Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 470

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 470 Oscar inaugurates Flora’s Garden restaurant, Dante on a mission to bomb the restaurant

Delfin asked Flora if the grand opening of her eatery would come on the next day. Flora said all the preparations were ready and even told Delfin to invite the President. Though the President was infected by flu, Delfin was sure he would be able to make it because he was getting better.

Flora also told Diana to invite Lily. Diana called Lily to invite her and the latter confirmed that she would grace it. After the call, Lily recalled what Mrs Vegara said and told Lazaro that she believed Diana had begun suspecting her so she was leaving.

She told Lazaro that Diana was the Presidential Staffer and was told by Vegara that she visited her restaurant. She was sure Diana was doubting her but Lazaro saw that as coincidence. However, Lily indicated that if she did not guide her ways, the woman would sell her out. Cardo woke Domengsu up when he was fighting in his sleep.

He called him for breakfast and when he heard that Oscar would be around for the grand opening of Flora’s eatery, he was happy. He also mentioned Major Romero’s name, making Alyana ask Cardo questions.

The following morning, Captain Bart and Gina were also having a grand opening of their restaurant. Wally brought a flyer to show it to Flora that Gina and Bart were planning to destroy their grand opening. Flora told them to concentrate on setting up the place.

Elsewhere, Bart was also telling Gina about how he was able to roll out their plans and believed the activities they have put in line would divert Flora’s customers attention to their eatery. Lily called Oscar to ask if he would be able to grace the grand opening of Flora’s Garden and the president said he would.

She went to the palace and left for the place with Oscar. Wally informed Cardo that Gina and Bart had also set an eatery closer to Flora’s own. Unknown to Cardo, Dante was also coming there with his goons to finish him off. While they were on the bus going, Elizabeth looked down so the people from Santo Niño started to make fun of her because she was jealous of Lily and wanted to be the first lady.

Lily who was also in the same car as the President, kept seducing him. Jerome and his colleagues came to Flora’s house. He had an injured arm. Flora thought that he would not be able to make it there, Jerome said he missed her. Rigor knew Jerome was equally there for another thing.

As the guys got seated and the Arevalos arrived, Jerome had a hearty talk with Bubbles. He apologised for how he reacted when the pregnancy news was broken to him.

They affirmed their lōve for each other. Lazaro enrolled out a plan to ensure Lily relied completely on him. Elsewhere, Renato vowed to take them down. Yolly was happy for the triple celebration, the grand launch of Flora’s Garden, the Victory of Taskforce Agila and a possible lōve story of Bubbles and Jerome.

As Captain Bart was launching his Kap and Kon’s and also campaigning, Oscar arrived and all the spectators attention diverted to the president and they all marched to Flora’s Garden. Oscar cut the ribbon and Flora thanked Oscar for his support and narrated how her eatery started on tables and now a bigger restaurant. She thanked Ema for giving her a place to set up her eatery.

She thanked the people of Santo Niño for taking care of Cardo. She thanked her family for their support through thick and thin. Flora thanked the CIDG for helping her and keeping her safe when things went sour. She thanked Taskforce Agila for their good job.

Flora thanked everyone including the Arevalos and   Cardo. She said Cardo was her strength and he was the reason she was called Grandma and had a long and meaningful life. As they were dining, Domengsu asked Cardo to introduce him to the president. For days he had not taken a bath and did not dress as Cardo told him to so Cardo felt reluctant to introduce him.

Cardo then introduced Domengsu to the president and told him he was part of Taskforce Agila and helped the force in their mission at Sapang Bato. Oscar was glad to meet him and thanked him for helping the task force. Lily spoonfed the president. Later, Oscar delivered a speech to congratulate Flora for such a milestone.

He also congratulated Taskforce Agila for their mission, Meanwhile, Dante had led his goons to the place. Since the place was overcrowded, the passed through with the people who desperately wanted to see the President.


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