Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 431

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 431 Homer k!lls Romulo Dumaguit, The Vendetta in grief buried the fallen hero

Some of the bandits ran after Romulo, firing him but he swerved all the bullets to reach out for Baldo’s gün to shoot those three goons. Margie spoke with Flora over the phone and the woman told her of seeing her on television addressing the issue that led to Mayor Dimaguiba’s death.

Margie apologised for her act. Flora told her that she would go for her at the city hall as now they have to be very careful. The Cabreras saw their lawyer to prepare for Margie’s allegations. In the office of Dimaguiba, Margie apologised to the picture frame of Dons.

She was sorry for not earlier developing the courage to fight for what Dons started and promised to fight and get him the justice he deserved. Brandon saw no need for any legal assistant. He was convinced that Margie has no  evidence against him and wanted his father’s permission to k!ll her.

Damien looked un-enthused and Brandon reminded his father that they were the ones in charge and they could do everything they liked. He recounted how Oscar did nothing to get him out of prison so to him they could get Margie’s case junked.

In the safe house, Charlene was worried about her sister. She was scared not to see her again especially now that she was fighting the Cabreras in obtaining justice for Don. Cardo led the villagers to the river and he got reunited with the commander. Since the Commander was wounded, he banded his head and left together with Cardo and the villagers.

The assistant of the new Mayor came to the office of Dons to tell Margie to clear everything belonging to Adonis from the place. Virgie after calming Charlene down went to talk to her husband on Charlene’s fears. Teddy wanted to go against the Cabreras again. Virgie thought her husband wanted to reveal himself to the enemies so she once again advised him against his plans.

Cardo and his group found Alyana and her group. Not seeing Diana, Romulo asked of his wife and Alyana said she and Bubbles were captured. Quickly, Romulo got on an available horse to find his wife. Meanwhile, Homer abandoned the fight since he has gotten what he wanted, Bubbles and was escaping the place with her and Diana.

Cardo ordered the group to go and help the Commander to save Diana and Bubbles. The group believed Bubbles and Diana might be k!lled if they did not go early to their defense. As they enrouted, they stumbled on their enemies and some ran out of bullets so they surrendered. They begged for mercy but the people of Santo Niño did not spare them.

They took their revenge on them for k!lling Marsing and Nita. Romulo came across Homer’s group racing in their cars and he followed. He shouted to call Diana’s name. Homer’s group shõt at him and Diana screamed out to Romulo to watch out. Romulo tailed the car to gün the minions of Homer down. Diana cried out Romulo’s name when he was able to save her. They ran to hug each other.

While still in the embrace of Diana, Homer’s car pulled over and he began to pull the trigger. Romulo when he saw that turned quickly to the direction of the bullets and Homer kept shōõting at him till dropped on the floor. In devastation, Diana cried.

“Romulo hold on please don’t let go.”

“Don’t you give up, don’t you ever give up on me!”

“Diana please promise me that, you will take care of yourself.”

“Stay strong no matter what happens.”

“Please carry on with what the Vendetta started.”

“You’re the country’s only hope.”

“Please Romulo don’t talk like that,” Diana cried.

“Hold on please don’t leave me!”

“Listen Diana, I love you so much with all my heart.”

Romulo d!ed and when Diana vented her anger on Homer, he gave Diana double shõts and she fell. Mando spotted the group of Cardo approaching and he ordered Mando to carry Diana along for them to send her to see the vulture. Cardo was stunned to have found the Commander alone, lying helplessly in a river with his head on a stone. He cried out bitterly seeing the leader of the group deàd.

The entire group mourned the commander. Elsewhere, Señor Gustavo gave Amor a bracelet as a gift to celebrate their anniversary. Once Romulo settled, he ordered for Diana to locked up in a different room and he rushed Bubbles into the room. He removed his shirt and pounced on her, claiming he knew she had missed that and ràped her.

In a precision, Romulo was carried on shoulders high to the three mountains after Santo Niño. Aye and Ana rushed to mourn the commander. Quickly, a grave was dug for the fallen hero and each member of the Vendetta, together with Domeng’s family threw flowers on the commander. Cardo was the last person to have thrown his flower on the hero’s body.

Renato went to Homer’s place to query him on the reason he left the mining site. To his dismay, Homer told him that he had an encounter with the Vendetta and has k!lled Romulo. Renato thought it was a joke and he asked him why he didn’t drag his body to the place for him to finish him off. Homer said how he left him, there was no way he would survive.

He showed him Diana’s room. Diana saw Romulo on the mountains riding his horse. She cried out his name and ran to him. She told him that she thought he left him and Romulo said he would never leave her. Though, he would not physically be with her but would always be there for her.

They hugged and then Romulo left on his horse. She opened her eyes to find herself confined in a room and Hipolito was there with her. Cardo recounted how he first met Romulo in Mount Karagao after he was unconscious and the commander saved him.

He later realised Romulo and him were fighting the same course and on several occasions, the commander saved his life when they fought side to side with the enemies. He was stricken with grief as he recounted why they formed the Vendetta to fight the corrupt officials.

He also recalled Romulo telling him that he was the right person to take the leadership mantle once he was no longer there. Cardo after the memories promised to continue his good works and would bring back Diana Olegario and Bubbles.


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