Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 447

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 447 Vendetta retrieves Makmak’s remains, Cardo k!lls Homer when Vendetta saves Diana and Bubbles

Homer told Renato that he was ready to take the Vendetta on, all he needed was just a go signal for him to carry out the plan. Renato warned him to concentrate on their hostages and reminded him not to forget that Bubbles was part of the hostages, therefore he should not allow her to manipulate him.

Spider agreed with him since Bubbles was that kind of lady who could get pregnant for someone. Lucas ordered those securing the cops of Makmak to quietly follow Dalisay to his hideout if he showed up. Damien anxiously queried if he was not afraid that Cardo might retaliate after they k!lled one member of his family.

Lucas indicated that it was about time for him to face Dalisay. Diana urged Bubbles to keep doing what she has been doing to Homer. Hipolito saw the two women talking and questioned Bubbles the right she had to even roam freely in there. He was hurting Bubbles so Diana stepped in to ask the kind of evil being he was to hurt a pregnant woman.

Hipolito could care less since he would k!ll both anyways. He shoved her and Homer got there to defend Bubbles leading to an altercation between the two. Flora expressed her fears as Cardo went to cover the body of Makmak. Delfin told her to trust in Vendetta, they would get the job done.

Oscar agreed with Borja and said he owed his life to the Vendetta. Lily was listening to the conversation silently, she showed up to say she equally owed her life to the Vendetta that was her reason for helping the group. She told Flora that there were clothes in the other room so she could change.

Cardo and his comrades when they reached the morgue realised that Lucas in a carefully elaborated plan attacked the De Leons to smoke Cardo out. The place was secured so Cardo came up with a plan to distract the goons of Lucas for Alyana, Jerome and Rigor to search for Makmak’s body. They were almost caught but we’re smart to hide.

The goon searching for them had a call that Cardo had been spotted so they needed backup. He left the place, paving room for Rigor and Jerome to put Makmak’s body into an available white coffin. The firing began after Cardo lured all the goons to the columbarium. The rest of the Vendetta backed him up and they succeeded.

Alyana led Rigor and Jerome to wheel Makmak’s remains outside the morgue. Intoy helped them to tie it on the car. Cardo and the rest rushed out and quickly conveyed the body home. The family was happy that Makmak’s body was finally with them. Yolly lamented that she could not give Elmo a child and Makmak was their only hope.

Alyana wondered why the Cabreras would involve innocent kids. Cardo vowed to stop at nothing till he got the justice Makmak deserved. At the wake, Damien informed the President about the sad news and Lucas wondered how a small group like Vendetta could outsmart the battalions he set in charge at the morgue.

He was also told that none could follow the Vendetta and the group also made away with the remains of Makmak. Renato after hearing that called Lily to threaten her for funding the Vendetta but the woman denied. Hipolito knew she was cunning and was not swayed by her soft voice. He threatened to k!ll her, if she betrayed him. He told her to reveal where the Vendetta was hiding. Lily refused but she promised to lead the group to him by herself.

After the call, Lily vowed to take Hipolito down first before he could destroy her. She then told Cardo to concentrate their mission on Hipolito to break down all the allies of Lucas. Renato punched Homer for chickening out. Homer did not want to include Bubbles in the revenge plan due to her pregnancy. Hipolito threatened to k!ll him first before Olegario and the pesky woman he lõved.

Homer went to see Bubbles and she told him that she has realised he lõved her since he stood in for her. Homer promised to do everything to secure her and their child. Bubbles also implored him to spare the life of Olegario. Homer got upset and advised her to think about herself because for Diana she would not be spared. Bubbles began to call him names so Homer got physical, he beat her.

Diana, on the other hand, pleaded with Renato to have a heart to spare Bubbles for the sake of her child. Lily led the Vendetta to Hipolito’s hideout. Cardo decided to take Hipolito by surprise and told Lily to wait for them in the car. Delfin asked Flora for forgiveness since he and Cardo did not contact her. He explained that they did not want to risk her life. Flora said it was okay, however, her concern was on Lily.

She advised Delfin not to be complacent since they did not know Lily so well.  Delfin promised that they would not let their guards down and would not allow anyone to fōõl them.

“Did you really think you can get ahead of me Renato?” Lily hissed while alone in the car.

“You’re going down first!”

“If you’re not k!lled anyway, I will make sure you d!e before I do!”

Hipolito was equally plotting against Lily just like the cunning woman was also doing.

“Since I can’t put my trust in Lily anymore!”

“The only solution left is to use Diana and Bubbles to bring the Vendetta down.”

“But I still have to come up with a plan for Lucas to be caught at the middle of the fight.”

Homer wore his jacket and told Bubbles that all that he had would be for their child so she should take very good care of  her pregnancy. Suddenly, he heard sounds of gün outside and left quickly to check. Vendetta sneaked their way inside and eliminated all goons who got on their way. Rigor found Diana while Jerome also found Bubbles. Bubbles ran to embrace Sir Jerome.

Jerome and Rigor led the ladies out. Diana took a gün on the floor. On the last floor of the building, Cardo saw Homer. He wanted to shōõt him but the gün had run out of bullets so he jumped off the building to catch Homer. He gave him some few punches and Homer shoved him to reach out to his gün. Jerome and Bubbles came out and Homer said Bubbles was his and fired.

Bubbles realised he was shõōting Jerome so she covered Jerome to take the bullet. Cardo reached out for his small gün from his pocket and shot for the gün in Homer’s hand to fall off. Homer surrendered and Cardo shot his right leg for Homer to kneel.

“You monster, it’s time for you to pay for everything that you’ve done.”

“That’s for Olegario’s son.”

He shōt his left leg:

“That’s for the Commander!”

He drew closer to him:

“And this is for my son!”

Cardo then gave the k!ller shõt on Homer’s forehead and Homer bounced back and d!ed. Vendetta surrounded his cops.


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