Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 454

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 454 Oscar inaugurates ‘Together We will rise Project,’  Hipolito recruits a new private army to embark on a new mission to get rich

In the palace, Lisa queried her mother concerning Hipolito and Lauren said Hipolito was a bad person but now all his allies were deàd and was alone. Intoy told her not to underestimate Hipolito because he has encountered him before and from what he saw, Hipolito has a tendency of forming his own private army.

Lily congratulated Olegario and Delfin for their new job and told them that she was not used to seeing them like that. Oscar told her that he has already informed the two generals about her charity work. Olegario then asked Lily how the palace could be of help to her.

Later, the guards went with Lily while Doray and Elizabeth were wondering if Hipolito was lurking around the palace and waiting for an opportune time to strike them. Doray believed that Hipolito could not break the palace security.

At Camp Crame, trainees who did not have uniforms were mentioned to go for their uniforms. George told them about his size and was rebuked. He found the training so strict and Cardo whispered that it was how it was so he should learn to sacrifice.

The people of Santo Niño met the two Generals and exchanged pleasantries. They were glad to see the two and expressed their utmost excitement. They also told the Generals that Oscar treated them like a family. Lily arrived home and ordered her guards to secure the premise.

She checked her jewelry and said, jewelry check, power check and thought of means to get rid of Hipolito. Likewise, Hipolito was also thinking of means to make Lily pay off her crimes. Lazaro told Hipolito not to worry, he would achieve that.

Before making her suffer, Hipolito planned to use her first and Lazaro told him not to forget about him. The Police General welcomed the new recruits including the Vendetta and gave the mantle to Major Basco to start the training.

Flora was not ready to allow her landlady to evict her. General Borja suggested they speak with Mrs Suarez. Elmo    was sure the landlady would not believe and suggested they use intimidation but Flora protested.

Major Basco received information that Javier was found deàd and he told his team. His team believed Hipolito could be behind that since their investigation established that Javier was into shoddy business and he was arrested but Cabrera set him free. They were positive that he was k!lled to prevent him from talking.

Basco suggested they wait for the investigation from Manila to be well aware of what caused his deàth. Oscar called the police General to ask for an update on the search for Hipolito. Alyana spoke over the phone with Cardo and extended her regards to Ramil and the rest. Alyana told Bubbles that Jerome asked about her.

She then asked her why she has still not told Jerome about her pregnancy. Alyana was sure that if Jerome truly lōved her, he would accept her situation so Bubbles had a positive mind to inform him. Hipolito recruited a private army with the help of Lazaro to carry out his revenge. He promised his goons a befitting bonuses and allowances.

The government’s anticrime task force did massive training. Lazaro was worried about Hipolito for leaving the safe house. He called  him and Hipolito told him not to worry because when he returns, there would be a surprise for him. Oscar addressed a gathering during a charity project dubbed: “Together We will rise Project.”

He noted that everyone of them had seen suffering initiated by the previous administration and now that he has been installed, he would right all the wrongs. Starting the chairwoman of the Charity project was acting benevolently for everyone of them who suffered Lucas’ frivolity would get relief.

After the talk, Lily revealed to Olegario that she found it a pleasure to use her wealth to help others, adding that she equally lost all her family members. Hipolito with his private army attacked a drug lord in his house and made his men gather all the drugs.

The Special Task Force was taught 360  defense, assailant defense and many other defensive strategic fighting. Some groups of armed men attacked some people on the streets to k!ll a man and went away with his car.  This made Elmo rescind on his decision to patrol the place. He thought he would deal with drunkards but it turned out that he would have to face criminals.

Yolly was dumbfounded and felt sorry for the gut who lost his life. She said crime in the area has increased after Captain Dindi left to the USA and was replaced by Captain Bart. Unbeknownst, Gina has told the police that Vendetta was behind the k!lling and compelled her lapdogs to go by her assertion.

Hipolito arrived with many cocaines and proposed to Lazaro to be his business partner as he had more to bring on board. Lazaro saw him as Vendetta since he was k!lling all the bad people but the difference between the two, Lazaro said after Hipolito k!ll them, he takes over their businesses.

Lily dined with Oscar and the people of Sto Niño. Doray told Lily that she heard of her good gesture and thanked her for helping the President in gaining justice and also helping the ordinary citizens. Lily stumbled on General Borja and General Olegario when she was leaving the palace.

She asked the Generals why they did not make it to the inauguration of the charity project. Borja said they were running other relevant errands to help the national security. However, they heard of the whooping sums of money she donated. Lily said it was nothing, she has many more things to do to help the current administration.

The team of Basco discussed the presence of Vendetta in the training and one said they were very good but saw it as unnecessary for Oscar to include them. Basco appeared in the scene to say they saved the president and they were very skillful, even their training said it all. One said they found the training very easy.

The De Leon kids ran home to ask Flora if indeed they were packing out of the house. Flora was surprised with the question and the kids said they went out to buy something but overheard from their neighbours that they were packing out. Flora told them not to listen to the rumours.

Basco went on to train the Vendetta and told them that the group would not receive any special treatment simply because they saved the president. He said everyone was treated equally at the camp.

General Borja obtained vital information and went to show it to Oscar. The information was about the deàth of Javier who imported rice and other foods without passing through the food and drugs authority. Oscar said he knew him and Javier was arrested during his era.

Borja indicated that the Intel he received was that Lucas granted him presidential pardon and also he was funding Hipolito’s senatorial campaign. Now that he was found deàd, they had no qualms that Hipolito was the culprit. However, he added that the CIDG was investigating his deàth.

Borja showed him a video of San Chan, a man who has been importing a mass amount of cocaine and was never arrested. The CCTV footage showed the entry of Hipolito and his private army crushing the apartment of the drug Lord when he was being treated by his women.


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