Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 448

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 448 Cardo k!lls Lucas, Anton tragically d!es, Lily saves Hipolito

In the car while Cardo was driving, Jerome told Bubbles to hang in there. Diana told Cardo that she and Bubbles never lost hope that he would come and save them and she thanked him. Cardo said Lily deserved that praise since she led the group to Hipolito’s hideout.

Alyana thanked Lily for all the help she has given to the group. At Brandon’s funeral, Damien came to show Lucas videos of the numerous protests going on nationwide against him. He also said prayer vigil was also being held for Makmak. He added that everyone was siding with the Vendetta.

Elmo wanted to seek revenge, Flora told him to calm down as Cardo has already promised to obtain justice for Makmak. Albert told Lucas that the deàth of Brandon did not do them good because everyone was talking against the deceased and believed Brandon deserved his deàth.

Lucas got upset and dragged Albert to his son’s casket to lash out that his son did not deserve to d!e but Cardo and family deserved that. As he pushed away, Albert told Damien that Lucas was not thinking right and was on his way to destruction. Damien said he has noticed that’s why he was against Brandon’s actions.

“It won’t be long before he ends up like his son because of how he is acting at the moment,” Hernandez said.

“What can you do?” Damien rhetorically said.

“He has absolute power!”

“People are more bolder and louder now!” Hernandez said.

“The power we are talking about is slipping from his hands!”

“All of these, everything is a sinking ship now!”

Oscar told Borja that after everything was settled, he would  go for the cops of Aubrey. Bubble cried while she narrated the ordeal she passed through in the hands of Homer to Yolly. JP told his parents that he wanted to join the Vendetta in their mission as Alyana was now part. He wanted to learn how to use güns.

Virgie was against it and Teddy told him that they were all fighting different battles. On his part, he has been writing articles which were more than weapons and JP has been helping him so he ended the discussion with JP. After apologising to the president, Hernandez said it would be proper for Lucas to explain the incident of Brandon’s deàth to the media but he refused.

Hipolito called Lily to outcry that she deceived him and made Vendetta infiltrate his hideout to k!ll all his men. He told her she might be deceiving herself if she thought the Vendetta was on her side. Lily denied knowing anything about it. She reminded him that she would lead the Vendetta to him and asked him when Brandon would be buried.

Renato went to the palace to inform Lucas about the attack of Vendetta in his safehouse to save Bubbles and Diana with his right hand man, Homer dying in the process. He then said his informant said the group was planning to attack them during Brandon’s burial. The burial day was set and Hipolito gloated that it would mark the end for Ricardo Dalisay and the rest of the Vendetta.

At the cemetery, before burying his son, Lucas indicated that he first lost his junior son and now his senior son. He blamed their deàth to Ricardo Dalisay and swore to make him pay. He also promised all parents and families who lost a relative due to Vendetta justice. The media reported and the De Leons together with the Arevalos watched.

Hipolito came to inform Lucas that he has received a tip off that the Vendetta was approaching. Lucas told him to get their men ready. Vendetta pulled over at the cemetery while Lily in a different car monitored them.

“You’re brilliant Lily, you’re able to manipulate all of them!” Lily said.

Due to the Vendetta Lucas and his allies stayed at the cemetery till the night. Albert and Damien asked for their leave. Soon, Hipolito received a call from Lily that the Vendetta was already there. Hipolito told Lucas and they left the cemetery. Cardo told his group that they would follow Lucas’ convoy. They intercepted and the shõotout began.

“Cabrera your time is already up!” Cardo screamed.

“That’s where you’re wrong Cardo, it’s your time which is up!”

The goons of Lucas who had secured the place surprised the Vendetta. Ramil realised they were set up all along. The group began to pull back but to Cardo it was do or d!e affair so he engaged them. His group also did not retreat but some members were fatally shõt.

Diana realised that she had run out of bullets and was setting her gün when Hipolito was aiming her, Anton spotted it and dragged Diana from there to stand in to shōõt but Hipolito had already pulled the trigger and landed through his chest. Anton was down but Diana managed to also shōõt Hipolito before he could end her life.

Lucas took advantage to shoot Cardo. As skillful as Cardo was, he swerved and with multiple shõts Lucas finally got down. As Vendetta left the scene in a hurry, Lily got there to save Hipolito under a condition. The news was read and the people of Sto Niño were glad to watch. Caloy and Doray celebrated hearing about Brandon’s deàth.

Bubbles couldn’t stop herself from thinking about her comrades. The news about the chaos at the cemetery sent shockwaves through the De Leons and the Arevalos. Cardo and his comrades arrived and Flora rushed to hug her grandson. Cardo said he has finally accomplished his mission, Lucas and Hipolito were finally deàd.

As the family celebrated, they were sad to know that a prominent member of Vendetta, Anton was deàd and his body was brought home. Yolly got emotional to ask when all those brutalities would come to an end. She was tired about the numerous deàths which had occurred the past years all due to the cause Vendetta was fighting for.

Flora has also had enough with the life sacrifices and Oscar stood in that it was time they did the right thing to turn themselves in. Tadpole objected, he never knew Oscar would propose that after they risked their lives to help him which the Commander and Anton had d!ed in the process. Earthworm and Greco supported Tadpole.

Ramil also said they could not turn themselves in since Lucas still has his crooks all over in government. He said they have to ensure Oscar ascended the throne first. Delfin stood to ask that they did not have to divide due to the issue. He said it was time for them to calm and think about their next move before making any decisions.

Later, Delfin realised the absence of Lily and asked Flora. She said Lily left the previous night. Lily after saving Hipolito sent him to a remote place since she believed he could still be useful to her. She made a doctor she knew her secret to take out all the bullets from the body of Hipolito and treated him.

Delfin was surprised to know Lily left the house without informing anyone. Lily while watching over Hipolito said he could not blackmail anyone and now he owes his life to her. Flora asked Cardo if indeed, Lily could be trusted. She revealed that she stumbled on Lily making suspicious call.

Immediately she saw her, she startled just  that she did not hear what she said. Cardo assured that Lily was trustworthy and had even helped them a lot. Oscar had a plan and beat Vendetta to it. Lily had left her phone and Oscar took it believing that they might end up in trouble and had to do something against the group to push on with his agenda. He sneaked out .

“Please forgive me, my only option now is to betray all of you,”

Oscar made a call to a General.


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