Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 451

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 451 Oscar appoints General Borja and General Olegario as Presidential Advisor and Chief of Staff, Lily hints the police on Hipolito’s hideout

Major Basco proved to Hidalgo that he knew why he was there and was ready to find Hipolito no matter what. Oscar said there was a mass assassination of Lucas’ allies and was sure Hipolito was behind it and Basco assured that he was fit for the task.

In the morning, Cardo woke up together with Alyana to join the family on the breakfast table. Cardo told Flora that he slept like a baby and there was no place like home. Yolly asked him why he and Alyana did not contact them and Cardo said he did not want to jeopardise their safety.

General Borja got there to wake the Vendetta up. Flora asked her brother if he would join the force but he said he had served the country more than enough so he was retiring to concentrate on his family. Cardo said he was waiting for the president since he had a job for them.

Oscar received a message about the extra security who would arrive the evening to guard the place. Unbeknownst, Lily had to compromise the security to save the skin of Hipolito. Diana and Bubbles came to greet De Leons. Alyana led them to prepare breakfast.

The Vendetta guys weeded and watered flowers. Bubbles reminded them of the peaceful and happy life they led at Santo Niño. Diana recalled how they got captured by Homer and Bubbles suddenly remembered her past experience with Homer and she began to throw up.

She then told Alyana how Homer maltreated and repeatedly raped her for her to now carry the child of Homer. She planned to keep it, though she considered him as a mõnster but acknowledged that the child was hers as well. Major Basco began his work with his team to find Hipolito.

After watching news about the manhunt for him, Hipolito queried Lily why she had chosen to help him when she was in the good books of Hidalgo. Basco told his team to find Hipolito before he must have stabilized their national security. Seeing Vendetta at the house of Flora, Gido and Nick abandoned the food they were buying to inform Coun Gee.

The Vendetta ate with Flora. The news about the crime, syndicate and illegal businesses about Renato still was viral and he kept watching. The team returned and Basco asked them about their findings with the properties of Hipolito. They were certain that a criminal like Hipolito would have asserts and other bank accounts which were not in his name.

Hipolito told Lily that they have frozen all his assets, his properties and bank accounts but they would not be able to obtain everything he has acquired as he has millions of cash, land titles and bond certificates that were not in his name even diamonds. Lily knew it was from the mining work that he and Lucas were doing.

Hipolito said he had them hidden in boxes in a safe. Lily got to Flora’s neighbourhood and stumbled on Gina. Gina showed them the way to Cardo’s house and was sure the woman was rich. Gina told her lapdogs to get her linked to Cardo for her to be associated with the wealthy people.

Lily made her men take the gifts she bought and went to give to the Vendetta. She bought them dresses. Cardo was grateful to her for still supporting them even after everything she did for them. Lily said they saved her life but Flora watched her suspiciously after apologising to her for her inability to officially thank her for giving her family a place to stay.

When Lily stepped out, she made her plans clear.

“Brace yourself Cardo, now that I have completely gained your trust!”

“You will all fall into my trap.”

“When the time is right I will be coming to collect!”

When Lily arrived home, she said Renato was not different from Oscar and Vendetta, it was not difficult to fõōl them. She made a suspicious call. The Vendetta dressed up in the dresses which Lily bought for them. They met Coun Gee outside, and the counselor and her lapdogs bowed but Flora saw and approached them.

Gina laughed in shame, telling Cardo that she had been praying for him and now that everything was ironed out, she was happy. Flora told them that she was going to a thanksgiving feast at the castle. The people of Santo Niño arrived at the function and were intrigued with the setting of the palace.

The Vendetta arrived and they saw the people of Santo Niño and those living three mountains away from Santo Niño. Gina schemed up with her lapdogs to ruin Flora and Vendetta’s reputation for the president to lose trust in them. Oscar finally arrived and greeted De Leons and Vendetta.

He also asked for forgiveness for being late. Oscar delivered a speech and thanked the Vendetta because he had earlier thought they were the state enemies and wanted to assassinate him, rather they saved him.

He then became part of the family, now that he has regained his seat, he would right all the wrong things, Lucas did. Starting off, Oscar offered Borja the Position of Presidential advisor and National Security. General Olegario was appointed as the Chief of Staff.

He also announced a Special Task Force, he has formed to eliminate criminality, corruption and terrorism and it would be composed of the former Vendetta members, CIDG and several officers of the PNP. This troupe would be headed by the Police senior master Sergeant Ricardo Dalisay.

The Vendetta celebrated, clapped and congratulated each other. Oscar after his speech approached General Borja to congratulate him. General Borja thanked him for the job offer and said he was even ready to retire. General Olegario was also happy that he changed the direction of her life.

Lily, on the other hand, directed the police to Hipolito’s hideout. Fortunately, Hipolito spotted them and reached out for his gün. He engaged in a shootout with them and managed to escape by fleeing with a vehicle of someone who he threatened the person with his gün to get him out of his car.


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