Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 433

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 433 Brandon files a counter affidavit after court subpoenaed him over Dimaguiba’s deàth, Diana takes Homer’s goons down to escape with Bubbles  

Homer served Bubbles and compelled her to eat. She accepted to eat on a condition that he would make him see Diana. Elmo was acting coward and his wife was advising him to learn to be brave like Wally. She noted that Wally initially used to act cowardly but now he has eschew all his fears.

Speaking of the devil, Wally knocked to ask the couple to let him sleep there. Elmo began to laugh and asked his wife to repeat what he said concerning Wally.

Domeng sent Reuben to fetch for Cardo and his group to join them to eat. In their quest to save Diana and Bubbles, a fraction of the group looked frightened to embark on that mission since they were outnumbered, and did not have enough resources, moreover, the commander was deàd.

George encouraged them, reminding them that Cardo was there so all hope was not lost. Homer sent Bubbles to see Diana and the latter observed that something was wrong with her. She asked Homer what he did to her and Homer said not something that he hasn’t done with her before. Bubbles told him to allow her and Diana to go if he really lõved her.

Homer admitted he would do everything for her, except what she was asking. The De Leon kids asked Margie about the rumours they heard about her. She admitted she was filing a case against Brandon to get Adonis the justice he deserved. Mark sent his two colleagues to his cousins house for them to change and planned on their next move.

In the palace, Vice President Hernandez became worried that the escapees might engage the media. Anton felt sad that the Commander was not by their side. He had always been by his side when they were in Mountain Karagao. Ramil knew how it felt. He said joining the group, he knew one of his leg was closer to the grave but he did not join based on selfish reason but for them to fight to help the ordinary people.

Delfin indicated that it was good that they have put their personal differences aside to concentrate on the common cause they were fighting for. Cardo told Oscar that the country now needed him and once he gained his seat, he would be the best person to change all the ills of the current administration to make the country a better place for all.

Oscar promised to factor the youth, education and employment in his next administration to make the youth to be well educated and to gain employment. He said he would also ensure to concentrate on agriculture and prioritise the produce of their country at the expense of imported goods.

Reuben informed his family that Mr Tonio has accepted to give the people of Santo Niño a place to sleep. Domeng and his family were happy, at least that would help the villagers to think about how to rebuild their lives of everything get settled. Homer charged his group to tighten the security of the place so that Diana and Bubbles wouldn’t be able to escape.

He received new weapons and some men from Hipolito to resource them. Tyson rushed to Señor Gustavo’s residence to inform him about the problem at the mining site. He informed him that the two brothers were k!lled in Santo Niño by some outsiders.

Madonna after showing to Snooki the necklace Gustavo bought for as their anniversary gift went to seduce Gascon. Gustavo got there so Madonna quickly hid before she would be seen. Gustavo told Gascon that he was leaving for the mining site and set him in charge of the house. Brandon sent the subpoena he had received to his father.

Yolly believed the case of Margie would be dismissed just like what happened before when Lucas set his son free. Flora was positive that everything that the Cabreras were doing would come to an end. Tyson while in a car going to the mining site voiced out his fears to Señor Gustavo about how dangerous those outsiders could be for k!lling Baldo and Javier.

He said that they needed more men to guard the mining site and Gustavo admitted that he was right. Brandon did not want to pass through all those process that landed him in prison. His father assured not to allow such thing to happen. However, he advised his son to shape up so that they could remain in power.

As Jerome was thinking about what might have happened to Bubbles and Diana, Bubbles was crying to Diana that she has ended up at where she started. She did not want to go back to her old life but she was back with Homer. Diana told her not to lose hope because the Vendetta would find them to save them but Bubbles doubted it would be possible since the group did not know their location.

Diana was still optimistic that Cardo would find them. However, they ought to find another means to help the group in order to escape from there. Homer came for Bubbles and admitted to Diana that he was a mõnster. Elsewhere, the attorney of Brandon filed a counter affidavit and came up with an alibi.

Hernandez appointed himself to be Brandon’s alibi to give false witness testimony that Brandon was with him when Dimaguiba d!ed. Margie was not ready to back down and since Charlene and Denise were safe, she would ensure the case push through. Least did she know that the Cabreras were preparing to get the case junked. Reuben announced to the people of Santo Niño that he has gotten more spacious place for them to stay at Mr Tonio’s place.

The villagers were grateful to Reuben and apologised for the trouble caused. They believed one day they would equally repay their kindness. Reuben told them not to mention because he and his family had passed through such invasion before. Before settling at their current place, some outsiders also attacked them.

Reporters hounded Margie to ask about the case she has filed at the fiscal’s office against Brandon and whether she has other evidence to back her claims. Margie said she witnessed Brandon k!lling Dimaguiba and was sure the truth would prevail in court as she would prove it irrespective of the lies Brandon would spew against her and the late Dimaguiba.

Brandon who was watching the television with his father now was convinced that Margie had cemented her relationship with the De Leons. Lucas knew Renato was right that the people were not wavering because they were being backed by the Vendetta. Brandon interjected that if it was so that the Vendetta was their protector where was the group hiding.

Diana thought of means to escape the clutches of Homer so that she and Bubbles would be reunited with the Vendetta for them to continue their fight to end the terrors in the country. The Vendetta also were gearing up to save their two captured members. The people Sto Niño were willing to return the favour so they told Cardo that they would help in the rescue mission to save Olegario and Bubbles.

In the meantime, Diana took Homer’s goons on and managed to find Bubbles but she was deeply wounded and was bleeding. Renato called Señor Gustavo to inform him about Homer capturing two members of the group which gündown some of his men.

Gustavo was curious to know and Renato said the group which attacked them was an enemy to the state and for sometime now, the government had been searching to capture them.

The group was Vendetta and it was led by Ricardo Dalisay, much to Gustavo’s surprise. He remained quiet as he recalled his last encounter with Cardo when he shõt him multiple times for him to fall off a cliff. Renato asked him if something was wrong and he said everything was wrong because that group has hindered his mining operation and has lost more men.

Hipolito promised to get him more men to oversee the operations at the site, besides they were partners in the business and was not doing that to ensure the government’s 50per cent shares would be given to them but to ensure the smooth flow of the business. He then returned to Homer’s place to inform Homer that he has already told Gustavo about the Vendetta.

The people of Santo Niño followed Cardo and Reuben to the new place they have gotten at Mr Tonio’s place while Gustavo also thought of means to get rid of Cardo once and for all.

It really might be fate that Ricardo Dalisay and I will cross paths again

“But this time, I will make it a point that I will be the one to k!ll you Cardo.”

“Just like what I did to your father.”


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