Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 456

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 456 The De Leons get kicked out from their house, Cardo and his comrades awarded after graduating

In the house of De Leons, Flora was talking to Bubbles and Alyana on the pressing issue before Elmo rushed in to call Flora that Captain Bart together with Gina and Mrs Suarez. Flora went out and Mrs Suarez wanted her out of her house.

Captain Bart evicted De Leons but Flora said it was a breach of contract. It has left a year before their legal agreement would elapse. Captain Bart said for peace to prevail, they should leave that very instance.

Lazaro called his goon who was carrying out a mission with Hipolito to order him to return. He also told Hipolito that Lazaro was upset since they did not tell him about where they were off to. Later, General Borja showed Oscar another syndicate leader who was k!lled aside the one who

Flora packed out from the house to the Arevalos mansion that night. Flora failed to inform Cardo and General Borja about the eviction since she did not want them to abuse their positions. Gina and her lapdogs celebrated with tunes that they have done before and they could do it again.

When Hipolito returned from his mission, he told Lazaro that his group’s next target was Nicholas Mora, the biggest syndicate leader in the kidnap for ransom. He said he would kidnap him, steal his money and k!ll him.

Once Flora settled in the Arevalos mansion, she called Borja and told him to come there. Borja said she should have told him earlier for him to talk to the land lady. Diana said although Cardo had a way to convince Oscar to grant them Presidential pardon yet in the eye of some public, they were still a terrorist.

General Borja believed with time the people would know that the Vendetta only wanted one thing, to secure and protect them. Nicholas called Lily to call her a traitor for k!lling the syndicates but she said she knew nothing about that. Aside from her taking money for Lucas, Renato was also fully aware of their operations.

Borja and Diana came to the house of the Arevalos. Teddy wanted them to stay but Flora indicated that they were many now because Cardo was with his friends. She found her stay there as embarrassing but Teddy said she also accommodated them when they were on the run.

Lazaro asked Hipolito if he was not afraid since he was already betrayed by Lily. Renato said nothing of that sort would ever happen because now Lazaro himself was his ally and knew he would not fail him. Lazaro then warned his goon not to follow Hipolito anywhere without his consent.

He told him that he wanted loyalty and he was his boss so flouting his rules would lead to something else Least did he know that Hipolito was silently listening to their conversation.

“I know this is your kingdom,” Hipolito schemed.

“But I don’t want anyone to rule over me.”

“I should be the only one in charge!”

“And I also know that I am slowly getting grass on your tied neck crow.”

The next day, Flora got a place nearby their old house to rent and there was another available house which would accommodate Ramil and his comrades. The most exciting news was that the rest was more affordable and the place was beautiful and spacious compared to their old place.

The Special Task Force trainees graduated, and during their graduation ceremony, the people of Sto Niño, the De Leons, the police Generals and President Oscar Hidalgo together with his Chief of Staff and Advisor.

People who watched the news were happy that the Vendetta was now a fully fledged cops. Some workers of Bart went to talk to him against his decision of kicking the family of Dalisay out of their home. They believed that would affect his votes since the people liked the Vendetta.

However, Bart remained optimistic. Major Basco who addressed the passing out ceremony said that was a day set aside to reward and honour Vendetta and some CIDG officers who were specially selected for the President’s Special anticrime Task Force.

Oscar congratulated them and told them that the task ahead was big and believed their training would help them accomplish their mission to fight crime and terrorism. Meanwhile, some group of armed men attacked a bank k!lled and stole money. After obtaining their certificates, the Vendetta was heavily rewarded for their skills and good work during the training.

Before the armed men could flee from the bank, the police arrived and a fight ensued. They exchanged fire and most of the goons d!ed, leaving the boss and his ally inside the bank. They removed their masks and took some of the bank’s clients hostage to gun down the police before they fled.

The leader of the snipper sustained gun wound. Lily booked her hotel for the graduates to have an after party. Cardo said it was too much but she said it was a gift. Oscar joined them at the restaurant including the De Leons and the people of Sto Niño. Hipolito embarked on a new mission to capture Nicholas Mora and promised to give Lazaro 100 million and Lazaro told him to double the amount to 200.

Hipolito accepted and he told Lazaro that he had thought he was against his operation but he realised he was wrong. As he was in a car, he saw the news about the graduation ceremony of the Vendetta. He laughed and told Lazaro’s goon that Ricardo Dalisay now part of the police force has made his job easier to take him down.

Elsewhere, the newly graduates together with their family and friends celebrate their success in Lily’s restaurant while the vicious Lily has a devious gesture.


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