Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 446

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 446 Cardo and the Vendetta shoot Brandon to deàth, Makmak d!es while securing Flora from Lucas’ goons

Flora thanked Billy and his team for saving the kids. However, Billy said he was unable to catch Brandon. Flora knew irrespective of what Brandon has done to the innocent kids, his father would still protect him.

Sitting in her car, Lily made known her intentions:

“Go ahead Cardo, I will let you and Cabrera k!ll each other.”

“I really don’t care who wins this stüp!d war of yours!”

“As long as in the very end I will emerge victorious.”

While in the club the Vendetta set the dice rolling to beat the guards to get to Brandon. Virgie wondered if Cardo was aware of the kidnapping of the kids. JP doubted since it was not reported so Teddy made it a point to get it published once Flora gave him the go ahead.

Homer wanted to be the one appointed to bring down the De Leons but Hipolito was happy that Brandon was doing it so that when he fails, his father would be disappointed in him.

Homer wanted to exempt Bubbles from the bait plan but Renato made it clear that his girlfriend was involved. As Brandon was in between more than three women and was being caressed, Cardo took the opportunity to deliver his drinks which Brandon ordered the waiter to bring.

He took him by surprise and threw the drink on him. He brandished his gün and the women fled. The Vendetta also secured the place to corner Brandon’s security. Brandon begged for his life and Cardo made it clear that he was not there to k!ll him, he actually needed him to find Bubbles and Diana.

Brandon was not willing to talk so Cardo threatened to k!ll him. He then said the two women were in Hipolito’s hideout. Cardo led him out into his car but Brandon set his eyes on Lily and fled. Cardo shõt him on his shoulder for him to fall, he then begged Cardo desperately, to spare his life.

Cardo said upon all the people he k!lled, he queried Brandon whether he showed them mercy. The guards of Brandon showed up to rescue Brandon. They shōt at the Vendetta, so Brandon took advantage of the distraction to flee. Cardo and his comrades exchanged fire with the all the securities.

After güning them down, Cardo and his comrades ran after Brandon. He couldn’t go far so the Vendetta once again cornered him. Cardo politely asked him to surrender since he was on his own now. Brandon tried to outsmart Cardo to quickly take the weapon of one of his securities who was gün down to shōõt Dalisay, immediately he turned, Cardo was fast to shōõt him along with his comrades. Brandon sadly fell, while Cardo drew closer to him.

“Now you finally paid for all your crimes you bastãrd!”

He then gave two shõts to end it for him. Guzman received a call on Brandon’s situation and he informed his comrades that Brandon was deàd. In the palace, Lucas asked Damien about his son and his secretary voiced out the sad news that his son’s remains was at PNP crime lab at the moment. Lucas cried and fell on his knees.

The news about Brandon’s deàth went viral and it was said he had an encounter with the group, Vendetta.

“At long last the wait is now over!’

“You mean Brandon is deàd?” Homer quizzed.

“The war now begins.”

“Is Lucas Cabrera against Dalisay and the Vendetta, a fight to the deàth.”

Watching the news, Yolly asked Flora if Cardo was aware that Brandon kidnapped the kids. While driving, Lily asked Cardo why he took Brandon’s life while he has said he would keep the president’s son alive. Cardo said Brandon left them with no choice as he was about to k!ll them.

Delfin said it was about time to end the brutalities of the Cabreras. Hidalgo added that the Cabreras haven’t seen anything yet, they would take them one by one till they take the power from their control.

“I am doing the right thing,” Lily made plans.

“If they manage to k!ll Lucas, I will be an ally to Oscar Hidalgo!”

Meanwhile, Lucas Cabrera went to the morgue and paid less attention to the reporters asking him questions about his son. Damien led him to where Brandon’s cops was and he requested for private time with his son.

“I will make you pay for this Dalisay!”

“You and Vendetta!”

“First it was Marco and now Brandon.”

