Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 471

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 471 Dante brings the inaugural ceremony of Flora’s Garden to a stand still, Hipolito k!lls many policemen to steal their güns and wallets

As the inauguration of Flora’s Garden was ongoing, Dante who was bent on taking revenge went for a grenade in his van. Unaware of what was coming, Cardo and his family were still celebrating.

Dante told Victor that there should be fireworks to make the celebration joyous. Cardo delivered a speech to thank the President and promised his team’s support to bring down all the crime syndicates in the country.

Elsewhere, some officers found the body of a man who Hipolito k!lled in a car. One saw his ID and confirmed that the deceased was Leo Valdez. One officer saw the right number plate of Leo’s car and when he was drawing closer to the car, surprisingly the car sped off. The police followed the car and Hipolito was the one driving.

When he could not race anymore, he hid behind a van but was eventually found. The police exchanged fire with him and he k!lled them all to steal their güns and money. On the other hand, Dante threw a bōmb to Flora’s Garden and fled. Fortunately, Cardo saw it and told everyone to get down while he took the bōmb and went to throw it in a nearby park.

In the midst of the commotion, the president was secured and left the celebration. Dante was happy and celebrated in a van, to him he has had his sweet revenge. He has gotten rid of Dalisay and has obtained justice for his brother.

Cardo asked Delfin about the President and Delfin said he left. Cardo believed what had happened was the work of terrorists. Delfin suspected that it could be associated with the Sapang Bato incident or it could be an enemy of the President. Dante and his goons went to celebrate for k!lling Dalisay and the President as bonus.

However, the news about the grenade which stated that there were no casualties but everyone escaped in hurt got Dante upset and he shōt his television set. Oscar talked to Delfin and he said he was fine. He proceeded to call to check on Lily

Solita restaurant owner, Mrs Vegara was run over by Cedric. After his misdeed, he called to report to Lazaro. Delfin and Diana went to the palace to show the footage of a white van which a neighbour of Flora reported that the van almost hit him but they were now investigating the owner of the vehicle. Diana suspected Hipolito to be the culprit.

Hipolito swore to take down his enemies one after the other. He believed sweet revenge was on his reach. Hipolito stumbled on Animal’s clinic to threaten the doctor to remove the bullet which graced his hand. A nurse saw it and called the police to report. However, Hipolito k!lled the nurse.

The De Leons thought about the incident and believed the one who did that could be a bigger syndicate since no ordinary person could get hold of a grenade. He suspected the person could be after the taskforce or the president. Dante was not ready to give up, he apologised for failing his big brother and promised he would get the revenge.

Cardo advised his family to stay put and stay home without following him for his award the next day.  Alyana told her father over the phone that they were all safe but the police were still investigating those behind. Virgie was extremely worried and suggested that Alyana and Cardo should live in her house but Alyana turned her down.

Hipolito heard the news and wondered about the possible person who also saw Cardo and Oscar as enemies. The person who came to mind was no other than Dante. He went to Dante’s ghetto to overhear him telling Victor that they would launch another attack on Cardo and his family.

In the palace, Lauren doubted the target for the earlier incident was Oscar, she believed Cardo and the taskforce were  the actual target. Oscar came to meet them still not sleeping. Cedric came home to tell Lazaro that the attack on the president’s life would make the deàth of Vergara remain low key.

Lily watched the news and the report hws it that Solita, a business woman had died after she was run-over by a moving vehicle. She called Lazaro to come to her house right away. President Oscar knew all the challenges in the lives of the people of Santo Niño. He did not want them to pass through pain as he felt when he lost his family.

Lily was against Lazaro’s decision of k!lling the business woman. She believed that would compromise everything for it to trace to her. Lazaro told her to calm down because he was trying to get rid of her problem. Lily warned him not to make any move without informing her.

Elsewhere, Renato now knows who to use to get his revenge. He plotted against Lily and Cardo. Lazaro made an attempt to k!ss Lily in order to calm her but she slapped him for his action. Least did she know that Diana was also joining the pieces of Vergara’s death.


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