Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 465

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 465 Flora’s Garden receives more customers on first day of operations, Domengsu starts his job with Task Force Agila

Cardo left home to work to find Domengsu with Billy. Billy explained the Domengsu situation to Cardo and told Cardo that he believed in him that he came  for the audition as he was saying.

Cardo asked where he was from and he said he was coming from Bulacan and came to the BBB for a big brother’s audition.

Mark suggested they use him for an undercover job due to his innocence. He said Domengsu was like Benny and could be an asset. In starting his job, he was made to be a cleaner. Hipolito was planning to join Dante and researched about him.

Dante got some delivery. Alyana came to Flora’s house for them to go to Flora’s Garden. Gina was upset with Bart for giving Flora the permit as she believed that would make Flora stay in their neighbourhood for long.

At Camp Crame, Alessandra congratulated Cardo for the successful mission and the smiles on her face made the boys think, she was crushing on Dalisay. The girls also alerted Tricia that Major Romero might beat her to it. Tricia believed Alessandra was just congratulating Cardo for the successful mission.

At the palace, Oscar looked happy when Delfin informed him that a drug syndicate using a bar for the business was busted by Task Force Agila. Diana believed that was just the beginning of many more works that Task Force Agila would successfully spearhead.

Major Basco congratulated Task Force Agila for the successful mission. He had no doubts about Cardo and said the President made the right decision to make him head the team. Basco got informed by his men about some intel they have gotten about an illegal business running in a place where the people were closely related to the other.

Delfin had a meeting with some ambassadors concerning the surge in criminal activities in the Philippines but as a security advisor, he assured them that the president was keen in fighting criminalities. In so doing, Oscar has formed a Special Task Force to fight crimes and pleaded with them to give the country opportunity.

Hipolito went to steal a phone and purse containing money to search for Storm’s location. He had no choice than to form ties with Dante and his men. As Flora was working at the eatery,  Basco informed De la Cruz about the illegal drug operation.

In order to reduce casualties, Alessandra suggested they make Task Force Agila send their agents to the place first to gather information before the CIDG and Task Force Agila could go. As Domengsu was cleaning and dancing to entertain the girls, General De la Cruz had a meeting with Cardo and the entire special task force.

He informed Dalisay to infiltrate Brgy. Sapang Bato in order to gain an asset at the place who would give them intel since no one has come out of Brgy. Sapang Bato alive. As Hipolito reached Aguedo auto repair shop, he thought of better means to approach them. Unbeknownst to him, Dante was also planning to rob Lily.

In the planning phase of their mission to infiltrate the place, their eyes suggested Domengsu would carry out the task. He accepted that it was his time to shine so he gladly accepted the task. However, Cardo told him the team would do a surveillance job first the next day. Dela Cruz asked Basco about the update on Hipolito.

Basco said they suspected Joma, a certain man with criminal records to be the person who was shielding Hipolito but it seemed Hipolito realised that and k!lled the man. Dela Cruz was disappointed since they were back to square one. He charged Basco to find Hipolito and reminded him of his promise to the president.

Flora’s Garden on the first day of operation had lots of customers. Her food was yummy so the place was full and others were in a queue outside. Flora sent Elmo and Wally to get more chairs and tables. Some officials from Captain Bart’s office went to buy food from Flora and Bart after tasting was in lōve with the food and passed good judgement on it.

Oscar was optimistic that Task Force Agila would take down another syndicate. Delfin hoped so since that would help uplift the image of the country in the international space.

Oscar  received a call from  the office of international relations and after the call with the secretary, Oscar told Borja that three countries have decided to include in their risk of high country for foreign terrorists and it was in addition to the ambassadors Delfin met with.

Delfin wanted to arrange a new meeting with the ambassadors but Oscar objected and proposed they concentrated on their job to fight the crimes. Bart gave Gina some of the food and it tasted yummy.

They wanted more so Bart gave his men money to buy more. Gina in curiosity asked them where they bought it from. Hearing it was from Flora’s Garden, Gina began to act up.

Oscar told Diana that it was time he had to initiate policies that would enhance the lives of every Filipino since they were affected the most by all the things going on.

Diana said he should not worry because they have quite a number of projects like Agriculture, housing , facilities to different schools and the renovations of their trains. Lazaro called Lily to ask how she was doing and she said she was fine. Lazaro told her that all thanks to his protection.

He asked her out to discuss a business he has which he might need her help with. Lily knew that was coming and said he had already told her to manipulate Oscar to protect his businesses and he provided her with security so she did not understand where the extra business was coming from.

Lazaro said he knew she would need more money to be able to get in the good books of Oscar that was why he needed her in what he was planning. Least did Lily know that Diana was also investigating her to fish out information about her life.


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