Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 450

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 450 Vendetta is granted Presidential pardon, The Police form a Special Task Force to capture Hipolito

The Arevalos visited Alyana and Virgie wondered how she came to that. Teddy rebuked her and told her they should be happy for having a daughter who had a chance in life to fight for the country. JP was proud of his sister while Virgie showed concern that she was imprisoned all thanks to Cardo.

Alyana made it clear that she lõved Cardo like how she lõved her father. Lily Visited Cardo and asked the group how the police knew their hideout. Diana said Hidalgo told them and Lily considered that was betrayal but Borja believed he might have a plan for them.

They then asked why she disappeared and she said it was because of an emergency. She pleaded with them for not informing them. She then proceeded to the palace to seek Oscar’s help for the Vendetta. Soon after, Oscar signed a pardon and visited the Vendetta at the precinct to inform them about the presidential pardon he had granted.

The group was happy that Oscar fulfilled his promise to them. Oscar told them that he was grateful to them for saving his life and giving him a second chance to change the rotten governance of Lucas to make things right. He said living as an ordinary man with the Vendetta, he witnessed how bad the state was and would make things better now that he was in power.

Lily went to see Hipolito and they celebrated for Lily becoming a mole in the lives of Vendetta and the president. Lily could not believe her smartness to wrap Vendetta, Oscar and Renato around her fingers.

Later, judge Rojelio Salvacion presided over the case in court and the marshall read the judgement on the multiple charges which the Vendetta was facing. The Vendetta was set free on the grounds of presidential pardon. The group celebrated in court as they would now get their old life back.

Oscar watched the live broadcast and told the Generals that Vendetta deserved to live a peaceful life because that was what they have been yearning for. The public erected flags with “V”  to signify Vendetta and Victory of the nation. Gina was surprised to stumble on them seeing them happy, celebrating the freedom of the Vendetta.

Cardo arrived home and the children ran to hug and welcome him home but the kids were sad that Makmak was no longer with them. Flora showed Cardo the ashes of Makmak. Later, Oscar visited Vendetta to officially welcome them home, where he met the parents of Alyana and JP. Oscar sought their help in capturing Hipolito and told them that he has a bigger project for the group.

Hipolito knew Cardo would be celebrating and he toasted with Lily for renewing her ties with the Vendetta. Oscar left but told the group that they would have an official celebration. On his way to his car, Gina introduced herself as the counselor. Cardo told the group that he was indebted to Lily. The group ask each of his or her plans. Billy has hopes of returning to the force.

The rest did not have any plans yet and no place to go so Cardo told Flora to let his friends stay there for a while since most were rebels and did not have a place to go. Meanwhile, the group was also planning to find a menial job to rent a house to live in.

Oscar talked with the police general on the update of capturing all the allies of Lucas. The General said he has formed a Special Task force to make the work easier since he believed Hipolito was using his syndicate contacts and connections to help himself to hide. He also said he has assigned his most trusted man to lead the task force. Oscar told him that he wanted to meet the person.

Billy, Mark and Chikoy bid the group goodbye to return home. The rest went into the house and thanked Cardo for opening his house for them to make them sleep for the night. Cardo then went to his room and Alyana could not believe that she was finally home. The two were happy and thanked each other for not giving up.

Cardo was grateful that despite his shortcomings, she lõved him and apologised for all his mistakes. And told her that he would fulfill his promise and once they were back home, they would make lots of children.

Police Major Victor Basco who was a high profile officer and has helped the country capture high profile criminals was ushered to the palace. He was introduced to Oscar as the head of the Special Task Force the police have set. Major Basco saluted him.


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