Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 475

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 475 Flora to investigate the person who poisons her customers, Chikoy tragically d!es

At Flora Gardens, Wally told Flora that their customers were experiencing diarrhoea. They smelt it and believed that it was not spoiled. They wanted to eat and check but Flora stopped them.

Flora told them to throw the food away. Yolly saw the poison bottle in the trash can and Elmo believed Captain Bart paid someone to mix the content in the food just to sabotage their work. Elmo and the rest were scared to taste the food to confirm.

Flora believed that Elmo was right but had no evidence. Bart, on the other hand, paid the man and his minions were happy that Flora would close down her eatery. At the funeral, Oscar arrived to support the family of the deceased. He believed the officers were too young to d!e.

He expressed regret for their loss and told them that he understood the sentiments since also lost his family and believed that they deserved justice for their loss and promised that the law enforcers would not rest to ensure the culprits were captured.

Flora finally decided to investigate the matter and if Bart was found guilty then she would use the law to make him pay for his crimes. Lily also found the time as a perfect opportunity to manipulate the President and made her driver drive her to the palace.

Coming tete-ate with Dela Cruz, Oscar asked about the investigation and Dela Cruz said he was on top of the investigation. Oscar also told Cardo to do everything that he could to get justice for the fallen comrades. In the palace, Lily took the portraits of the first lady and promised to replace  her shoes soon.

Elizabeth arrived there to watch her suspiciously and told her the president was not there but Lily said she would wait for him. At the funeral, the comrades of Cardo were worried as Mark could imagine how his family would feel if he had been the one to be in the casket. Billy knew the moment they accepted to be police officers meant that they were risking their lives.

Jerome added that they were sacrificing their lives for the common man in the country. He said they have to put their lives for the people. Chikoy knew it was the very reason they had to fight for justice for those whose lives have been sacrificed. Ramil wanted all hands on deck, obviously they were the targets.

The group decided to leave the funeral and Chikoy said they needed to be careful because they did not know what would happen to them. Mark was shocked hearing Chikoy saying that because the Chikoy he knew was no coward. The Taskforce parted ways outside. Least, did they know that Dante and his men were spying on them.

Lazaro was happy that his business was booming and he told Cedric that it was more reason they needed the protection of the President. He called Lily to check on her but Lily reminded him of his spot in her life not his wife and hung up. Delfin and Diana went home to tell Flora and the family that nothing good has yielded from their investigation.

The incident rushed back the painful memories the De Leons had when Ador and Ricky boy d!ed. Aye and Ana showed their perfect scores to Lily and she promised to buy something for them. Oscar arrived and was happy to see Lily with the kids. Lily told him about how intelligent the kids were. Oscar told her that he was always proud of them.

Cardo and his comrades arrived home to find the family sad. Yolly told Cardo that they were talking about his fallen comrades and Alyana recalled Ricky boy. They were sad that those people were making others lives miserable. Speaking of miserable, Yolly informed Cardo about the potion someone mixed with their food.

She said luckily, they found the bottle of that content discarded in their trash can and suspected Gina and Bart. Ramil had no doubt that they did that to give Flora’s eatery a bad name and Tadpole knew they just wanted to snatch Flora’s customers. Cardo proposed to speak with the Captain but Flora refrained him.

Delfin asked of Chikoy, Mark and Guzman. Cardo believed they have reached home since they parted ways. Chikoy was spotted alone on a certain street. He found a newspaper on an object and stood to read it. He felt the presence of some people who just pulled over. He pretended not to have seen and hid.

As he saw Dante and his men approaching, he escaped. Lily had a drink with the President and apologised for being a bother. She claimed to be lonely when he was in the house. Oscar told her to visit anytime she wanted. Elizabeth watched them and looked not happy.  Oscar told Lily that the next day was his marriage anniversary so Lily asked if he would go to the grave of Marisa and offered to accompany him.

Elsewhere, Chikoy tried to escape and he called Mark but he couldn’t reach him. He got cornered and was compelled to brandish his gün but Victor got him by surprise and punched him for his gün to be out of his hand. He fought the goons of Dante and overtook them but they were many so he got beaten by Dante and his men.

He began to bleed on the face and tried to escape. He got cornered once again and Dante stabbed him. He tried to trade punches and Dante said he could do better since he was part of the task force Agila. He made fun of him and stabbed him at the back.

Alyana in bed with her husband advised him to be extra careful most especially now. She did not want to lose him and Cardo assured to be extra careful. The next day, the police discovered the body of Chikoy in the market after those who work at the place saw the body.

Dante lõved how he went about with the revenge and planned to take the task force one after the other until Cardo was left alone. He found his revenge very sweet and swore to finish him off one after the other.

As the taskforce were having breakfast at Flora’s place, Billy and Mark rushed in calling out Dalisay. This startled the family so everyone stood towards the direction of the voices. Billy and Mark said Rivera was found deàd at the market closer to his house, sending shock waves  into everyone most especially Cardo and Delfin.


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