Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 452

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 452 Hipolito resides in the house of another rōttën friend Lazaro, Lily disguises herself to cash out Hipolito’s wealth

Oscar thanked the People of Santo Niño and Domeng’s family for gracing his thanksgiving programme. Carlos told Oscar to make them stay there and the women also said they could be hired as cooks. Oscar told them that he would do that since he wanted to thank them for taking him and the Vendetta in.

In the house, Wally was worried that Flora and the Vendetta were not safe in the palace. Yolly told him to stop being pessimistic but he made known his fears that Hipolito was on the loose so he could pounce on them at the function.

Lily finally arrived at the party and Cardo asked why she was late and looked so exhausted. She took a seat. Elsewhere, Renato went to a certain place where he got ambushed by a group of armed men and he told them that he was actually looking for Mr Lazaro, they were friends. The goons went to inform Lazaro about Hipolito.

Flora told Cardo to invite his Santo Niño friends to visit the house for her special karekare and Cardo went to inform them. Cardo asked Lauren why Domeng was not with them and the wife said he was busy at home. Carlos told Cardo that they would visit more often because Oscar has accepted to employ them for them to work in the palace.

Wally tried hard to make De Leon kids go to bed but they refused, insisting to wait for Cardo before sleeping. The celebration was finally over so the Vendetta and the De Leons asked the President for their exit. Oscar told them that he would formalise their appointment to make them start their jobs soon.

Coun Gee told her lapdogs that they could use mission eviction to get back at Flora since they have done it before. To her when there’s a will there’s a war and she would find a way to get rid of pesky De Leons.

Greco never dreamt of a day that their lives would change. Borja told them to prepare for training and  their academics. George asked what academic meant and General Borja joked that it was for those whose heads were empty to make them learn. George directed it to Patrick and asked once again whether they would get paid.

General Borja made them understand that serving the country was more paramount than earnings so as officers they should devote their attention to serving the country. The Police General went to Oscar’s office to inform him about Major Basco’s failure mission in capturing Renato after receiving a tip and went to Hipolito’s hideout.

The General later called Basco to rant about how the president was disappointed. Basco promised not to repeat it. He then told his men that they have to do everything possible to make it up to the President so they intensified the search. Hipolito, on the other hand, was accommodated by Lazaro. He told Lazaro about Lily, a woman who he thought was an ally but deceived him.

Shortly after, Lily called and pretended that she was happy to know he was alive. She explained that she returned to the safehouse but found cops. Hipolito did not give in to her cunning voice and threatened to k!ll her since she was the one who sold him out.

Elsewhere,  Basco’s team found two fingerprints from the hideout of Renato and they concluded that Renato had an ally. The name of the owner of the house was not in record but they found women’s belongings there. Jerome and Billy left Flora’s place to their respective houses.

In the night, Alyana expressed sorrow that Cardo had returned to his risky job. Cardo promised to take good care of himself so that he could fulfill his promises. Alyana also asked him if she could return to her job but Cardo refused since he wanted her to make up with her family as well as Flora and the kids for staying far from there. He did not want her to stress herself so that they could make babies.

Hipolito told Lazaro more about Lily, Lily got home  and was not happy that Renato was still alive. She shrugged and never ready to give in to fear. Elizabeth who was now a cook in the palace went to greet Hipolito and told him that she would prepare something for him. Bubbles was not in good spirits, she was depressed. She was sad that she would be left alone.

Alyana said she talked to Cardo the previous night and he told her not to work so she would be home to keep her company and to take care of her. Cardo arrived in the kitchen and Bubbles went to vomit. He asked Alyana whether Bubbles was sick and Alyana said Bubbles was going through a difficult time. General Olegario made it clear that Bubbles was repeatedly rãped by Homer and she was now pregnant.

Alyana told Cardo to speak with Bubbles because she has lost hope in life. Cardo went to talk to her and made her know that even if she had no family, they were her family and they would go through it together. Lily recalled Hipolito saying he had other assets and wealth bearing different names and thought of a plan.

The team could not get any information from Damien and Hernandez and reported to Basco. Basco told them to contact his former schoolmates and even the former bloody sun members. Oscar was going to the dining room when he met Ambo and Caloy and others cleaning.

They even decorated there with plants. Oscar after talking to them went to the dining hall. After Lauren set the table, Elizabeth tasted the food and that gave Lauren the idea that Elizabeth could officially be the palace food taster so that when the food was poisoned, she would know.

Oscar arrived there and ordered them to add more food on the table as they would all eat together. Lauren set everything and all the workers joined the table. They were amazed that the president wanted to eat with them and Oscar reminded them that they used to eat together so nothing has changed.

In the De Leons house, they also set the table and they sat to eat. Oscar later called General Borja to report on duty the next day together with General Olegario and the Vendetta should also prepare themselves as their training would start very soon.  Borja informed everyone and they celebrated.

Lazaro’s lapdog informed him that Hipolito had left the place and he called him. Hipolito said he was on his way to do something to get his wealth otherwise he would be deprived of it. It turned out that his suspicions were right.

Lily disguised herself and cashed out from different banks. Hipolito came to one of the banks and Lily who is in disguise as a pregnant woman saw Hipolito’s car from afar and stood to stare.


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