Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 468

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 468 Lily declares intentions to lure Oscar to marry her, Cardo clashes with Dante at Barangay Sapang Bato

Lily watched the footage and knew Renato was behind it. In the palace, Oscar asked Lisa about Aye and Ana since he was not there early to check on them. He called the workers to join him on the dinner table. The workers raised a concern about the upsurge in crime.

They were concerned about Oscar’s safety. Meanwhile, Lily met with Lazaro to seek his help over the incident that happened in her house. Lazaro offered to give her additional security if she helps him with presidential protection.

Lily knew she wouldn’t be an asset to Lazaro if it wasn’t for her connection with Oscar. General Dela Cruz praised Taskforce Agila for a successful surveillance which has made the police able to devise a strategy to attack Barangay Sapang Bato.

Lazaro said he would need her as a business partner and needed her connections. He wanted them to even go beyond business partners to intimate partners but Lily saw his last statement as impossible since both needed the other to get rid of Renato.

Bolit saw it as good that Storm was murdering police officers and also found their territory as a place the police could not raid. Lily while leaving planned to make Oscar start to see her more than a friend. She said since she has successfully gained his trust, the next step was for her to gain his affection and vowed not to stop till she became the first lady.

General Dela Cruz deployed his men to embark on the mission to neutralise the threat of Barangay Sapang Bato people. He reminded them that the President’s belief was in them. Lily bought gifts for the Santo Niño workers at the palace but left Elizabeth out so she promised to buy hers the next day. Though Elizabeth said she could stop it but she insisted.

No sooner, the restaurant ally called Lily and Lily warned her to keep her mouth shut and should not contact her. Least did she know that Elizabeth was keeping tabs on her. Same did Diana stumble on the woman Lily was speaking to and followed her to Solita restaurant. Hipolito thought of a perfect plan to form an alliance with Storm since he could not just barge in to introduce himself to him.

Storm was recruiting more men to strengthen his forces. Hipolito who sneaked his way into the auto shop was glad that Storm was building his forces. The men Dante recruited were mostly wanted by the police and he saw that it was the best decision he made. He laid down his rules that he called a shot there.

Storm introduced the newly recruited to the portrait of Ricardo Dalisay and told them that he was his enemy and he was not even aware of it. His men noticed Hipolito and hunted him but Hipolito managed to escape.

As Task Force Agila laid down its rules to be tolerant and would not use any weapons to attack the people of Sapang Bato unless their safety was compromised, Dante also made it a point to go to the same place to collect his drugs from Bolit.

Hipolito while lurking around saw Storm and his goons leaving and planned to have his way to control them. Ema brought her friends to Flora’s Garden and Flora was grateful to her. She announced to the customers about the grand opening of the eatery the next day.

Unknown to them, Gina was also planning on a grand operation to steal Flora’s customers as she prepared to set up her own eatery. Storm and his goons got to Bolit territory and began to yell out his name. The protectors of Bolit ambushed him with their güns but allowed him through.

When Lily was in a car, she called Oscar to check on his health since he ran a fever when she visited earlier. Lazaro also thought of means to get closer to Lily in order to win her trust. He called her several times but she refused to receive it. Domengsu demanded a weapon when he was in the van with the taskforce.

He was told that his job was done so he could remain in the van. Dante got to see Bolit but got angry since the drugs were not enough for him and that was not what they agreed on. He hit Bolit several times and Bolit reminded him that he was in his territory. Meanwhile, Diana kept thinking about what Lily was scared of that when it comes out it would go against her.

Taskforce Agila passed under the bridge and the civilians fled for their lives. Bolit and Dante had an issue so the two party protectors brandished a gün at each other. Bolit told his goons to put down their güns. Dante warned him that next time he should do his job right.

Some of the goons ran to Bolit to inform him about the presence of the cops. He ordered his men to take their positions and excused Storm that he had an issue to take care of. Storm was willing to join the fight against the cops, however, Victor advised him not to engage in the fight since it was not his.

Bolit together with his men secured the place in storey building to ambush the police who were on the ground Flora. He welcomed the taskforce to Sapang Bato and laughed at them. The police looked anxious since they knew they were overtaken and stood a high chance of losing their lives.


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