Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 45 Cardo turns Syndicate's bidding bloody

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 45

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 45 Cardo turns Syndicate’s bidding bloody

Cardo wondered where Carmen could be if she was not brought to the place for bidding. Benny advised Onyok that they should leave Flora alone for her to think for a while.

Billy informed his parent that Joaquin infiltrated the Casa but did not find Carmen. He also expressed hope that Cardo was with Carmen.

Onyok got worried about Cardo and began crying. He said he knew Cardo shall surely return.

Onyok and Benny pasted flyers of the missing Cardo within the neighbourhood. Glen came to meet them and she told Onyok that Cardo was on a mission.

Philip scolded Olga and informed her that Delisay was good and was searching for his brother’s wife who happened to be Carmen.

He charged Olga to keep eyes on Carmen. Verna told Tomas that she saw someone who could be Diego.

Glen asked Flora not to worry and trust that Cardo was okay wherever he was. Tomas charged Joaquin to find Diego as soon as possible since he could be stalking Verna but Joaquin doubted.

Onyok told Flora that Cardo always win the bad guys and would return with Carmen. Flora then carried Onyok.

Olga opened up to Carmen that her brother-in-law was doing everything to find her and she would ensure Cardo did not see her. She claimed that Carmen was hers therefore no one could take her (Carmen) from her hands.

Glen on bed looked at the flyer and said Cardo could have confide in her since she was his friend. She said she had to lie to Flora just not to make her worry.

Nanding saw Glen and asked her about Cardo’s mission but she did not tell him since the information was classified.

Carmen was given a medicine but did not drink, she vomited it. Cardo found means to arm himself, he outsmarted Olga’s man. He hit him to take his gun and phone to call Delfin to inform him about where they were doing the bidding.

Delfin said he would get in touch with the nearest station for backup while Carreon instructed the police on what to do when the raid the event.

Dino called Joaquin to inform him about the new lead. As they were going, Joaquin still was saying he had to rescue Carmen irrespective of the fact that Cardo was already there.

The bidding was ongoing and some of the girls were already sold. Carmen was sold for 250 pesos.

Delfin received another call from Cardo saying he had already seen Carmen so they should hurry.

Delfin said the police were already on their way. He promised to protect Cardo at all cost so that what happened to Ador would not happen to him.

Cardo saw Carmen and called her while her buyer was dragging her out. Paloma was sent on stage for bidding.

Paloma put up quite a performance. Philip asked his guy whether he should buy her for him and he said he was okay.

Police arrived at the event. Paloma then brandished a gun ordering them to put their hands up. The audience thought it was part of her antics but she gave a warning shot and Philip and his aids left.

Cardo searched for Carmen and revealed his real identity to some girls and was told Carmen was taken away by the  buyer.

Olga got to know Paloma was Delisay and she felt that Cardo had outsmarted her. She got shot as she was not ready to back down.

Cardo took someone’s motto to follow Carmen when he saw she was being taken away forcefully in the car of her buyer.

Philip saw him and ordered his driver to follow Delisay. Flora on the other hand was still hoping that Cardo would return soon.

Carreon asked Joaquin whether he had seen both Carmen and Delisay but he did not answer.

Greg revealed to them that he saw Cardo disguised as woman. Delfin explained that Cardo dressed as a woman for him to be kidnapped to save the girls and Carmen.

Carmen was sent into a yacht Cardo also ran to her rescue. He saw the yacht moving and he swam following the yacht.


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