Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 457

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 457 Lily escapes the clutches of Hipolito, Dante vows to k!ll Cardo to obtain justice

Oscar was talking to Diana when Borja appeared in the scene to inform Oscar that the boys were ready for the task. Diana expressed worry about the boys’ mission but Borja said the boys were fit for the task and Oscar seconded.

The people of Santo Niño praised the kindness of Oscar. Domeng’s wife said they were able to make it to the palace because they were also good people. Elizabeth said Oscar was not only good but handsome and she lõved him.

Oscar talked to Flora and told her that she raised Cardo well and knew Cardo was the right person for the task ahead. Flora who was concerned about her grandson’s mission opened up to Oscar that when Cardo was young, he was very sick and needed to travel outside the country for proper medical care.

However, since she did not have enough funds, she gave him up for adoption for him to be treated. That, made Cardo grow far away from her so she did not raise him. She said that was also the reason he was called Dalisay and she was De Leon. Oscar said he was sure Cardo took after his father, Pablo De Leon.

Since Flora had been a teacher, head mistress and  Barangay Captain before, he knew Cardo learnt lots of things from her. The boys were laughing when Borja came arrived in the scene. They asked if they looked good in their police uniforms. Borja said they did, however, the uniform was not for show it comes with a responsibility.

They promised to deliver and Borja said he never doubted their capabilities but it was a friendly reminder. Cardo went to thank Oscar and was glad that he had returned to his old life since no one was expecting that. Lily said they were counting on him.

As Dante and his snippers were going, they came across police officers who were waiting at the checkpoint. Dante being the leader shõt them in a car race till the officers gave up in pursuing them.

The guys urged Jerome to go and confess how he actually felt to Bubbles since she was sitting alone. Jerome joined Bubbles and he told her that he lõved her and when she was taken by Homer, he felt that he would never see her again. He asked if she was måd at him because ever since they returned, she has been avoiding him.

Bubbles said that was not the case but he deserved a decent woman. Jerome said he did not care about her past because he was happy while he was with her. He said he got to know her well that she was a good lady and he would like to start his life with her. Bubbles insisted that she was not right for him and walked out on him.

Cardo, Alyana and Diana stared at them. Cardo approached Jerome to ask if everything was alright. Jerome indicated that everything was okay just that he had confessed his feelings to her and it seemed she was no longer interested in him. Elsewhere, Dante settled and celebrated with his fellows for a successful mission.

He planned to recruit more men to rebuild his force and also to take down all officers who would come his way. Alyana and Diana went to ask Bubbles about what transpired between her conversation with Jerome and she said he proposed but they could not be together anyways.

She said he deserved a better woman. Diana advised her not to shut her heart to rob herself of a chance to be happy in life. Alyana told her that if Jerome really did lõve her, he would understand her situation and told her to give him a chance. Cardo, on the other hand, told Jerome that Bubbles was going through a tough time so he should have patience and talk to her again.

The snippers saw the news of Dalisay now back in the force and Dante said he would pay Dalisay for what he did to his twin brother. His ally reminded him that it was not Cardo who k!lled his twin brother, David rather Ador. His allies said Dalisay was a strong man and he was able to take down lots of goons and even secured Oscar.

Dante said he did not care and recalled how his brother David was shõt by Ador. He vowed during his brother’s wake that he would make Dalisay pay for it. His ally reminded him that Ador was already buried six feet under and Dante said Cardo would pay for Ador’s crime.

Finally, Flora told Cardo about how Coun Gee conspired with Captain Bart and Mrs Suarez to throw her out of the house. Cardo wondered why they did not tell him early and Flora said she did not want to ruin his training.

Alyana stressed that they were living in her parents’ house but Flora said they have gotten a new place. Later, Oscar asked for his leave and Flora thanked him for believing in her grandson. Borja said he talked with the Vendetta boys and they could not wait to start working.

Cardo also thanked Oscar and Lily. Once they left, Lily spoke with Nicholas to scheme up against Renato. However, Renato was also prepping up to take Nicholas on. Hipolito had to change his plans and called Cedric to inform him. Nicholas met up with Lily and the lady said they have a common enemy.

She promised to give him one million should he take down Hipolito. She promised him weapons but the man said he did not need that, as they were negotiating, Nicholas’ men got attacked. Hearing the commotion, Lily ran but Hipolito saw and shõt at her which some of her guards were gunned down.

She managed to escape while Nicholas was caught. Cardo and his comrades arrived at the Arevalos mansion. The comrades of Cardo did not want to be a bother so Cardo told them that his family had already gotten a place for them to stay. Jerome promised to come early in the morning to help them load their stuff.

Lazaro told Hipolito that his mission was a failure since he heard Lily outsmart him again. Hipolito said Lily escaped but he would ensure to make her pay. He argued that his mission was not a failure and he had Nicholas so he would give him the amount he promised him.

He headed out and got the ransom money from Nicholas’ wife. He forced Nicholas to reveal why Lily met him up and he confessed that Lily was about to pay him to take him [Hipolito] down. Since he already had two million from his wife, he told Hipolito to free him. Hipolito accepted to free him by k!lling him.

Lily charged the rest of his men who survived to recruit more men. She knew Hipolito was now after him and promised to k!ll him first before he gets to her. The next day, Jerome and the rest of Cardo’s friends arrived at the Arevalos mansion to help the De Leons to pack out. Meanwhile, the snipper has gotten new means to secure money.

Major Basco and a police General arrived at Oscar’s office in the palace and he thanked Basco for supervising the training of the Special anticrime Task Force. Oscar said he needed to have further communication with the PnP to come up with a task for the newly recruited officer.

Basco told General Dela Cruz that to him their first task should be a manhunt for Hipolito since the team he was replaced with when he was supervising the Special anticrime Task Force has not apprehended Hipolito yet. Per Cardo’s track record, General Dela Cruz had no doubt that he could get Hipolito.

As they were in a car travelling to their new house, Cardo learnt from his family that the place was in the same neighbourhood where they were evicted. Cardo vowed to get back at Counselor Gina if she tried to continue her act. Gina and her lapdogs were also at Captain Bart’s office and felt flattered by the Captain’s complement.

After obtaining the firearms, Dante’s personal ally advised him that they should slow down since they were wanted by the police. Dante was not willing to stop till he k!lled Cardo.

He vowed that Cardo should brace himself as it would be justice if Ador’s twin brother paid for the deàth of his twin brother David.


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