Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 443

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 443 Cardo k!lls Gapuz and Pantig, Lily reveals the hideout of Vendetta to Renato after the group saves her life

Lily walked from the cemetery to her car. Gapuz had a call with a person from the backup team to tail Lily. Brandon also received a call from his father and told him that there was nothing to worry about, his men were on the mission.

In their jeepney, Alyana told Cardo not to blame himself for Ricky boy’s deàth. Brandon got to the palace and told his father that everything was moving on smoothly. Lucas then apologised for not trusting him and Brandon said he was responsible for that.

He admitted to have screwed up before which made his father doubt him. He promised not to repeat the act again. While driving, Lily’s driver noticed that they were being followed so Lily instructed him to drive faster. However, they got ambushed. Gapuz and Pantig shõt and k!lled the driver and dragged her out from the car.

Lily knelt to beg for her life and promised to serve Lucas better. She admitted that she betrayed the president and needed second chance to make things right but the rotten cops said she did not have a second chance. Unfortunately for the two corrupt cops, the Vendetta appeared in the scene and Cardo asked them to stop but Gapuz and Pantig said it was none of their business.

They began firing do the group retaliated. Cardo k!lled both cops to save Lily. Rigor searched them to know their identity. They were shocked to know that both the goons were cops. Alyana took a cursory look at them and was shocked to notice that they were same people who attempted to eliminate her sometimes ago.

The Vendetta made Lily join them in their jeepney and Intoy drove them away. Brandon was devastated that his goons were not picking up his calls. Hernandez got there to ask him what went wrong this time around. Brandon brushed him off, saying he was sure his men had finished Lily off.

To his dismay, Damien arrived in the scene to break the bad news that his men were all over the news. After beating up Bubbles, Homer sent food to her in order to make up with her. Bubbles cried out asking him not to hurt the General. Homer did not understand his dear girlfriend anymore, since she had always cared about money and the gifts he gave her.

He warned her to think about herself not Olegario. He forced her to eat and he spoonfed her but Bubbles went to vomit. Homer followed her to the washroom to ask her why she was throwing up since the food was well cooked. He asked her if she was pregnant.

Lucas was surprised to discover from the news that SPO4 Juanito Gapuz and SPO3 Dometrio Pantig bodies were recovered with gün shõts. The cops recently faced charges for abducting Margarita Corona and also breaking into Flora De Leon’s house. It was said that he was about to be transferred when he was arrested but the convoy was intercepted.

Charlene asked Flora who would they blame now that Pantig and Gapuz were deàd. Flora was devastated as she was also wondering what would happen to Margie’s case. Coun Gee knew the Cabreras exterminated her protectors for going against them. Gido found it hard to believe since the two cops were the Cabreras allies.

Lucas vented his anger on Brandon and gave him a blow for saying he would fix what has happened. Yolly Came  to the kids room to find Makmak still awoke. The boy was worried about Flora and feared that she might end up like Margie and  Adonis.

In the palace, Lucas and his allies joined the pieces together to conclude that she was assisted otherwise she would be able to break loose from Gapuz’s men. They planned to find her before she rat them out. The Vendetta settled in their hideout with the woman they saved. She introduced herself as Lily. Lily told them that she did not know the reason the goons wanted to k!ll her.

Oscar took off his hat and she recognised the president and the group. She was told by Delfin to go and rest. Hipolito told Lucas that Olegario was heavily guarded and he was waiting for his word to know what to do to her The Venom served Diana with food and she protested against their act.

She urged them to k!ll her and Homer said those who were about to be killed were served with their last meal. Bubbles prayed to God not to make her get pregnant as she could not stand it should be pregnant for a criminal like Homer.

Elsewhere, Virgie cried over what the Cabreras did against the two officers. She decided not to lose hope, stressing that she was motivated by the courageous act of Margie and Flora so she would wrestle against the Cabreras just like how Alyana was fighting side by side with her husband. Lily woke up to think of her next movement, knowing the Cabreras would do everything to see her deàd.

She said knowing the location of Oscar Hidalgo and the Vendetta, she would use that as an advantage to get her old life back. Charlene and Denise bid farewell to the De Leons. Wally and Elmo saw her off to the bus terminal. Homer brought a test kit to Bubbles to check her pregnancy status.

Arriving at the safe house, Renato tried talking calmly to Diana to lure her to help Lucas, the president. Diana said Lucas was not the president. Renato admitted that he knew Oscar Hidalgo was still alive but with the help of Diana he would soon be seeping under with his wife and children.

Bubbles after the test realised she was pregnant. Homer demanded to know the father of the child she was carrying and she sadly said Homer was the father even if it was hard for her to admit it. As the Vendetta were talking about Lily, thinking she might equally be a culprit, Lily overheard their conversation and availed her face to clear the air.

She claimed she did nothing to the two cops. She was just a business woman who was trying to have a decent earning but the cops drew closer to her to convince her to protect her but she refused. When she did that they tried to steal from her. She then talked to Hidalgo while they were eating, Lily queried Hidalgo why he was hiding with the Vendetta, especially knowing the group was an enemy to the state.

Hidalgo admitted that Vendetta was declared as the enemy of the state. However, just like Lily, the group also saved him. Lily now understood why he was with the group but wondered if Lucas was unaware that he was still alive. Cardo said Lucas knew and was doing everything to finish off the president.

Oscar then said he was now doing everything he could to overthrow the current administration. Lily who was pretending said he was right because ever since Lucas became the president there were lots of corrupt acts and illegal businesses thriving all over the country. That’s why, Cardo said the group would not stop till they overthrow Lucas.

Renato told Homer that he was waiting for the order from the palace. He deemed it as wise to let the public know that two members of the Vendetta were in their custody. Homer did not like the idea of them including Bubbles and said he would take care of Bubbles. Homer humbly said Bubbles was important to him so Renato asked whether he would risk their entire mission for the  pesky woman.

He said she would probably cause their downfall. Hipolito said Diana was equally important to him but she was not useful to them. George did not understand why cops who were to uphold the laws were rather the ones who were breaking it. Ramil asked Jerome if he believed Lily was right with her claim. Jerome believed she was earning a decent living and the cops were the ones at fault.

Ramil then was glad that they rescued her. He added that they needed to protect her. Lily told the group that she was going to take fresh air from outside. Alyana asked Cardo if he was able to  talk to her to know the reason the cops wanted to k!ll her. Delfin said she said she did nothing to them so Cardo said they needed to protect her at all cost.

Ramil arrived to tell Cardo that Lily descended downstairs so Cardo went after her since it was risky. Unbeknownst to the group, Lily called Renato to inform him that she has an important message for the president so he should let her off the hook and should not pursue to k!ll her.

Renato asked of the information and she said she was fully aware that Oscar Hidalgo was alive and she knew where he was currently hiding with the Vendetta.


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