Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 460

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 460 Diana, Delfin to review footage of the palace to know Lucas’ allies, Lazaro outsmart Renato in his game

Counselor Gina showed a newspaper which contained Dante’s picture to the neighbours of Flora and told them that the notorious criminal was living in the house of Flora. Her lackeys gave them refreshments.

The neighbours realised Coun Gee was telling them lies and left. The De Leons were happy for setting up the eatery. Flora was happy that they were able to make the place beautiful and also for their family to expand.

Cardo arrived at Major Romero’s office and she told him that her office had received orders directly from Oscar Hidalgo instructing the Special Task Force to clean up the image of the police force.

They have to do random checks at all precincts to know those who were working in connivance with criminals. Lily went to the palace and the President was busy so she decided to go and see the children. She was happy that she could roam the palace freely and commend herself.

Lazaro spoke with Cedric to inform him that Hipolito was now targeting the bigger syndicates. He thanked God that he was not on his list yet. Cedric wondered if he meant that Hipolito would betray him. Lazaro said he knew Hipolito well and how his mind operates so since Hipolito trusted Cedric, he wanted him to find out Hipolito’s next move

Hipolito saw Lily in the news and vowed to make her pay. Cedric told him to order whenever he needed them to get rid of Lily. Hipolito told him that he was now planning to build himself a strong private army so that he and Lazaro could have the greatest strong force. Cedric told him to count on him.

“I need men who are completely loyal to me no matter what happens!”Hipolito thought.

“I need to be their master and no other master!”

As the kids were asking Lily questions whether she had children, she said she never had a husband so she did not have kids. Hipolito had been observing her silently as the kids were happy that she bought them toys and a dress for Lisa. Ana and Aye told her to consider them as her children.

Oscar then made his presence known and went to talk to Lily. Lily told him that the kids talked to her and that they would go back to school. She wanted to assist Oscar but he refused since she has done enough. Diana told Delfin that since Hipolito was taking down syndicates, they could look at the CCTV footage of the palace to know those who visited the palace.

Delfin said Hernandez said they used to do their private syndicate meeting there. They saw it as a good idea to review the footage. Flora shared foods for the neighbours. Ema stood aloof to watch them. Dante counted all their money they got. He asked Victor if he was still chickening out.

He reminded Victor that when he met him, he was from jail and now he has made it. Victor made it clear that he did not want to return to prison. Hipolito shared money to pay the goons who helped him and gave Cedric his own. Lazaro told him that he was generous.

Cardo got home to find his wife decorated their house and has even bought a television and mattress. He told her about the strict  boss he had and Alyana assured him that they would get along as time passed just like how he and Jerome were now.

Lazaro had a talk with Cedric and the latter confessed that Hipolito had been luring him with money to win over his loyalty but his loyalty couldn’t be bought. Lazaro asked if Hipolito was given him a fair share and Cedric said he could not tell but the money was kept there.

That evening, Cedric sneaked into the room to steal the money and was almost caught by Hipolito. However, he was fast to escape him to send the money to Lazaro. Lazaro realised that Hipolito was not being truthful and decided to keep the money. He told Cedric to gather his men.

George and the boys the next morning introduced themselves to the girls with the neighbourhood who were going to have their bath. Ramil got there to snap his comrades out of it and led them to Flora’s place where they had breakfast. Flora told Cardo about her plans of securing a permit but doubted Captain Bart would give it to him.

Cardo told her to inform him, he would go for the permit should Bart fail to give it to them.  Least did they know that Ema had been bribed by Bart and she returned their envelope to them to inform them that the De Leons were actually good people. Gina tripled the amount but Ema did not take it.

Flora,Yolly and Elmo came to meet them and Ema confessed to them the truth so Flora confronted him and he accepted to grant them the permit. Oscar had meeting with Major Basco and Dela Cruz. Cardo and his comrades arrived at the palace and Ambo together with Caloy happily welcomed them. They invited them to pass by the house to see Doray and Elizabeth.

Delfin and Diana informed the president that Cardo and his comrades had come. Caloy and Ambo went to inform Doray, Elizabeth and the rest about the presence of Cardo in the palace and the women were happy. Flora got home to inform Alyana and Bubbles how Gina and Bart bribed their landlady to evict them.

Gina was upset with Bart for accepting to grant the De Leons food operating permit. Bart explained to her that he had to do it in order to win the upcoming elections and counted on Gina’s support. Gina did not want to but Bart reminded her of her illegal business so she accepted.

Cardo and his comrades in a meeting with Oscar were told to prepare for their mission to take down corrupt officials. Elsewhere, Hipolito woke up to discover that his money was gone and in fury, he went to call Lazaro to demand him to return the money.

Lazaro told him to join him for breakfast for them to talk about any problem they were having. Hipolito refused and warned him to return his money otherwise he would see his end. Lazaro urged him on told him that Hipolito promised him 50-50 share but what he gave him was a peanut so he should come for them to share equally.

Hipolito said he did the thinking and went to execute it so it was prudent for him to gain the lion share. Lazaro reminded him that he was the one who helped him so there should be an equal share. Hipolito refused and brandished his gün.

However, Lazaro’s men held him on a gùn point and was escorted out. Cedric asked Lazaro if he would leave Hipolito to go scot free, Lazaro said no he did not want to cause a mess in his mansion and took his gün to point at Hipolito when Hipolito was closer to a car. He watched Lazaro through the car mirror.


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