Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 432

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 432 Renato becomes furious to know Diana declined his marriage offer to marry Romulo, Billy and his comrades escape the detention facility with other detainees

As Renato was looking at Diana, Homer got into the room to tell Renato that he wanted to finish Diana off but thought it wise to bring her home so that Renato could get the satisfaction of k!lling her himself.

At the new settlement of the Vendetta Domeng’s wife urged the Vendetta to eat something but the group had lost appetite due to the sudden deàth of the group’s leader. Renato told Diana that she has run out of luck. Earlier he had wanted to k!ll her but she always escape his clutches.

He gloated while telling her that her life had come to its end. Diana told him that he would equally run out of luck and all his atrocities would be revealed to the public. Homer smirked that all the bad deeds were pinned on the Vendetta, it was sad that Diana’s group suffered such.

He reminded Diana of the bōmb explosion which led to the deàth of her son and eventually Ricky boy. He said not only him did that but a great muster planner was behind it. When Homer left the room, Romulo sat next to Diana and was surprised to see her ring. He was now able to get the reason behind Diana’s furiousness.

They k!lled her husband and wondered why Diana could marry such a wrëtched coward who could not do anything but run from him.

“You know Diana…”

“If you only accepted my offer to get married then by now you will be a high ranking  government official you wouldn’t be an enemy of the state.”

Diana warned him not to compare himself to Romulo because he would never become like him.  Renato got upset to ask if she wanted to join her husband six feet under and Diana said not when she hasn’t gotten rid of him She threatened to k!ll him.

Meanwhile, the family of Domeng felt sorry for Cardo since he was standing in solitude. Alyana believed Cardo was actually blaming himself for what had happened to Romulo, Diana and Bubbles. Domeng’s family saw no use for him to blame himself because he was not at fault.

Reuben urged the Vendetta not to lose hope because it was now clear that the country needed the group more than ever.

Homer went to the room to force himself on Bubbles. As Alyana apologised to Lauren and her mother for adding unto their burden, the people of Santo Niño were thinking of means to get back on their feet. Lucas asked Brandon whether he was sure that Margie had no evidence whatsoever against him and he answered the affirmative.

Flora led Margie to the attorney’s office. Margie asked if her media revelation on Brandon as the henchman would affect the case she was filing. The Attorney made it clear that the case was going to be a tough one since she was going up against the President’s son. But he would send the case filed to the city prosecutor to wait for a counter affidavit.

Lucas explained that he wanted to know so that he would know what to say. Brandon offered to help. Lucas called Renato to know where he was and he said he went for the payment from Gustavo. Lucas then urged him to hurry back home, there were problems. VP Hernandez was sure that Margie’s revelation would embolden others to rise up against the government.

Brandon learnt from her father that Renato was coming with Gustavo’s money. Nico doubted that Hipolito would give them their fair shares but Lucas saw him as rather the problem not the Vendetta. As some of the public were protesting, Lucas was compelled to call for an immediate press conference which Brandon lied to the media.

He claimed his father’s political rivals were aiming to tarnish his image and Margie was needlessly accusing him of a crime which Counselor George had admitted to it. Seeing the new press conference, Yolly believed the Cabreras  would do everything to twist the story. Elmo was worried that the case Margie was filing would affect the De Leons.

Cardo finally made his intentions clear for the group’s new mission to save Diana and Bubbles. Margie called Charlene to check on her. Lucas and Brandon watched the news of Brandon’s address he erred and some believed the political rivals were behind it. However, many believed Brandon actually k!lled Dimaguiba and one shared his story on how his relative suddenly got missing when he opposed the government.

He said they have detained the person. This compelled Lucas to  make a decision to wipe out all the detainees. In the detention facility, Billy and his comrades wondered what was happening in outside. Elsewhere, Oscar told Cardo that they needed a well thought through plan to save the comrades otherwise they might lose lots of people.

Homer came to inform Diana to eat something. Delfin wondered what the enemies were doing to Diana and Bubbles. Greco believed Scorpion was torturing them. Jerome asked who was Scorpion and Greco explained that he was part of the Bloody Sun Group but betrayed the group to be part of Renato’s group.

He was responsible for the consistent explosion in Manila and Cardo added that he apparently k!lled Ricky boy in one of his bōmbing attacks. Damien showed his disapproval to the president’s decision of k!lling all the detainees.

Albert urged him to support and get his mouth shut. Bubbles tried to find an escape route but the window was not something she could temper with to aid her escape. Homer got there while she was trying to destroy the window. The kids saw from the windows that there were lots of police guarding their house and they asked the family where  why the police were there.

Yolly explained to them that they were just there to ensure their safety. While Margie was watching the group pictures of the De Leons, Flora narrated an exciting story about Cardo to Margie. Cardo shed tears while asking Alyana for forgiveness for his inability to k!ll Homer because all those while he thought he had already gotten rid of Homer not knowing he did not d!e.

Alyana told him not to blame himself but Cardo was still hurt that he had not given the justice Ricky boy truly deserved. Brandon entered his father’s office to inform him that his men were already taken care of the prisoners and promised that nothing would go wrong. Lucas was sick of his excuses.

Damien opened up to the president on how the unnecessary k!lling of the detainees would aggravate the situation. Lucas threatened that if he did not stop opposing all his decisions, he would equally have him k!lled as well. The goons of Brandon initiated the plans and dragged the detainees including Billy, Mark and Chikoy and started shõoting them to k!ll the people.

Since now their lives were a step to deàth, the three formers CIDG officers strike the goons by surprise to get their güns to start gunning the goons down. Patrick sympathised with Cardo and Alyana after hearing that their son was deàd. He also heard that Diana’s son also died in that explosion.

The three former CIDG officers ensured that the entire detention facility was cleared by k!lling all the goons to set all the detainees free. They escaped in the available van of the goons. Once Brandon broke the bad news of Borja’s men snatching weapons of his goons to fight back and also setting some of the detainees free, Lucas got upset with his son.

Brandon was about to give another promise when Lucas stopped him. VP Hernandez was sure there would be series of demonstrations that the detainees would stage against the government now that they have been set free. Establishing the connection between Renato and Homer, Oscar felt so bad that Lucas was working in cohort with Hipolito and Homer all those while to terrorise others.

Now they were illegally operating a mining sector and were abducting people to do that dirty work. He was sure Lucas executed all those vile plans just for power.

“There is no limit,” Lucas in solitude thought.

“No matter what happens, I will do everything to get rid of my enemies.”

“There is no way I am leaving my post.”

“I will remain power for as long as I want.”


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