Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 44 Joaquin raided the Casa

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 44

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 44 Joaquin infiltrates the Casa
Carmen and her group were taken to another place while Paloma and her group were captured in that hideout.
A contestant who did not win the pageant body shame Paloma. She said Paloma was ugly, adding that it was a beauty pageant not a talent hunt show.
She regretted that she had been participating for long in the pageant but did not win. Paloma with her first attempt had won meanwhile Glen was eavesdropping and asked the loser that she should make her see Paloma’s picture.
Glen after joining the pieces together realised that Cardo used himself as a bait to get Carmen.
Olga saw Paloma and realised she was snoring. She said it was unlady-like but could fix it.
Olga said she hit the jackpot with Paloma. The girls cried and Paloma asked them not to cry since someone would come to their aid.
Cardo saw Carmen and Junior’s picture when he and the girls were searching for an exit route. He was happy that he was close to Carmen.
Olga came in to take the picture from him while they brought in other girls. Paloma asked who were the new girls and Olga said there were rules there, too much questions were prohibited.
Carmen prayed that Cardo should come to her rescue as any move she would make might cause the life of the other girls.
She said her only hope was Cardo when they got to the new place. Olga came in to shut the girls up. Paloma said she would ensure they keep quiet.
At the hospital, Junior hallucinated about Carmen, he cried that he wanted to be with his mother.
Cardo planned for a way to  save all the girls. Glen arrived at Flora’s house to ask about Cardo. Flora could not reach Cardo neither did Glen.
Glen assured Flora that Cardo was doing everything to bring Carmen back home but failed to inform Flora about her suspicion since Flora would be more worried.
The next day, Glen called Apple and he told her about Cardo’s mission but Glen said he did not want her to get worried that was why he did not inform her about the mission.
Apple said he was sad that Cardo was missing. He said he was getting attached to him Glen then asked him what he meant.  He explained that Cardo became his best friend and was glad that for the first time he was able to use his talent as a makeup artist to do something worthwhile for helping a good course.
Glen interjected that he was only a friend to Cardo not best friend, Apple saw Glen getting jealous.
Joaquin planned with Dino and  waited for Olga with a good plan just to uncover her hide out.
As Cardo realised the guards had left the door he told his roommates that he was going out to find an escape route for them.
Joaquin saw the car of Olga and he sent her a message that she was no longer needed since they got the wrong person and said sorry for the bother.
Olga then told the driver to turn as she left Joaquin and his men followed her. Meanwhile Cardo was busy searching  for Carmen at the Casa.
Flora became moody and did not want to eat. Onyok pleaded with Flora to eat and gain strength as Cardo would not be happy if he comes to meet her sick.
Olga suspected that something was wrong since Cardo had been calling but had recently resort to texting.
Cardo found another room, he asked girls whether they knew Carmen and one seemed to know Carmen but did not know where she was.
It was viola for Joaquin as he got to the hideout of Olga by following her. He spoke with Delfin and told him that they were under surveillance as they found a suspect of the kidnapping incident.
Cardo who was captured by Olga’s goons brought him to Olga and Olga was told that Paloma wanted to flee with the other girls.
Joaquin raided the Casa even when Delfin said they had to wait for court order. Joaquin’s and his men engaged in a shoot Out with Olga’s goons.
Olga and some of the girls used the back exit so Joaquin did not get them but saw Carmen and Junior’s picture.
They also saw a woman who was buried and found that it was not Carmen. Meanwhile, Cita told Verna that she would follow her anywhere she would go to.
Tomas had a lead on Diego and he charged his men to search for him. Already Diego had changed his name and was planning to eliminate Tomas and Joaquin for him to get close to his wife and kid.
At the mall, Verna realised that Rachel was missing. Rachel was standing somewhere in the mall, speaking with Tomas about what she could by for him.
He ordered her to go to her mother right away. Diego who was spying Rachel from afar followed but she reached her mother before he could catch her. They left the mall right away.
At the police station, they had a clue on how the syndicate worked. They also said Cardo was missing and Billy quizzed whether he could be with Carmen.
Delfin ordered the policemen to search for Olga and get to know where they would hold the new bidding.
Olga ordered the girls to change for the bidding. Meanwhile, Cardo was still searching for Carmen. Philip Tang saw the news about Olga being wanted by the police.
Cardo kept looking around while Carmen was passing from behind.

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