“You destroyed my family so now I will make sure to get rid of yours.”

Virgie was positive that Lucas would revenge after losing two sons to Vendetta. Renato got to the palace to offer his condolences. Lucas said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, he wanted to see all the family members of Dalisay deàd. His followers asked him if he was sure of his decision and he answered yes.

Flora made bitter decision to bring the children to safety. Before they could go, Lucas’ goons arrived, fortunately, Billy and his comrades were there to bring the family to safety. However, Makmak saw that one of the goons wanted to k!ll Flora so he covered her to take the bullets, leading to his deàth.

Elmo and Yolly tried to hold him but Elmo was shõt aside Wally who also received a graced on his hand. Chikoy forced Yolly to get into the van and they escaped. Flora called Teddy to inform him about the group of armed men who attacked them leading Makmak to his deàth.

Journalists reported from Yapo Manila from Flora’s house, where the family was attacked and a year boy Makmak was k!lled. Gina felt sorry Flora and believed Flora did not deserve what happened to her, though she quarreled with her. Nick said the family was cool and Makmak was a good kid who the smaller ones looked up to him.

Lucas was informed about the failed mission, however, he took consolation in the fact that one kid was down. He swore to ensure all the family members of Cardo get perished for k!lling his two sons. Lily sent the Vendetta to her restaurant. Delfin found it amusing that she claimed she was a simple business woman, yet she owned lots of businesses.

She explained that so far as she could make decent money, she was okay. She then asked of Vendetta’s next move and Cardo said their focus was now on Hipolito since the group had to find means to rescue their two abducted comrades before it was too late for them. Lily promised to get to her contacts to find the hideout of Hipolito to facilitate the path for their mission.

Watching the news, Cardo quickly called Flora and told her not to go to Teddy’s safe house. Lily told Cardo that she has a safehouse where she could keep them. It was her mother’s place which no one knew. He told Flora and told her to inform Teddy so that they could meet him at the place, otherwise Lucas would find them.

Lucas began to fish out information about Makmak to know who he really was to Cardo. Hipolito per what he found out when he was the Head of National Defense Agency (NDA), Makmak’s father was working for a syndicate, he got arrested and Cardo took pity on the boy to send him home since no one was there to cater for him.

While Cardo was imprisoned, he met the father of Makmak, they became friends and the man left his son in his care. Yolly and Elmo then adopted Makmak. Lucas then realised the boy was important to Cardo and was happy but his mission was to k!ll the entire family of Dalisay.

Cardo was sad that Makmak was deàd. Lily sent the Vendetta to the place and told Tonio, her gateman about the arrival of some people. A moment after, Guzman and his team brought the De Leons and the Arevalos there. Flora hugged Cardo while Alyana went to hug Virgie. She saw President Hidalgo alive and was stunned.

She went to hold him to check if her eyes were deceiving her. Billy, Mark and Chikoy salute him  The two families were ushered in and Flora told them how Makmak d!ed but since Cabrera’s goons were firing everywhere, they could not carry Makmak’s body along.

Damien told Lucas that the press was waiting for a release. Hernandez told him that it was time he talked about the issue because people were blaming him for Makmak’s deàth. Lucas told Damien to secure the cops of Makmak. Alyana believed the body of Makmak was at the morgue but Flora said it would be difficult.

Cardo promised to give Makmak a decent and a befitting burial. He made Team Guzman watched over the De Leons and the Arevalos. He called the Vendetta men to go with him but Alyana said she would join so Cardo told to join them. The group walked their way out into the vehicle for the rescue mission in order to retrieve Makmak’s cops.

It was the wake of Brandon and he was wheeled in. His father opened the casket to sadly watched his son.

“Brandon, I swear I will stop at nothing till I avenge your deàth and your brother’s in the hands of Dalisay and the Vendetta.”

“I am going to use all of my power and every move of my influence to destroy all of them.”

“And every person siding with them.”

“I won’t let any of them survive!”


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