Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 467

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 467 Lily Storm and his minions steal from Lily’s mansion, Task Force Agila infiltrates Bolit’s ghetto

Alyana spoke over the phone with her father and told him that she has read the article he wrote. Teddy said he wanted the public to know that the president was doing something to salvage the country after the recent surge in crime.

Storm and his goons infiltrated the mansion of Lily to k!ll all the guards guarding her house to steal all her jewelry. The Arevalos arrived at Alyana’s house and she toured them. Alyana asked JP about his new accounting work.

As Domengsu and some of the taskforce infiltrated the Brgy Sapang Bato, Jerome was scared that Domeng would compromise the operation. Cardo believed Domeng would pull it off. He said they should trust him, besides the other guys were there. Alessandra was glad that they believed in each other.

She spoke to General Dela Cruz and the latter advised her to tell the group to remain alert since they have infiltrated the camp. He said the mission was a dangerous one. The Arevalos were treated at Flora’s eatery. Virgie told Flora that she should make Alyana add her special recipe to her Manu. Alyana talked about that particular dish and they agreed to add that dish.

The informant led Domengsu to the boss of the drug dealers. The taskforce was checked if they had no weapons and were sent to the main boss, Bolit. Through the microphone they warn the undercover agents to get away when things get complicated. The leader of the drug pedaling business, Bolit gave Domeng some of the drugs to taste when the latter paid.

Elsewhere, Gina and her lapdogs went to cause trouble at Flora’s Garden. Gina sacked Flora’s customers who were taking seats and she sat there with her lapdogs. Flora came to throw her out from there and warned her not to do that to her customers. Earthworm and Tadpole found an exit point at the back of the place.

Alessandra and Cardo told the surveillance team to flee if they see that their mission would be compromised. Domengsu tasted the substance and he said he would want an extra one the following day. Bolit warned them that they got rid of all those who snitched on them especially the cops.

Domeng asked Bolit if he thought they were cops. He threatened to come the next day to finish them off. Bolit got upset but Greco stepped in to say his boss meant that they would come the next day to buy the drugs and they would fish all up. When they left, Bolit sent men to go after them. The informant showed them a way out.

They hurriedly got into the van. Cardo asked if they suspected them. Greco said he doubted and mentioned that Tadpole found an alternative route. He also said they were able to familiarise themselves with the place so they would be able to navigate their way when they come there again.

While they were in the van returning to their ghetto, Victor feared that their presence in Lily’s house would be noticed but Storm said it was impossible, especially when they got rid of all the security. They arrived at the ghetto and stumbled on Hipolito. Dante almost picked a fight with him but Victor stopped him.

Gina and her lapdogs returned to Captain Bart’s office. Bart advised them not to worry because he would use an excuse that there were lots of people in need of a permit to close down her eatery. Gina lõved him for what he said and sang “We did it before we can do it again.”

Oscar and his team arrived at the inauguration ceremony of the power project at Santa Filipina. As Oscar praised Lily for her relentless efforts in achieving that milestone, Diana watched Lily suspiciously. He officially switched on the power. Hipolito spied on Storm when the group was jubilating for hitting the jackpot.

Hipolito believed he did the right thing for locating Storm. Watching the news, the De Leons were cheerful and were optimistic that aside from the developmental projects, he was also fighting crimes. They prayed that Task Force Agila would be able to accomplish the mission. Lazaro watched Lily when she granted the media interview during the ceremony, he vowed to work harder to make Lily know that she needed him.

Lily on the other hand, kept playing with Oscar’s mind to make him think that the situation of the dwellers at the place reminded her of how she started in life. She told Oscar that she was born poor and her family was living in poverty. She was the one who supported her siblings. She claimed she was the one who was also taking care of her mother when she was sick, eventually, she d!ed.

That, she indicated was the reason she made it a mandate to help the less privileged. Diana asked her about the location of her siblings. Lily said they were abroad and in turn of taking care of them, she couldn’t start her family. Oscar said she was kind hearted and she was quick to state that she did the right thing.


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