Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 445

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 445 Brandon kidnaps Makmak and the De Leon kids, Lily resources the Vendetta to take Brandon and the Cabreras on

In the Palace, Damien and Hernandez went to Lucas to inform him about the court decision to appoint a judge for Brandon’s case. Hernandez also drew the president’s attention on Lily Ann Cortez. He said they would have to find her.

Lily asked the Vendetta how their night went and offered to help the group with cars and weapons to battle out with the Cabreras and Hipolito to rescue their two comrades who were abducted.

The De Leon Kids felt sad that Charlene and Denise were no longer with them just like Alyana and Cardo.

Flora said the Coronas might not be with them but they would always be part of their family  Wally said they could video chat them as well. Paquito refused to go to school so that he could watch over Flora. He was told that exams was around the corner.

Brandon called his goon to inform him about a shoddy job and warned the goon not to mess it up. Guzman had a tip off that Vendetta was in Manila and they even escaped the authorities. Mark found it amusing that there was a media blackout since the administration failed to capture Cardo and his group members.

Chikoy believed the De Leons were not safe since Cardo has returned. Rigor was amazed by the treatment they were receiving from Lily after many months of hardships. Cardo said they have to be grateful to Lily and they did not have to waste the help he was giving to them. Lily arrived with clothes for them and Oscar kept giving her a look.

The Vendetta made a choice. Elsewhere, Wally and Elmo sent the kids to school and Wally hugged Makmak and told him that he was so proud of him for studying so hard and believed he would make it to the Senior High as he did not get the chance to be in senior high. Makmak thanked him for treating him like his son.

As they were talking, some group of armed men arrived and attacked Wally and Elmo to abduct the De Leons kids and fled with them in a bus. Lucas called Brandon and his son said he would make it up to him and assured that he would be the one to bring to them the Vendetta. Lucas warned him to stop whatever plans he had but Brandon said he would not get home till he accomplish his mission.

Elmo and Wally told the police about the mass kidnapping. The officer told Elmo to wait for the call as the kidnappers would ask for ransom. Wally and Elmo doubted it was a kidnap for ransom. They believed the Cabreras were behind it. Lily sent the Vendetta to where she sells her luxury cars and made them choose.

Cardo knew the cars would cost a fortune and chose a van instead so that the group could fit in. Guzman received a call from the police about the abduction of the De Leons kids. He was told that the vehicle the kidnappers used had no number plate.

Fortunately, as Billy and his colleagues were traveling on the same route the kidnappers used, they came across the van and suspected it was the van the kidnappers used.

They followed to discover where the kidnappers were sending the kids. Wally and Elmo arrived home to explain the incident better after he earlier called Yolly to gist her. Elmo told Flora that he and Wally did their best to rescue the kids but they could not. As they brought the kids to a room, Paquito still acted tough.

Brandon appeared there and Makmak could recall his face as the famous son of the president, Brandon Cabrera. The kids asked him what he wanted from them and he said the adults failed to answer his questions so they would. He asked the kids where Cardo was and they said they did not know. He terrorised them and was hurting Ligaya, Paquito bit him to defend Ligaya

Makmak said they were not told since Flora did not want to get them involved. Brandon said they were now involved so that would teach Flora a lesson. Damien informed the president about the abduction of the De Leon kids. Elsewhere, Lily led the Vendetta to Mr Van for weapons.

After learning the abduction, the Arevalos felt so sad for the kids and Flora. Brandon called Flora to make her know the kids were with him and he would only release them under a condition that she would inform him about the whereabouts of her grandson but Flora said she did not know and even if she knew, nothing would make her talk.

As Cardo and his group got high quality firearms and were testing, Guzman and his colleagues infiltrated the camp of Brandon to save the kids. After the crossfire which wiped out the goons of Brandon, Sir Billy secured the De Leons kids. The police backup arrived and Brandon, realising he was on his own fled but Chikoy and Mark tailed him in order to gün him down.

Brandon managed to escape. He arrived home and he came to inform his father that his mission was going on successfully till the police men under Borja arrived to rescue the kids. Hernandez said it meant that they did not have complete control over the police force.

Lucas said that was not the issue. He was upset with Brandon for doing things in his own way and when it backfires he quickly turns home, hoping that he would clean up his mess.

Brandon told his father that if that was the case, he should see him rot in jail. Lucas did not understand why Brandon was not using his head because if his son goes down he would as well go down. He told Brandon not to worry because Damien would ensure the media would not capture the abduction story.

Flora decided to inform the police that Brandon was behind the kidnapping of her foster children. As she was leaving to the precinct with her family, they stumbled on Billy and the kids. The kids ran to her and she thanked Billy for saving the children.

Brandon questioned his father for disgracing him in front of his workers. Lucas was still upset with him for trying to get Cardo’s attention. He was scared that his act would make Cardo go against him. Even if he wanted to smoke out Cardo and the Vendetta from their hideouts, he did not want to do it at the expense of Brandon’s life.

Later, Brandon arrived at his usual bar. Unbeknownst, Lily had told the Vendetta about Brandon’s favourite joint which he goes almost every night to brag so the Vendetta members were already seated at the place. Cardo told his group that they would not keep him but would use him to find Bubbles and Diana.

Seeing the arrival of Sir Brandon, Alyana alerted her husband.


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