Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 458

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 458 Cardo faces Captain Bart and Gina, Bubbles embarrasses Jerome in front of his friends

The jeepney loaded with the stuff of the De Leons pulled over. The land lady toured them around and the former Vendetta members. She showed them the spacious room they would stay in. George said the place was wide like a coffin.

Greco told George that he was making him nervous as his words were sounding like they would soon encounter problems. Captain Gina told Bart that he should make her his manager and Bart said she should keep giving him money.

They were glad that the absence of the De Leons would make them run many illegal businesses. But they did not end their speech when the lapdogs of Gina arrived to inform them that they were mistaken. The De Leons were back in the neighbourhood.

In the palace, Oscar had an important meeting with Dela Cruz so he was going when Elizabeth rushed in to demand to talk to him but Edwin, Oscar’s aide-de-camp stopped her. Oscar granted Elizabeth’s request and introduced her to his new officer protecting him.

As they settled, Alyana thanked Jerome and told him that she had nothing at the moment to use it to thank him. However, Jerome told her that they were family so she needed not to thank him. He told her to count on him for any help and called Bubbles to also tell him if she needed anything.

Bubbles did not utter a word and walked out on him. The embarrassment Jerome passed through made his friends go out with him for fresh air. However, they witnessed the neighbours gambling and Chikoy said they should arrest them. Rigor stopped them that the De Leons just moved in as that would create trouble.

Jerome seconded and told them they should leave it for Cardo and Borja. Dante refused to stay home  and he went with his ally to embark on a robbing spree. His lackey after the successful mission wanted them to return home but Dante was still not satisfied with the more so they had more operations.

Meanwhile, George and his friends were enticed after seeing hot ladies going to and fro from the compound. Ramil appeared and saw how his friends were being tempted. He reminded them that they were now cops and it was their duty to protect the women.

Diana spoke with Bubbles for embarrassing Sir Jerome. She told her that it was not right and she said Jerome would not take it lightly should he find out about her current situation. Alyana told her that it was still not right for her to treat him in such a manner. She was sure that Jerome would understand the situation if she voiced it out.

Flora, later, questioned Bubbles for her action. Bubbles said she acted that way to Jerome because of what she was going through. Flora asked what she was going through and she said when she got abducted by Homer, he repeatedly abused and raped her so she was now pregnant and knew once Jerome learn of her situation, he would keep his distance.

Flora sympathised with her and told her not to act that way to a gentleman like Jerome. She advised her to tell him the truth and was sure Jerome would understand her. Delfin got there and learnt that Billy and Jerome were outside so he told Cardo that the guys might be hungry so they should join them.

As they came out, Ramil and the boys also came there. Delfin set his eyes on the gamblers and he said the act was illegal. Billy said they were even talking about it and wanted to arrest them but they thought it wise to stop since they just moved in there. Delfin ordered Cardo to talk to them to stop them because he might lose it when he approached them.

Cardo approached them to introduce himself to them and stopped them. However, the gamblers did not heed and questioned him, Cardo flipped his ID to them and said he was a cop and what they were doing was illegal. One recognised him as the famous cop they always saw on television but the rest did not care.

They told him to mind his business. He just moved in there and should learn to cope without causing trouble. Cardo felt offended and attacked them. He destroyed their gambling materials much to Borja’s surprise. Borja questioned him and Cardo apologised. The noise made by the neighbours started Flora from the inside so Wally was sent to check on what was going on.

He stumbled on Cardo and the rest. Delfin informed them that they just moved in but Cardo with his temper was causing trouble. He explained why Cardo ravaged the gambling place. Wally believed the place was being run by Gina and Bart. Flora was scared that the act might lead to another eviction.

The gamblers who were being protected by the two corrupt officials rushed to the barangay office to inform Bart and Gina. The two led the gamblers to Flora’s new place to question the family. Cardo asked Gina why she was always picking on his family. He explained to the corrupt officials that he talked with the gamblers nicely to put a stop to their illegal gambling.

However, they did not heed and TD Gina that since Bart said there were complaints about him attacking them, he would come to the local office to check the complaints they filed against him and at the precinct. The gamblers knowing their activities were illegal got scared so they rescinded their decision to file charges.

Gina insisted that Cardo beat up the people who were just relaxing and as an officer he has abused the law. Cardo asked her if she was there to witness it. Flora threatened to sue them should they bother her family again because as officials they were not abiding by the laws and sacked them.

Hipolito told Lazaro that he has already k!lled and disposed the body of Mora along with his wife. He also saw the headlines that robbery cases were still rampant and believed nothing has changed even when Dalisay and his group graduated. Lily’s guard brought her a gün for personal protection.

Bart got offended when Gido and the rest of Gina’s lapdogs were putting ideas in his head that he was disrespected by Cardo so the man turned the issue personal which made Gina happy. Bart got in touch with Ema, the new land lady of De Leons and in a meeting at his office, he told her to evict the De Leons.

Gina explained that the De Leons were trouble makers. Wherever Cardo goes, trouble lingers. She said Cardo was a cop and was arrested after he escaped, he set up a terrorist group so now that he was in the neighbourhood, he would cause trouble which would affect Ema’s source of income.

The De Leons still felt that they would not have the peace they were seeking for after what had transpired so Cardo assured to beg the landlady. They made a decision to also run an eatery at the place so Cardo, Alyana, Flora and Yolly went to see the land lady to talk to her. Cardo apologised to her and told her that his intentions were clear.

The landlady said the gambling they run also served her as a source of income. Flora said it was another reason they came. She told her that she was planning to establish an eatery at the place so she would still get the income.

Ema was happy with that and Cardo asked her to show him their place they would rent. The woman sent them there and Alyana liked the room. It was spacious and believed they would make kids there. The landlady surprisingly learnt that their child d!ed and said her place would be a lucky charm for them since those who left gave birth to seven children and they could no longer afford the rent.

The lackey of Dante got so worried since his boss was not ready for them to stop the robbery. He told Dante that they have gotten enough money to set up their auto shop but Dante said it was not enough. He was having fun while robbing and k!lling cops.

The report of Mora’s sudden disappearance was all over and Lily’s guard feared that it would send Lily to doom since she was the last person to have been seen in a restaurant with Mora. Lily yelled at him to mind his business. The snipper told the rest that Dante’s obsession in k!lling cops would send them into trouble and they might end up like David, Dante’s twin brother.

Dante shõt Cardo’s picture and swore to make him pay for what Ador did to his twin. The De Leons together with the friends of Cardo ate. Flora urged the friends of Cardo to always make their bond stronger to continue their friendship. They toasted for friendship to the end.

The gathering made Delfin recall Oscar but now they have different paths. Diana said it has made her miss Anton and Romulo. Flora asked who Romulo was and Cardo said he was the leader of Vendetta. Diana indicated that Romulo was a good man who had the nation at heart and was very sincere that was why she fell in lōve with him when they stayed together.

She said due to his good heart, she did not hesitate to marry him. Flora said it was too bad that she did not get to meet him. However, they planned to visit his grave and that of Aubrey and decided to talk to the president and use one of his private jet for Flora to go there too since it was a mountainous place.

Dante could not sleep and woke up while thinking about his brother and the manner Ador shōt him deàd. He walked to watch Cardo’s picture in fury.

“We will face each other soon Dalisay !”

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