Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 455

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 455 Hipolito kept on with his k!lling spree to recover from poverty, Gina bribes Captain Bart to kick the De Leons out

Hipolito gave the list of syndicates he would bring down to Lazaro. Lazaro celebrated that he would be more powerful and rich soon but Hipolito reminded him that they would be rich. In the palace, Diana expressed her concern about the manner Hipolito was taking down people.

Gina in a meeting with the new Captain, Bart announced to everyone that Vendetta was behind the recent assassination in their vicinity. Nick and her other lapdogs gave testament that they witnessed with their own eyes. She claimed Vendetta was staying in Flora’s house.

General Borja showed to the police Carlso Chan and Pedro Javier who Hipolito might be behind their sudden demise. The police were surprised since Hipolito was now taking down criminals and drug Lords. Borja explained that his men from CIDG found out that all Chan’s drugs were missing so Borja said it was possible Hipolito was now into the drug business.

Since his accounts were frozen, he was now doing other syndicate businesses to get money. He told the police Generals to erect checkpoints at various points. Elmo and Wally gatecrashed the meeting to rebuke Gina for spreading lies against the Vendetta. Elmo said the Vendetta were not even at home and they were fighting corrupt officials like her.

Gina took offence but some of the townspeople agreed with her, including the landlady of Flora. Others agreed with Elmo and said Vendetta even helped President Oscar. Gina threatened to press charges against them. Bart calmed them down.

The kids asked Flora if the Manager was a criminal, explaining that they heard from the neighbours. Flora advised them not to listen to the neighbours. Alyana reminded them that they have even stayed with the Manager in Cebu so he was no criminal and now he was even working as a police officer.

The special task force recruits were still having their intensive training while Hipolito was still rolling out his devious plans. Yolly was quite sure that Coun Gee cooked that gossip and spread it. Elmo prompted Flora to inform Cardo first but Flora refused. She said Cardo was busy training so they had to fix every issue they were facing.

Elmo indicated that Flora was not there at the meeting to confirm how Gina was staining their names while there were many reporters. JP told his father that he was preparing to work at a particular place since he has been called. Teddy looked bothered and told his family that a certain reporter was asking him about Vendetta as the group was being accused of a crime.

JP asked if the reporter actually believed in that rumours. Teddy said he told him to concentrate on something else. Bart spoke with Gina and it turned out that the two were running illegal businesses and they were seeking each person’s help to watch each back. They became official friends in crime.

Wally said Coun Gee was not at ease due to the illegal business Gina was running, she was scared Vendetta would catch them. Flora asked about the character of Bart whether she was like Captain Dindi. Wally said he did not know him but they should hope he was a good man.

Gina came to meet her lapdogs fixing the door knob to secure themselves from Vendetta. Gina told them not to worry because they now have a protector and he was no other than the captain himself. As the Vendetta were still learning at the camp, Hipolito praised himself as a person who fully completes what he starts and now the syndicate fraternity would not suspect him as the one taking them down one after the other.

He said the rest would set their eyes on Lily as the betrayer. Meanwhile, Lily was in a car, watching the news about the number of syndicate leaders who were dying.The goons of Hipolito ambushed a truck carrying illegal firearms and k!lled the driver and those protecting the weapons. Hipolito made his goons intercepted.

Oscar bid Aye and Ana good night. At the De Leons, Borja asked if he should confront Gina but Flora said no, he should concentrate on other things. In the morning, Gina spotted Mrs Suarez passing and she pretended not to have seen her while reading the newspaper about a car which was hijacked, she claimed Vendetta was behind it.

Suarez got upset and called for Gina’s help. They went to Flora’s house to kick them out. Flora reminded her that there was a legal Contract binding them so there was no way she would leave and said they should settle it in the towns hall. Gina felt so happy and urged them on. Renato celebrated with Lazaro for a successful mission.

Lily went to the Palace and sent dresses to Doray and the rest. They thanked her. Doray was impressed since the colours matched them. Oscar held a meeting with Lily, General Borja and Olegario. They enlisted Lily’s help to find Renato since it was through her contact that was the reason they could locate the hideout Renato to save Diana and Bubbles and needed her assistance again.

She accepted to help them by talking to some of her contacts. Gina gave Bart a heads up about Flora being on her way to him. Flora arrived at Bart’s place and was given a seat. Bart said Mrs Suarez was very frightened. Flora told him that she has been a captain before and wanted fairness. He offered to talk to Suarez.

Flora arrived home and Alyana asked her how it went and she said Bart said he would personally talk to her. Elmo wished he could convince Mrs Suarez. On the contrary, Yolly asked if Bart ended up siding with Suarez and Gina.

Lazaro came to show Hipolito the news about how the people were eager to see the Vendetta complete their Special Task Force training. He believed they would first attack Hipolito. Renato said by the time they would be done with their training, he would have also strengthened his force to take them down.

Gina went to Bart’s office to question him for giving Flora hope. Bart reminded Gina that the Chief of Staff and the Presidential advisor lived in Flora’s house so it would take time otherwise the president would set his eyes on him. Gina bribed him and his narrative changed.

The recruits were still training intensively. They were trained on how to rescue, embark on an emergency meeting, how to search and means to retreat. Lily arrived home and looked so furious as she told her security about how Renato was getting rid of all the syndicates connected to her and Lucas.

The security asked the motive behind Renato’s action and Lily said obviously for their money. As the security was asking so many questions, she kicked him out to go and secure the place. Meanwhile, Oscar told Borja and Diana that before he allowed Renato to destroy all that he was fighting for, they had to locate him to suppress his forces.

Elsewhere, Renato was in a car with his goons, waiting and keeping watch to attack his next victim.


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