Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 459

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 459 Cardo and Vendetta meet their new boss Alessandra Romero, The Special Task Force to embark on a mission to take down Dante, Cardo’s new enemy

Hipolito and Lazaro were not getting along. Lazaro was suspicious of Hipolito as he believed Hipolito had plans of taking over his business just like what he was doing with other syndicates. He planned to lead him on but would be very vigilant.

Dante forced his lackeys to carry out an operation.  He pulled over seeing some officers eating. He shōt and killed those officers. Cardo was in his uniform and his modest wife was happy to see him and gave him a compliment.

Alyana sent Cardo to Flora’s place to find Flora already prepared breakfast but Cardo refused to eat since it was his first day at work and never wanted to be late. Ramil and the rest joined and they also refused to take breakfast and left for work.

At Camp Crame, they met Jerome and Rigor. Cardo acted formally. In the palace, Secretary Borja reported the sudden attack on Nicholas Mora, who a group of armed men kidnapped him and after that his wife has also gone missing. Oscar said he would talk to the CIDG to look into the issue.

Coun Gee called Captain Bart over the phone to tell him to keep nagging Ema to evict the De Leons. A wangler pulled over and Alessandra Romero alighted in a sporty outfit, she exercised and the policemen got enchanted by her body and beauty. Billy came to inform Chikoy and Mark that he heard there were ladies who were assigned to the Presidential Special Anticrime Task Force.

He was so happy and Vegas said it was not time for that but Billy indicated that they needed to have a source of inspiration. As Cardo and his comrades were walking to their office, they stumbled on the CIDG facility and Jerome informed the boys that Cardo used to be part of the CIDG.

George indicated that he knew Cardo was one top notch cop that was why he was his idol. Cardo said now they would all work at the CIDG department. Ramil said they would be fighting crimes so they have to brace themselves. Meanwhile, the girls who also had training along with them were also heading to the office.

They could not hide their job especially working in the same unit with Ricardo Dalisay. They were happy all the men in their unit were very skillful. Billy, Chikoy and Mark saw Cardo and his comrades coming and they welcomed Cardo back into the force. They were equally happy that Vendetta members were now cops.

As they were watching their television, Dante and his gang bank robbery news as well as the officers who were shõt to death at an eatery were reported. The allies of Dante were glad their faces couldn’t be captured but their boss couldn’t care or less. Lazaro told Hipolito that he was no longer in the news and believed his issue has d!ed out.

Hipolito interjected that not yet he had to know what the Task Force had for him. He planned not to allow anyone to defeat him, not even Lazaro. Later, he gave Cedric a whooping sum of money for his job. This is too woo Cedric to follow his instructions.

Chikoy showed Dalisay and the rest, their various work stations. Rigor was happy to hear that there were many ladies who were joining them.

He alerted Lando to make his choice since his wife broke up with him. Rigor also planned to get a new woman but he was reminded by Cardo that he has a wife. He claimed his marriage was not going smoothly so the more the merrier. He told Jerome to also get himself one since Bubbles had been bluffing him.

Jerome made it clear that irrespective, he would still fight for Bubbles since she was a woman he lōved. Trisha could not get Dalisay of her mind and kept admiring while Cardo was working. Lily called the restaurant owner to pay her money and additional 2million to destroy the CCTV footage. She threatened to make her pay should she betray her.

The newly recruited task force met their boss, Police Major Alessandra Romero. And leader being Dalisay, Major Romero charged Dalisay to ensure their discharge of their duties.

President Oscar together with Diana and Borja had a meeting with Dela Cruz concerning Mora’s kidnapping. They believed Hipolito was going after the syndicate to recover.

The General in an investigation saw that Mora had a whopping 500million in his account while he was doing a simple job so he had a belief that he was doing an illegal business. Oscar charged him to do everything possible to get to the bottom of the issue as he suspected Hipolito was doing everything to recover.

Knowing Hipolito, Diana knew he wouldn’t only seek money but for power. Unbeknownst, Hipolito has vowed to get everything he lost and would not slow down since what he had currently could not be compared with the wealth he stored and lost.

Flora set up her eatery with the help of her family and Alyana. She called her father to inform him and her father sent his regards to Flora, they promised to visit. Alyana delivered the message.

In the palace, Edwin showed Hidalgo the newspaper containing the story of police officers who were into drugs.

The President could not believe that the enforcers of the laws were abusing the law. Back then, Oscar said when he assumed office, he wanted to eradicate corruption in all the branches and agencies of the government but from the look of things, the first on the list should be the police force.

Victor after was pressured by his boss, Dante for a new operation found it hard to execute it. While waiting in their van for their next prey, Victor tried to talk him out of the mission. He told him that the police now had given him a name Elios cop and was scared that could drag them into trouble.

Dante did not care and wished Cardo was equally looking for him and threatened him to brace himself as Eliot cop is coming. Basco addressed the task force to remind them of their duties to capture all those crime syndicates. General Dela Cruz had a close door meeting with them to inform them about the current surge in crime in Metro Manila.

There was a group that had resurfaced and according to the police report the group was responsible for it. The group was involved in bank robbery, abduction and car check. According to the police sources the group was being led by Dante Mandagara Santos also known as Storm.

He said the group strikes at any time they are pleased. Cardo asked if CCTV footage of Storm from where he was last seen but Dela Cruz said he was wearing a mask so it would be difficult to identify him. However, as the leader of the Task Force, he wanted Cardo to take full charge of the operation. Basco’s facial expressions did not look cheerful.

Major Romero called Cardo to her office. Elsewhere, Storm and his allies attacked people in a bus and shõt some to deåth. He took their money and was happy with his actions.


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