. The reporters hounded Margie for an interview and she said no comment. Hearing her, Counselor Gina was surprised since she was bold enough to stop the mayor from speaking but she could no longer talk.

Her lapdogs asked her if what Margie said was true and she urged them to keep quiet because all that she knew was that when Adonis stood against Brandon, he was k!lled so same would happen to Margie.

Delfin’s fraction of the Vendetta stumbled on Diego and Gapon’s group, they took cover so the scoundrels thought they were not at the place. As they were returning, Delfin and his group shõt and k!lled Diego and Gapon together with their bandits.

Cardo also took Javier on while Romulo also handled Baldo. In a fist fight, Cardo punched Javier countless number. When Javier was about to have an upper hand, Cardo kicked him and in multiple punches defeated him. Javier later got back on his feet, while he was gasping for breath, Oscar led the villagers there and Caloy told Cardo to leave Javier for them. All the villagers pounced on Javier to beat him.

Romulo and Baldo’s fight seemed more aggressive as the commander was being overpowered by Baldo. He kicked Baldo for the gün that he wanted to use to shōot him to fly off from his hands to fall into a river. With master kicks and punches they ended up in the river. Baldo got hold on a wood and he used it to hit the face of Romulo multiple times, side by side of his face for him to be wounded.

Romulo fell and Baldo was about to stãb Romulo with the object but the commander kicked him to gain the upper hand. As Baldo was being defeated, he quickly reached out for his kñife in his pocket to pounce on Romulo who fell while swerving the slice of the knife.

Romulo struggled with him for the kñife. He kicked him and gave him series of million punches for him to lose his balance. Baldo found a glimpse of hope after a kick from Romulo got him closer to his gün when he landed in the river.

He took his gün from the river and in his attempt to shōõt, Romulo quickly reached out for a wood to throw it for it to pierce through the chest of Baldo. The gün he was holding triggered in the air couple times and Baldo fell into the river with blood oozing from his mouth.


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