Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 442

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 442 Cardo and Alyana visit Ricky boy’s grave, Lucas orders for Lily to be k!lled

While with Hipolito at the palace, Lily poured out a liquor and objected the idea of Renato charging their illegal business partners double the amount just for protection. She said their partners would not pay. Lucas overheard and told her that it was the reason she was there to convince them to do that.

Since the De Leons have not heard about Gapuz and Pantig, they were worried and Flora advised her family to act carefully and always ensure that the children were well protected.

Guzman and his colleagues were guarding the De Leons’ house and he informed Teddy that Flora and the family were okay. Chikoy was sure that Brandon would get rid of all those who would get in his way including the two corrupt cops just to cover his tracks.

Elsewhere, Cardo asked another favour from Lando to get him a car to search for his comrade Olegario and friend Bubbles. Lando suggested they monitor Hipolito from the palace so that he could lead them to those they have abducted. Ramil found the group as lucky for Lando to host them even knowing their presence would put his life in danger.

Counselor Gina was putting up a show with her lapdogs again. Wally thought the Cabreras have gotten rid of  Gapuz and Pantig. After reporting to the president those who have paid their money to her, Lily said Mr Lee has not paid yet. However, Brandon has called the man in question and Mr Lee has told him that he has already paid the money.

Lucas doubted that Mr Lee told them lies and believed Lily was the one betraying them. After leaving the office of the president, Hipolito questioned Lily for disgracing him. Lily said she was a person who did not mince words. Hipolito warned him to think twice before saying something that she would regret. Lily regarded that as a threat.

Yolly suggested they pack out from the place to settle at where the Cabreras would not find them for the meantime but Flora objected since that would give the Cabreras more room to think that they were afraid. On one hand, she said they have Guzman and his colleagues to protect them.

Virgie told Teddy to convince Flora to hide in the safe house with them but Teddy said Flora would not accept since that meant that they were going to hide. To him, Flora would rather prefer to face them head on. Flora thought it wise to convince Denise and Charlene to go back to the province to get them safe.

Lando arrived with Intoy, he introduced Intoy to the Vendetta as the friend owning a jeepney. Jerome recalled Intoy as a criminal working for a serial k!ller and has kidnapped Alyana before. Intoy explained that he was just working for the man but once he got to know his shoddy dealings, he decided to quit and now he was a jeepney driver, delivering flowers.

Alyana advised Cardo to put everything behind them to accept his help. Lucas told Damien to investigate Lily Ann Cortez to know if she was still with them or she has her own agenda. Damien, later, came with evidence to show to Lucas that his hunch was right. Lily was liquidating all her asserts and withdrawing all her money from the bank. Lucas told Hernandez that he would no longer need her anymore.

Damien saw that Lily has lost confidence in Lucas’ administration and was escaping. Lucas said if she wanted to go, he would allow her to go under his terms. While in the car going, Lily called Lucas in order to convince him to trust her blindly. Least did she know that the Cabreras have sent their goons after her. Lucas called Renato to inform him that he no longer trust Lily so he should not talk to her on their business.

Renato accepted and assured to find a way for them to get double of their money from their partners. After a long talk to convince Charlene to leave to the province with Denise in order for Margie’s deàth not to be in vain, Charlene accepted. She admitted that Denise was the family she was left with and it would be better to get her safe from all that it was happening.

Gapuz said they should not do any mistake with the mission otherwise the Cabreras would punish them. Pantig said they would not screw up. He did not even understand why they were given a backup since it was a small job. In the palace, Hernandez wondered who they could trust to replace Lily since they never thought the woman’s greed would get the better of her.

Lucas was sure Lily was thinking that the ship was sinking and did not want to sink with them.

“That was her biggest mistake and she will regret it .”

Renato went to see Diana holding his gün, spewing that Diana has left him with no choice since she had failed to cooperate with the many chances he has given her. Diana urged him on to finish her off because his aim was just to use her to get to the Vendetta. Renato told her that she had many skills he could tap into and wanted her to side with the administration.

Diana advised him to testify against the Cabreras and Hipolito found it amusing, warning her not to think that the Vendetta would come to her rescue. He told her that she was wasting all the chances he has given her. Lily made her driver send her to a church.

Alyana told Cardo that they should visit Flora and the Arevalos but Cardo said they would rather risk their lives. Alyana then requested they go to the cemetery to visit the grave of Ricky boy and Cardo accepted. Lily after the church also told her driver to send her to the cemetery.

Bubbles overheard Homer telling Renato to k!ll Olegario since she was too feisty. He claimed that he could easily tame Bubbles unlike Olegario. Bubbles rushed to the General’s door but Homer’s ally has locked up Diana and did not allow her to go in. Bubbles wrestled with him in order to get in, she screamed for Diana to hear that her life was in danger.

In the midst of the commotion, Homer and Hipolito arrived at the scene and Homer took Bubbles to his bedroom to whip her with his belt. Diana also thought of means to save herself and Bubbles before Renato and his goons silence her forever. Makmak came to Charlene’s room to find her packing. He asked her why she was packing and she said she was leaving to her family who resided in the province.

Makmak felt so sad since Charlene and Denise became like senior sisters to them. Charlene said it broke her heart to leave but it was rather good to be safe. The Vendetta escorted Cardo and his wife to the cemetery. Lily, on the other hand visited her parents, Juanito Ken Liang and Remedios Cortez at the cemetery and recalled the promise she made to them to take dangerous risks to run their businesses.

She said she has become extremely brave while running the business and prayed for them to protect her to keep her safe all the time. Alyana also apologised to Ricky boy for her inability to visit with Cardo. She explained that his k!llers have done everything they could to come in between the justice she was seeking with her husband for him. She asked him to watch over her and his father.

Cardo equally asked for forgiveness for thinking he has already eliminated Ricky boy’s k!llers but assured his son that he would gain the justice which he truly deserved. As Lily left the cemetery, Cardo and his wife together with his comrades were also walking their way to join their jeepney. Gapuz and Pantig were also watching Lily as she was walking her way into her car.


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