Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 476

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 476 Chikoy is laid to rest, Taskforce Agila deepens commitment to give Chikoy the needed justice

Cardo and the force rushed to the scene. Oscar and Lily went to the grave of Oscar’s family. Lily saw Aubrey’s grave and told him that she never knew Audrey’s remains were transferred there. She consoled Oscar. Oscar told her how he had wanted to live a simple after his tenure but everything was blown into pieces.

Cardo and his comrades arrived at the morgue and were told that Rivera’s body was disposed of at the market closer to his house. He went to check his body and the team, seeing his face could not stop mourning. At the eatery, Flora wept bitterly that Chikoy was deàd.

She cried that Chikoy was innocent and was a good guy. The doctor told them that they found several bruises on his body and was stabbed several times. He believed the one who did that to him had meant to hurt him. Ramil wondered if the culprit was connected to the eatery incident.

Victor wondered if the police had realised that they were the ones behind Chikoy’s death. Dante wished they knew but did not want them to know that he was behind it so that he could eliminate the entire force one after the other. He wanted them to search every nook and cranny for him.

Cardo solemnly pledged before Chikoy’s body that his deàth would not go unpunished. The team could not accept Chikoy’s deàth. Working with him for CIDG for long, Delfin was heavily concerned. Billy decided to inform the wife and kid of Chikoy personally. Delfin also said Hidalgo also had to be informed.

Dante’s group bought a new television and he saw the news. He was laughing because they did not know he was the one behind the deàth of Chikoy. Diana called the president in order to inform him, only for Edwin to pick the call to inform her that Oscar was in a different car with Lily.

Edwin realised the car had changed its route and was surprised.  Diana told him not to lose the president so he followed while Diana told him, she would be at the palace. Delfin smelt trouble. Guzman, Cardo and the entire team went to inform Michelle about the deàth of her husband. Michelle wondered how it happened since Chikoy did not sleep home the previous night.

Billy said his body was dumped somewhere in the market. Michelle was in denial. Lily sent Oscar to her restaurant and dissuaded him from attending to his calls. She persuaded  him that sometimes she needed to have a private time. She asked him how he met Marisa. Oscar narrated that they were mates and she was even his best friend.

Oscar then asked her if she wanted her own family. She sadly said she had always wanted that but she could not give birth. Edwin was pressured by Diana to inform the president about the emergency. He rushed to the palace and he sympathised with Borja since he has worked with Rivera for years in the CIDG.

Lily asked if she could help in any way, Diana retorted and she asked for her leave. Diana called her back and told her that they appreciated her efforts and support for the president but she should not be sending the President out to anywhere she wanted, reminding her of how dangerous it was.

Lily claimed she requested to send him to her restaurant and the  President accepted. She asked if she committed any offence. The news and update on Rivera’s sudden death still went viral. Delfin told Oscar that Rivera was like a son to him and the issue was personal. He wanted the culprit to be brought to book immediately.

Renato stumbled on the news and knew Storm was behind it. He wondered about his motive behind the act: whether Dalisay has harmed him in the past. Javier set his next target. Diana confronted Edwin for allowing Lily to have her way since they did not know their enemy. Edwin apologised and promised not to repeat the act.

After Alyana informed her parents, Virgie and Teddy went to Flora’s Garden to tell Alyana to go home with her. Flora assured that they would protect Alyana. Alyana told her mother to understand that she was now married and her husband needed her now.

Chikoy was laid in state. His wife and son mourned him. Michelle told Dalisay that her husband told her he was attending the funeral of his colleagues only for him to be murdered in cold blood for his body to be thrown on top of a refuse dump. She cried that her husband did not deserve that since he was a dedicated police officer.

General Dela Cruz and Major Basco alongside Major Romero and other police officers arrived to support Cardo and his team. They were introduced to the widow and the son Rivera left behind. Michelle greeted them and the police general as well as the majors shared her grief. Basco advised Cardo to take heart. He was hurt that the force had not yet done with the burial service of the others and now Rivera.

Alessandra believed the incident could be closely linked to the restaurant incident and the attack at the eatery. The police assured to help the task force to overcome the challenge and to deal with the culprit as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Dante and his group watched the news and Dante laughed when he heard the president swearing to the citizenry that the PNP together with the CIDG and the entire Taskforce would find the culprit and bring him to book.

Dante gingered up and told his goons about the master plan to k!ll each and every single member of the taskforce.


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