Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 469

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 469 Victor saves Cardo’s life, Cardo k!lls Bolit, Hipolito steals and k!lls for survival

Bolit ordered all his men to shoot and k!ll all the officers. Due to their positions, the goons k!lled many of the police officers. Delfin told General Dela Cruz to give him an update on the Sapang Bato’s attack

The civilians ran to save their lives while some of Taskforce Agila’s repositioned. Cardo went to the rooftop to take some of the goons down. The officers on the ground floor, got surrounded. Fortunately, Major Basco and his team arrived to gün them down.

General Dela Cruz called General Borja to inform him that the drug peddlers got the taskforce surrounded. He said some officers were injured but he was yet to be informed if there were casualties on their side. The firing still went on at Sapang Bato. Dante turned back to fight the officers.

He spotted Cardo and was about to shōõt him when Victor came to save the day. Dante got upset and slapped Victor several times for saving Cardo from his hands. He threatened to get Cardo once again and told him to thank God for his narrow escape as he would not be lucky next time.

As the task force was still looking for some of the  drug peddlers, Bolit hid himself and when he had a chance, he pounced on Alessandra to snatch her pocket gün. Jerome went to her defense but Bolit ordered him not to get closer. Cardo also got there. Bolit felt threatened and shõt Jerome on the hand. Alessandra hit him off guard and before Bolit could shōõt, Cardo shõt him till he d!ed.

Cardo ordered Rigor to assist Jerome. Oscar’s sickness got worse so the cooks brought him ginger tea and other foods to get rid of his cough. Lily went to the palace with fruits since she heard that Oscar has still not gotten better.

Diana called a Sargeant and was told that Hipolito was seen at the parking lot where an incident happened. The police grouped all the casualties and Domengsu who was bored in the van appeared there to see some action. Lazaro made a futile effort in trying to reach  Lily. Cedric believed she might have found someone else who could protect her from Renato.

Lazaro doubted since she could not get someone who would know Hipolito like he did. Delfin told Flora that Cardo was coming home. As Cardo and his comrades appeared at Flora’s Garden, Dante who had been keeping tabs on them felt so happy to know the neighbourhood which Cardo lived in.

Elsewhere, Renato attacked someone to steal the person’s car and planned to do everything possible to get back on his feet again. In the palace, Lily also declared intentions of going to take advantage of Oscar’s ailment to seduce him. Looking at Marissa’s picture, Lily vowed to take her position as the first lady of the country.

“First lady Lily Ann Hidalgo, perfect!”

Cardo told his family that some of his comrades lost their lives while others were injured, including Sir Jerome. Bubbles appeared sad. However, Cardo told them not to worry because leaving the hospital, the doctor said Jerome was fine because she sustained minor injury.

While Lily was taken care of by the President, Oscar mistook her for Marissa. Lauren praised Lily for helping the president for his fever to subside. Elizabeth was still not happy. Diana got there and in a private chat asked her why she was still suspicious of Lily. Elizabeth revealed that she overheard Lily shouting at someone. Diana knew Elizabeth might be in harm’s way should Lily discover that she was suspicious of her.

She told Elizabeth that the person might be her employee. She was investigating Lily so she wanted to know her actual being. Lily texted the president while she was on her way to the house. After her chitchat with the president, she received a call from her ally who told her she saw Diana at her restaurant. Soon after she received a call from Lazaro. Lazaro wanted to come over to her house for them to talk about Renato.

Speaking of the devil, he showed up. Hipolito realised that Lily had tightened her security due to him but he threatened to strike when Lily least expected. The news about the end of Sapang Bato drug syndicate was all over. Dante still had Dalisay in his mind while watching the news.

In bed, Alyana told Cardo about how the family was worried about him. Cardo was glad that their mission at Sapang Bato was successful but was sad that they lost few men. Alyana was so happy that the mission went well and the following day was the grand opening of Flora’s Garden. Lazaro went to Lily’s place.

Captain Bart tasted Gina’s food and he said the food lacked special ingredients because Flora’s food was very delicious. He advised Gina that if she wanted to beat Flora then much effort should be placed on the cooking. Hipolito saw someone passing and he played a trick on the person just to k!ll him and steal his money and the man’s car.

He changed the car and left. He went to sit in a bar and planned to get more money to attack Lily and bury her sis feet under. Lily also made it to her meeting with Lazaro. Seeing the settings, Lily reminded Lazaro that she already told him that she was not interested.


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