Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 473

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 473 Hipolito attacks Lily in her mansion, Dante and his goons launch a surprise attack on Taskforce Agila

Dante ordered food and was shown where to sit. Delfin and Diana informed Oscar about the some officers who police investigation prove might have been k!lled by Hipolito. Diana said he had a grace so he went to the veterinary clinic at San Salvacion clinic where he got treated and he k!lled  them.

Oscar now has no doubt that Renato has lost his conscience. Lazaro was alerted that Vulture was in the news. He watched the television and it was reported that a long time fugitive Hipolito has k!lled some officers and some workers of a veterinary clinic. Lazaro called him a beast.

Lily also watched the news. Ramil told the female taskforce Agila about their past. He said they used to be a fugitive so did Cardo and now they were law enforcers. Tadpole and Earthworm also said they used to rebels and the government was their enemy. However, Cardo after going undercover to seek justice for his deàth son, made them know that not every government official was their enemy.

The girls were happy for them and told them that they have come far and considered them brothers but Tadpole said they shouldn’t because they were crushing on them. Victor saw that Dante had kept long and went to the eatery to stop his boss from shøōting. The food Dante ordered was packaged so Victor paid and they left.

Oscar was told that Renato might not be the culprit behind the grenade incident at the grand opening of Flora’s Garden since the k!lling of the officers happened at the same time. Lily and Lazaro talked over the phone and she questioned Lazaro the reason Renato was caught on CCTV alone while he had told her that he has an army now.

Lazaro  said Renato was subtle. Dante when they went to the van called his goons to follow him to the eatery. Delfin and Diana got home to inform the De Leons that there was no positive news yet on the possible suspect to have done that. Flora was grateful the grenade didn’t explode in the hand of Cardo.

At the eatery Raquel came to serve and Domengsu held her hands to ask for her name and as he was going further, Greco told him to stop because Raquel was young and Cardo would scold him should he find out. He seemed not bothered and proceeded to ask if she believed in løve at first sight, when the girl said no, he went ahead to ask her another question and the owner of the bar confronted Domengsu.

Dante and his men ambushed the police and shõt. The police were compelled to turn the tables to shield them and reach out for their güns. They exchanged fire and when Dante saw he might be defeated, he fled with his men and claimed the cops were not a match for them. Major Basco lost his men and wanted to seek justice.

Dela Cruz said it was now clear that he was the target since Dante called out his name and not the president. Hipolito stole his way into Lily’s house and k!lled the guards he came across. He pointed his gün at Lily when she was opening her fridge. He demanded for his money and Lily told him not to hurt her since she has money upstairs.

Hipolito sent her to the room and she told him that after taking away her jewelry that was all she was left with. Hipolito denied taking her jewels and took the money, demanding for the rest. Lily took her gün from the drawer but Hipolito detected her early. He pounced on her slapped and beat her. He was reaching out for the gün.

At that moment, Lazaro was already in the mansion. He had standby goons to set his plans rolling he sent someone to go and fetch Lily. The guard got there and Hipolito shõt him. Lily pressed on Hipolito’s wound and fled down. Lazaro’s men were rushing upstairs and Renato shõt them to escape. Cedric and the rest went to search for him but did not find him.

Renato was already gone and wondered how Lily and Lazaro became connected. He reasoned that they only formed an alliance against him. Lily told Lazaro that she wondered how Hipolito broke the security to come inside. Lazaro said Hipolito was very intelligent and told her that if he was not there, the worst could have happened to her.

Lily said Hipolito also said he was not the one who stole the Jewelry. Lazaro then asked the person who did that. Lily got confused. Cardo arrived home to inform his family that some group of armed men during his celebration attacked his group. He said the people were after the taskforce Agila and not the president.

Cardo knew he was in a big mess. Diana had no doubt that those armed were upset with Cardo for success missions in bringing the syndicate down so they wanted to get rid of the group in order to continue their crime. Dante, on the other hand, made it a priority to k!ll all members of the taskforce and also the family of Cardo.

Bubbles prayed that the bad people should be found since she did not want her child to be born in a chaotic environment. Diana advised Delfin to talk to Oscar to provide Flora with maximum security which would protect the family. Alyana’s mother called her to ask her to return home since she would feel safe in the house.

Alyana refused and later in bed with Cardo advised him to be extra careful since there were people after his life. Victor stepped out to look for more men they could recruit for their dirty job. The next day at camp Crame, Chikoy felt sad that the people they encountered did not fight them squarely.

The Taskforce planned to find the group and since they made them pay with their lives, Cardo said he would also make them pay with their lives.


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