Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 449

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 449 Cardo and Vendetta arrested after Oscar sold the group out, Oscar sworn-in as President, Damien and Albert arrested

In the safehouse, Hipolito woke up to ask where he was and Lily reminded him that she saved him after he was shõt. She told him never to forget that he asked for her help so now his life was dependent on her.

The police surrounded the hideout of Cardo so the latter told his comrades to lock the exit points as they would fight back. Oscar apologised and told the group that they should surrender because that was the right thing to do.

Cardo was against it but Flora pleaded with him not to fight back. He should therefore surrender and trust Oscar that he would save them. Cardo had no option than to surrender with his comrades. He laid down his weapons and his comrades did likewise. Cardo was arrested for k!lling and rebellion.

Oscar received salute from the Generals he called to lead the police force there. They sent the rebel group away and some of the police officers went inside the house to search the area to carry Anton’s body. The news of the arrest of the Vendetta went viral and Gido said he believed someone snitched on the group.

The people of Sto Niño saw the news and Elizabeth got upset that Vendetta would be arrested after helping lots of people. Caloy wondered why Hidalgo would allow such a thing to happen. Oscar was sent to the palace and the Chief Justice welcomed him home.

Oscar said the place was no longer a home after he lost his family. He went to his office and swore to rebuild everything that Lucas destroyed due to his greed. He was astonished as to how Lucas could lead so many innocent lives to their grave due to his greed.

Later, Oscar was sworn in as president and people looked so cheerful to see him taking back his position. Elsewhere, Flora told her family that they would have to leave Lily’s place to go to their own house. She told her family to calm down as she knew Hidalgo would fulfill his promise.

In his address, Oscar told the public that he knew they were shocked to see him reclaiming his post. He announced that Lucas k!lled his family and tried to k!ll him but the group Vendetta who he considered as enemy to the state, the group saved him. He confirmed that the group was not evil, actually the group was  actually fighting for the welfare of the people in the Philippines.

Elizabeth and Doray were happy to hear Oscar saying good things about Vendetta. Meanwhile, the group passed through due process at the princinct, took pictures and were sent to their cells. Makmak’s funeral was held, Elmo and Yolly delivered a hearty speech to mourn their foster son. The body of Makmak was cremated and his ashes were sent home.

After fond memories of his family, Oscar ordered the police to arrest all the allies of Lucas. Damien and Albert were arrested and interrogated for their involvement in the shenanigans of Lucas. They explained that they opposed the acts of Lucas but Lucas did not heed their advice. Knowing very well how Lucas arrested and k!ll those who opposed him, they could not rebel against him.

They were made to name Lucas’ business partners who were into illegal activities. Without wasting any time, the police arrested those syndicate people when they were about to escape justice. The police general brought the names of the allies of the previous administration which they have not caught yet and Hipolito’s name was included.

This surprised Oscar since he thought Renato d!ed at the cemetery. The General said Hipolito’s body was not found among the bodies at the cemetery which meant that he survived and went at large. Oscar ordered him to make it a top priority to capture Renato, he was a very dangerous man.

The De Leons were excited to know that all the allies of Lucas were falling one after the other. Elmo saw that as justice for Makmak’s deàth. However, Wally showed concern about how the president had been silent on Cardo’s case but Flora has not lost hope yet.

The case of Vendetta was forwarded to court and Cardo together with his comrades stood in for trial for rebel. The court asked them about their plea. Oscar called the General to make him search for Lily Ann Cortez, a woman, he said funded and supported them who had suddenly gone missing. The General promised to find the woman.

Unbeknownst, Lily was with Renato and she wondered why the media was only talking about the Vendetta. She told Renato that Albert and Damien were arrested but he shouldn’t worry she would protect him. Renato believed Oscar was planning something against him and schemed up with Lily but the latter reminded him that Oscar was backed by a full force as the president of the country.

While in the police car, Albert told Damien that nothing would make them come out from jail now that Oscar was the president and suggested that they should find Hipolito to help them if only they wanted to be freed. Flora, Elmo and Yolly visited Cardo, Alyana and Delfin. They told him that Makmak’s funeral was already held and his remains was cremated.

However, she said the police sent the body of Anton and they did not know what they did to him. For Lucas, he was buried but Hipolito could not be found. Though Alyana testified to see him fall, Cardo said his disappearance meant one thing that he survived.

He and Delfin told Flora that her life was at risk so Cardo advised her to talk to Hidalgo to provide her with the needed security. Elsewhere, Lily after her plans with Hipolito left the safe house and when she was in her car to return home, she felt so proud of herself.

“I have no doubt that I will just wrap them around my little finger, just like Renato.”


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