Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 474

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 474 Captain Bart poisons Flora’s food for her customers, Dante plans new attack as Taskforce Agila mourns fallen comrades

Lily stayed in Lazaro’s mansion for her safety. Lazaro showed her the news about Taskforce Agila concerning the attack which led to the deàth of Major Basco’s men.

Hipolito saw the news as well and went to verify it from Storm’s group. He was glad that he would be able to count on Storm’s group to eliminate his enemies. He allowed the group to move on with their act and planned to reveal himself to them later and use them to pay Lily and Lazaro.

Victor prepared the goons to be ready for war should the police discover their hideout. Customers at Kap and Kons eatery found the food tasteless and left to Flora’s Garden since they heard there were police securing the place and did not give in to Niks and Gido’s manipulation.

At Camp Crame, Domengsu told Major Romero that he was ready to risk his life for the cause. He knew joining the taskforce also prone him to any threat the group was facing and was ready to also put his life at risk for the people. Alessandra said he was doing the right thing.

Major Basco told Cardo that they needed to find justice for their fallen comrades. Cardo told him that he has analysed the two incidents and realised that the group was behind the grenade incident. That, he said meant that the group was after them.

Major Basco said if that was the case, it meant that their lives were at risk and advised Cardo that they have to find them before the group k!ll all of them. Lazaro was happy that his plans against Lily fell into place. Though, he couldn’t k!ll Hipolito, the man rather helped him to wrap Lily around his finger.

Hipolito saw it as a good thing that he discovered Lily and Lazaro’s alliance. That meant that he wouldn’t waste much bullets should he attack them. He planned not to attack them for now. Lazaro showed Lily the news on Taskforce Agila and she said those who were k!lled were not her friend.

However, she wanted the group to be getting rid of since the group was now getting in between her way. Oscar felt sorry for what had happened to the police officers and wished they would get justice soon. Diana felt sad that some of the deceased officers had children. Delfin hoped the taskforce would be able to identify those assailants.

General Dela Cruz had a meeting with his officers concerning the attack on the police. Alessandra said they found out that the members of the group who d!ed were criminals who had spent time in jail before for murder and theft. General Dela Cruz consoled Major Basco for losing comrades.

As Flora’s customers were gradually returning to the eatery, Captain Bart had an ace up in his sleeves to destroy her. Alyana looked worried since her mother wanted her to return home for her safety. She told Flora that she did not accept Virgie’s offer. The government gave a financial assistance to the family of the fallen police.

After recruiting new members, Dante gave his rules that no one should k!ll Cardo, he should be the one to k!ll him. He planned another attack and promised his brother that he would bring Dalisay to his ghetto and k!ll him. Lily called Oscar to check up on him. She expressed her condolences to the officers who d!ed and offered to help the family of the officers.

Oscar told Edwin the benevolent act of Lily but Diana felt that she was doing that to cover her real motive and promised bto find the truth about Lily. Renato, saw some armed men looking for a wanted person in his hideout. He was exhausted but luck was on his side. Cardo lead his colleagues to the burial service.

Dante shared Money among his newly recruited members but Victor complained about the manner they have been spending money lately. Dante told him to think of means they could earn money rather than complaining. At the funeral of the four officers who passed away, Basco assured the wife of one of the deceaseds that he would support them.

Reporters were also at the funeral to report. At Flora’s Garden, a man sneaked in to mix a content inside the food Flora was selling. The man called Bart that the mission was accomplished. Some people came to buy food and after they were served they all began to use the rest room, much to Flora’s surprise.

At the funeral, the officers paid their last respect to the fallen officers and some eulogised the officers, Mark felt so sorry and said the nature of their work was the reason he was not prepared to start a family. Chikoy stopped him and told him that they would find the justice they deserved.

Unknown to them, Dante was in a van with his goons coming. The Taskforce promised to make all those responsible for the untimely deàth of the officers pay for it. To them, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


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