Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 441

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 441 Cardo and the Vendetta take refuge in Lando’s house, Gapuz and Pantig saved by Brandon, Lilly arrives in the palace to meet

The Vendetta walked to a place in Manila holding their bags containing the leaves. He asked a certain woman about Rolando Reyes, they used to be colleagues in the force and the woman said Lando was her son.

She ushered them to the room of Lando and told Cardo to have a talk with his friend because he has been acting lazy and failed to work.

Damien had a swollen face and he spoke to Lucas. Lucas begged him for what Brandon did and justified his act. However, Damien said they were sitting on a time bomb which could explode at anytime. He did not find the act of Brandon as pleasant, besides all the troubles the country was facing was connected to him.

Which he believed the enemies of the administration could use it to their advantage. Lucas promised to take care of Brandon. Flora was interviewed by the media on the attack on her life. She said two officers Gapuz and Pantig sneaked into her house late the previous night and was lucky that there were some good officers who showed up to her defense.

However, she said they had no sufficient evidence to claim Brandon was behind the act. Counselor Gina and her lapdogs while watching looked so happy that Gapuz and Pantig were arrested. Gido was glad that they would now gain the money due them. Gina said they would look for a new protector.

When asked about the recent news about Cardo massacring the people in Sto Niño, Flora seemed  lost.  Attorney De la Paz stepped in to stop the media. Yolly got frightened but Flora was sure that Cardo and Borja was fine. Cardo met Lando and his former colleague was able to identify Oscar and Delfin.

The Arevalos watched the trending news about the massacre in Sto Niño which 85 deàd bodies were retrieved. Teddy believed Lucas was using that as an excuse to ruin the reputation of the Vendetta. Virgie, on the other hand was scared for her daughter. Lando after learning about the story of Cardo, Vendetta and Oscar decided to take the risk to help the group.

Gapuz and Pantig were sure the Cabreras would not help them. Gapuz said they would find a way to escape. The news of Santo Niño kept tending and the public opinion was divided as some believed in the Vendetta while other did not. Homer seemed so happy and the De Leon kids began to face challenges in school due to the massacre news.

Brandon apologised to Damien for his act. Later, Lucas was so happy that he has diverted the attention of the public. Bubbles came to inform Diana that the public was blaming the Vendetta for the recent massacre and Diana began to irritate Homer. Alyana wondered how Flora and her family were doing. Though, Cardo missed them but he was scared that they would risk the lives of their families.

The kids were worried about Cardo and they said they were praying for Cardo and Delfin. The kids hoped Cardo and Delfin were there to protect them especially after what the two rotten cops did. Lando served Cardo and told him that he did not know he was married. He said Cardo has gotten powerful enemies and asked if he would make it.

He then told him about the ills of the Cabreras administration and even said Brandon was believed to be the k!ller of Mayor Adonis and his father has been terrorising people. Rigor told Jerome that he knew Reyes, he was a bit arrogant but was trust worthy. He then recalled how Lando fought along with them when Cardo saved people at the bank.

Elsewhere, when the police were transferring Gapuz and Pantig, the police convoy was intercepted, Gapuz and Pantig were taken away by those goons. Jerome saw Cardo as something else and resect his skills as a police officers. Rigor admitted and even said Jerome at a point was jealous of Cardo due to Glen.

While standing alone, Alyana started to think about her family and Flora. She hoped she and Cardo would find a way to get to them to see how they were doing without risking their lives. Guzman received a call from the police officer that Pantig and Gapuz had gotten away after the convoy was ambushed.

The inspector said they were now doing their investigation to get to the bottom of the issue. Chikoy told Guzman that the Cabreras were surely behind the act since they were leaving no stone unturned to tighten all the loose ends. Guzman then called Teddy to inform him. Teddy also was positive that the act was perpetrated by the Cabreras.

The goons ushered the two rotten cops to a certain place and warned them not to think of fleeing. Pantig asked who made them do that to them. Brandon appeared and said it was him. The two cops apologised and asked Brandon to spare their lives. Brandon accepted and gave them second chance for them to prove themselves to him and his father.

Lando found Alyana and she asked him where Cardo was and he said he was up on the building, surveying the whole place. Looking at his living conditions, Alyana asked him why he ended up in that place. Lando told her how he used to be a womaniser and squandered all his money which made his wife to abandon him and he ended up there.

He told Alyana how he used not to get along with Cardo, thinking he was arrogant but he now understood why Cardo became tougher when he was an officer.

Finally Lilly, the woman Renato has called to take double amount from their illegal businesses the government was protecting as a backup plan to make the president gain the money they lost through the Santo Niño mining massacre arrived at the palace to have meeting with Cabrera.

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