Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 440

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 440 Guzman hands over Pantig and Gapuz to the police, Cardo and the Vendetta arrive in Manila

Renato told Homer that Diana was willing to cooperate in revealing the hideout of the Vendetta. Homer assumed that they would no longer use Diana as bait since they could now attack the Vendetta. However, Renato said he did not necessarily believe in Diana.

Flora thanked Guzman for saving her from the treacherous officers. She was grateful that the three former CIDG officers went to her house, otherwise, they wouldn’t know what would have happened. Teddy heard about the reid in Flora’s house and decided to go there.

Homer questioned Bubbles on the whereabouts of the Vendetta since Diana knew but Bubbles claimed not to know. She said the Vendetta did not discuss their operations with her. With the Vendetta’s help, Oscar believed he would be able to regain his presidential seat.

Lucas arrived at the palace to reveal to his son and the Vice President that it was confirmed, Cardo and the Vendetta attacked the mines to save all the recruited workers. Lucas was upset that Cardo after k!lling his son had also collapsed his mining business. Hernandez wondered where Gustavo would be.

Looking at things, Brandon believed Gustavo also lost his life when Vendetta attacked the site in an attempt to rescue members who Homer abducted. Alyana bid an emotional farewell to Ana and Aye. The kids pleaded with her to send them to Manila and Alyana said it was risky but they would feel much at ease when they knew they were in a safe hands with Domeng’s family.

Renato warned Diana not to betray his trust or else he would do something worse against her. Diana began to talk, revealing Bulacan as where Vendetta was planning to take refuge in order to be closer to Manila. Renato asked why the group wanted to be closer to Manila. He assumed that the group was plotting something and wanted Diana to spill it out.

“Diana you’re aware of what else will happen to you.”

Lucas was upset that all the millions of money they were expecting from the mining site had all gone down to drain. Brandon asked if Hipolito knew about what had happened so Lucas called Hipolito to inform him about the Vendetta attack on the mining site. Hipolito now strangled Diana and told her that her game was over because Vendetta was not in Bulacan.

Ghana bid farewell to Domeng’s family and thanked them for housing his group. When the Santo Niño people he saved learnt about their journey, they rushed to thank God for his help and also told him that his group could rely on them should they need their help. Reuben arrived to inform Cardo that Mr Tamnio was waiting at the foot of the mountain since he was also leaving for Manila.

After showing Bubbles the diamond he stole from the mining site and promising her a good life once everything settled, Homer was told by Hipolito that Diana was taking them for a ride. Homer suggested that they get rid of her. Gapuz and Pantig woke up to realise that they were confined in a particular warehouse.

Pantig was upset that he did not finish off the De Leons and blamed Gapuz for it. He had a second thought that since they were working under the orders of Brandon, he would save them. Gapuz was sure that Brandon would even get rid of them and doubted the Cabreras would do anything for them.

Unknown to them, Teddy and his allies had planted a CCTV camera in the warehouse to watch and record all their conversation. The people of Santo Niño promised to help Domeng’s family to take care of Ana and Aye. Oscar also vowed to do everything to instill peace in the country.

Renato called Lilly to order her to make all their illegal business partners pay double after which she should send the money to the palace. As the De Leons were wondering what Billy and his colleagues would do to the two rotten cops, Billy and his two colleagues tied Pantig and Gapuz and sent them to see Teddy.

Teddy told them that MN Margie was not the only person they crossed, his family as well. Pantig said he should be grateful that they did not k!ll his family because if he get out from their hands, he threatened to cut the throat of his wife and son. Teddy hit him but Billy stopped him. They then sent the two rotten cops to the police. Virgie gave JP the go ahead to help his father share his articles.

Hipolito finally arrived at the palace and they held meeting which Lucas said some people witnessed the explosion of a chopper and mortal remains were found in. However, they were yet to find out if Gustavo was deàd. As far as the mining site was concerned, it has collapsed. Hipolito suggested they take over the mining site to dig for the treasure.

Lucas vented his anger on him for making Homer leave the place. He said now it has come to the public that there was illegal mining operation in that place. Damien stepped to show him the viral video of Pantig and Gapuz confessing. Bubbles went to see General Olegario. Diana told her that she heard that their comrades were alive and has attacked a certain place in Santo Niño to save people.

She was optimistic that the Vendetta would save them soon. Flora and her family went to the precinct and when they saw Pantig, Charlene accused them of k!lling Margie. In the palace, Lucas had met with his trusted allies to watch Pantig and Gapuz’s confession and got upset.

However, he planned an ace to divert the public’s attention. Flora met with Attorney De la Paz to show him the viral video but the attorney said it was not enough evidence to put Brandon behind bars. Brandon also had a meeting with his lawyer who said he might be charged of kidnapping based on Gapuz and Pantig’s words.

Damien tried convincing Hernandez to talk to Lucas not to include Brandon in his activities, Brandon overheard and reminded him of his job to clean their mess and not to gossip about him. Brandon slapped Damien and a fight ensued.

Finally, Cardo and his comrades arrived in Manila. Mr Tamnio, the driver who brought them wished the Vendetta well in their fight to save their two comrades and their fight to help the ordinary people. The group alighted at the market and pretended that they went to buy food stuffs. They carried their bags with vegetables and walked through the principal streets.


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