Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 46 Cardo saves Carmen and got shot in the process

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 46

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 46 Cardo saves Carmen and got shot in the process

As the buyer forced himself on Carmen, Cardo went into the yacht. Rigor was still talking about the beauty of Paloma but Glen said he would not like her.

Joaquin and his men got to Glen’s office and saw the picture of Paloma, Greg exclaimed “is that not Cardo.”

They explained that Cardo was the one who posed off as Paloma to capture the syndicate.

Cardo shot the goons in the yacht meanwhile, Carmen cried that she wanted to go home. The man tried to rape Carmen but a sound of a shot made him slowed down and used Carmen as bait.

He brought Carmen on the yacht, holding a gun. He told Cardo to drop his gun but Carmen with a soft voice opposed it.

The man threw Carmen in to the sea as he made an attempt to shoot Cardo, Cardo shot him.

He then threw himself into the sea and helped Carmen. Verna called Joaquin to find out what was wrong with him since he had not been in the house for several days.

After the call Joaquin said Cardo’s efforts would be a waste, adding that he would eventually die. Dino said if Cardo dies he would not see Carmen again and he said he did not care anymore since all that he wanted was for Cardo to die.

Cardo managed to bring Carmen back to life, being traumatised Carmen hugged Cardo, unfortunately Philip who had been pursuing Cardo for long shot him.

Carmen screamed for help. Tang’s guys asked whether he was sure Delisay was dead and he said he never missed.

Cardo was later rushed to the hospital. Carmen made a call. At the hospital Junior asked Nora if his mother would be home once he got to the house.

Billy brought a phone to Junior that someone wanted to speak with him. He realised it was Carmen and she promised to see him soon.

Lola Kap and Benny went to the hospital to see Cardo. Flora cried while the nurse instructed her to wait outside.

Joaquin spoke with someone on phone and after the call Verna asked whether Carmen was safe and he said she was safe because Cardo saved her.

Verna said it was not a competition all that mattered was Carmen was safe. Joaquin interjected that it was a competition and he was the loser.

Benny told Flora that he said Cardo was not a gay. Carmen was shocked to hear that. Flora cried for doubting her grandson not knowing he was doing all that to save Carmen.

Cardo received shocks as his condition was deteriorating. He recalled everything concerning his life while Onyok was also praying to God to give Cardo second chance to live.

Carmen re-united with Junior, meanwhile Cardo was stable and the doctor confirmed it to Flora. Onyok, Yolly and Elmo got there and Onyok shouted that he should wake up.

Philip commended Joaquin to Tomas and said he was great to bring down a prostitution syndicate.

Tomas said Joaquin was not happy with the development since he wanted to be the one to save Carmen but Delisay was the one who saved Carmen.

He added that if the person who shot Cardo was that good they would not have any problem again.

Flora told Yolly and Elmo that whatever they thought of Cardo was wrong. Onyok cried while sleeping on Cardo and he realised he was awake.

Delfin overhead the conversation and said it was not their fault since Cardo was full of crazy ideas and did not even believe that he could go to an extent of disguising himself as a woman to save the girls of Casa.

Junior asked how Cardo got to save Carmen and she said he fought the bad guys and even got himself shot in the process. Junior became worried about Cardo’s condition.

Joaquin visited Carmen and she said it was quite unfortunate that she could not recognise the shooter’s face.

Later, Carmen and her family visited Cardo and she thanked him for risking and disguising himself just to save her.

Junior drunk his medicines just to go and visit Cardo. Glen visited Cardo and promised to deal with the person who tried killing him.

However, Joaquin was determined to kill Cardo for winning him. He said he did not accept defeat so easily, adding that Cardo was not his match and would finish him just like how he did with Ador.


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