Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 444

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 444 Cardo and the Vendetta escape the police, Lily hosts the Vendetta in her lavish apartment

Renato asked Lily where the Vendetta are hiding and Lily said before she does that Renato should assure her that he would keep her off the hook. When Renato gave her his word, she then revealed that the Vendetta were in Emelia Building.

Cardo saw Lily and reminded her that her life was in danger but she was in a hurry to change and leave the place. Wally spoke to Charlene while he was in a mall with Elmo. He told Elmo that Charlene’s car had and believed she was not followed.

Ms Mona, the sales lady at the mall assured them that they have her full support and even asked how Flora was doing. Her support meant a lot to Wally and Elmo since that meant that the tactics of Lucas was not working. Elmo even believed the Vendetta rather saved the people of Santo Niño.

Hipolito called Lucas to inform him that he has gotten a lead from the allies in the police force and told him about the hideout of the Vendetta. Lily thanked the Vendetta of their help and made them aware that her life was at risk while living with them so she was leaving. Cardo insisted on the group escorting her to her family but she vehemently refused.

Spider asked Homer if he was sure he was responsible for Bubbles pregnancy and he acknowledged himself to be a potential father of the child. Hernandez said there would be trouble should the police discover that Oscar was still alive. Lucas said due to that, they only sent their allies.

Brandon offered to go with the police to finish off Cardo once and for all in order to make it up to his father. Lily changed herself quickly and was planning to leave early before.

“Thank you Vendetta you’re the ones who really saved my life,” Lily thought.

The Vendetta decided to follow Lily irrespective of what she said. They really could not blame her for acting ungratefully. Bubbles told Diana that she was pregnant and it was for Homer. She could not accept the fact that a criminal was the father of her child. Diana told her about the joy of being a mother. She said all that mattered was she was the mother of the child.

The police cars pulled over and the sirens was good enough to prompt George to watch what was going on. Already, the group had made their weapons ready since they had prepared to escort Lily. Reyes showed them another exit point and ran their way up to use the stairs from the roof exit. They then jumped into a truck which Lily was part and the truck sped off.

Brandon became upset that they met the absence of Cardo and his men. Lucas heard the bad news from Hipolito but Renato said there was no room to shiver because the group was now in their tertiary.

“You will no longer escape from me Cardo!

“The Vendetta will already run out of place to hide.”

“Moreso now that you’re in the company of someone who will be my eyes and ears of all the plans that you will be making.”

“Your luck has already run out Cardo Dalisay.”

After the truck pulled over Cardo and his comrades jumped down and Lily offered to send them to her house to keep them safe. Hipolito arrived to tell the president that he would get rid of the Vendetta but Lucas did not need his promises. He want an act and told him to do it.

“Yes you will get what you wish Lucas,” Hipolito hissed while he was thinking.

“I am going to bring down Dalisay was Vendetta.”

“And I am going to see to it that you’re going to go down with them.”

Lily sent the Vendetta to her lavish house and served them. She promised to buy them clothes to wear. Alyana saw that as more than a favour and said there was no need for that. Lily said it was not a favour because they helped her and she owed her life to them.

Homer came to serve Bubbles. He did not want to make Bubbles go hungry due to their child. Bubbles asked him if he now believed the child is his. Homer had no option than to accept. He revealed intentions of carrying out a DNA test once the baby was born. Bubbles apologised to him for hating their baby since he was the father.

For the sake of the child, she promised to learn to lōve him. Hipolito came and Spider came to call Homer. Bubbles overheard Homer and Hipolito’s conversation and went to inform Diana that she heard Hipolito telling Homer that the Vendetta escaped from the police and were in Manila. The two women were happy that the Vendetta were out to rescue them.

They hugged and Diana asked Bubbles what she made of what she told her about her baby. Bubbles said she gave it a thought and has accepted her child. Brandon made his own decision to be the one to k!ll Cardo so he planned to do so by using the De Leons as bait.

Lily showed them one of her rooms and told the group to choose the room they wanted and told them not to hesitate to tell her if the group needed something.

Once they were alone, Delfin showed Cardo and Alyana where they would sleep. Patrick offered to stay awake with George so that the rest could sleep. They decided to embark their rescue mission the next day. Since Intoy and Lando were caught in between, Oscar promised to get them their normal lives back once the mission was over.

Cardo also apologised to them for making them lose their freedom. However, Lando said he was good that way. Lily called Hipolito once she was in her bedroom and queried Hipolito whether he also planned to make the police k!ll her too.

Hipolito denied that and told her that their deal was on and asked of Vendetta’s current hideout but Lily failed to tell him. She said she was scared that Hipolito would risk her life as well and urged him to take a hike. Hipolito told her to help him for him to fulfill all that he promised her.

Lily said Vendetta would be her bait to get back to Lucas. Hipolito told her to keep an eye on the group and inform him about their every movement.


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