Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 453

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 453 Coun Gee sends the land lady to throw Flora out, Cardo and Vendetta begin their Special Task Force training

Coun Gee and her lapdogs lurked around Flora’s gate and saw Elmo and Wally holding some stuff. Coun Gee asked what they were up to and Wally said Cardo was throwing a party for friends who helped him and Vendetta to get a place to stay.

The goon of Lazaro told Hipolito that they did not find any woman at the bank. Hipolito was beaten to it because he was informed by an ally at the bank that a woman came to withdraw his money and believed she had withdrawn all his money.

Lazaro had no doubt that Lily was cunning. Lily in a phone conversation told Oscar that she wanted to embark on a donation project for victims of Lucas now that Vendetta did not need her help again Oscar was impressed and promised his support for that good cause. She also told Oscar that she would help him in a way that she could.

“I still have to do more in gaining your trust so if someone out there attempts to bring me down, you will always choose my side.”

Lazaro sent Hipolito to a casino and told him not to worry because everyone there was an ally. Lauren told Lisa, Aye and Ana that Oscar would shoulder their school expenses. Cardo threw the party for his comrades and they were happy to meet in one accord. Renato told Lazaro that he would get back at Lily.

Looking at Lazaro, Renato said he had come a long way and no one would believe that he was coming from the mountain. He warned him to be careful because Oscar was now clearing the system and Lazaro said a person like him could not be brought down easily so Renato should rather advise himself and look at means to be on his feet again.

He did not want to be a k!ll joy so he charged Renato that they should concentrate on the fun that they were in for. He had a special present for Renato and Cederik ushered the girls in. Lazaro made Renato make his pick since the whores were ready to do everything.

As the girls were sending Hipolito into the room, he stumbled on Javier who thought he had traveled. Hipolito told him to forget about what they saw. The president arrived at the party in Flora’s house and Flora thanked him for the opportunity he had given to the Vendetta for the presidential pardon and for offering them a job too.

Later, Borja cautioned the Vendetta not to drink too much as the next day was their training day. And he told them to also take their academics seriously. George believed that the training which Romulo gave them at the mountains would make it easier for them but Greco told him that the new training would be difficult.

Hipolito told Lazaro that Pedro Javier, one of his clients saw him. He revealed that Javier was a prisoner who Lucas set him free. Lazaro told him not to worry, everything was kept as secret even before they would go to the casino he made his goons to block him from appearing in the footage.

Oscar arrived in the palace to find Ana and Aye broken a glass pot. Lisa led them to beg and also Ana promised to make him a coffee every morning while Aye also promised to clean his shoes since they did not have money to pay.

Oscar told them they did not have to do such a thing and asked them if they were okay. He told them that he was not mãd at them but next time they should listen to Lisa. Jerome realised that Bubbles was keeping her distance.

The Vendetta laid their mats to sleep in order for them to wake up early the following day to have their training. Borja advised Cardo not to let his anger lead him in the training. He should also remember his promise to Alyana.

Early in the morning, the Vendetta woke up to prepare breakfast and served. Flora felt so embarrassed for the boys serving themselves and Yolly said she woke up to find them already cooking. George said it was because they woke up early in the morning so that they would not be late for their training.

Delfin appeared there, soon after, Cardo showed his face wearing his SAF uniform. Coun Gee saw the news on Delfin and Olegario appointed to work with the government. She felt so jealous that Flora’s family were working for the government while she had been sidelined. She came out to find Cardo and his friends going to training and greeted Cardo.

She told Cardo that she was glad that he returned to the force. Cederik went to inform Hipolito that he had his men follow Javier. He was being questioned in Camp Crame. Javier told the police that he had no connection with Hipolito. Javier told the police that Hipolito even deceived so he cut his ties with him after Lucas set him free.

As he was on his way, Javier received a surprise call from Hipolito concerning his presence at Camp Crame. Javier assured him that he did not rat him out and Hipolito warned him that it better be so. He sent Javier a video of him with women. However, Basco did not believe in the words of Javier so he sent his men to follow him.

Grandma Flora was surprised when the kids went to inform her about the presence of a certain woman. Flora, Yolly and Elmo got outside only to find their land lady, Suarez.

The woman was there to evict them since Coun Gee had spread lies to discredit them. After explaining things to Mrs Suarez, they went to see Coun Gee to confront her but Gina said she only shared her opinion and there was nothing wrong with that.

Cardo and Vendetta arrived at the training field. George expressed how he developed a phobia getting close to a precinct. Ramil also expressed how time has changed for a person like him who despised the police to also become one of them. Billy, on the other hand, knew he would return to the force.

However, it came to a point in his life and that of Chikoy and Mark that they never dreamt of returning from the detention facility in which he and his comrades were kept. There were some girls too who Oscar recruited to be part of the task force and after seeing Cardo, they reasoned that he was with the Vendetta friends and they would now work with him.

Renato went to k!ll Javier and took the 100million he threatened to get. Lily spoke to Oscar over the phone and Oscar told her to come over to his office for them to talk about the charity work she wanted to embark on. Later, Oscar introduced his two new appointees to the police Generals and reminded them about Hipolito and how dangerous he was to the country.

Basco was ordered to train the new taskforce. Vendetta was told that General Dela Cruz would give the newly recruits without uniforms uniforms.


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